Looking for a Photo Booth Rental in Florida? Hereís What You Need to Know!

Whatís one thing you notice in every event these days? Of course, food and drinks are a must. The location is also well decorated according to the theme. Plus, there should be a presence of a lively host and entertaining music. So, what are we missing? The picture-taking sessions!

No matter what kind of party it is, the organizer knows that people who are a part of the celebration will want to cherish the moment. That is why hiring photographers and even videographers have been a staple part of event planning. Hosts also hire a photo booth rental in Florida for everyone to have an even more enjoyable time. Planning to rent a photo booth? First, letís take you back memory lane on how it all started.

All About Photo Booths

We all know how photo booths look like at events. A typical Miami party photo booth is set up with a backdrop, camera, and a computer operated by someone to control the effects. There usually is a box full of props that people can use so that their poses will become more playful. The original photo booth concept, however, was much simpler.

In 1925, the first photo booth was found in the subway station of New York known as the Photomaton. This curtain-enclosed photo booth was successfully built by Russian immigrant Anatol Josepho. All you need to do inside the booth is sit in the attached seat and pose in front of the camera. It attracted many customers because they were able to get photographs of themselves in about eight minutes for only 25 cents.

Photo booth was not only for business. It was mainly used by surrealist artists and writers for their artistry producing different kinds of self and photomechanical portraits. The popularity of this machine continues to rise throughout the 20th century. Photo booths upgraded from the usage of floodlights to strobes. What used to be operated by an attendant eventually became easily controlled by users themselves. Also, after 40 years, black and white inks were replaced with colored ones. This update made more people enjoy this invention.

A lot of innovations have been applied to photo booths since then. In the past, the only output people could expect from a photo booth is a simple photo strip. With todayís technology, photo booths can now produce other types of photo print outs, like stickers, magnets, or other types of items with the photo of the users on them. What was once a simple kiosk enclosed with a curtain has also evolved into various types. Photo booths can now be set up in an open space with a backdrop. Some also use a green screen and interactive mirror to incorporate digital backgrounds. A 360 photo booth rental Miami experience also takes the party to another level as it captures the smiles of the guests in a panoramic style. No one knows what technology can still bring to the photo booth industry in the next years to come!

Tips for Choosing a Photo Booth Rental Company

We understand how thrilling it is to have a photo booth set up in your event. But before you rent photo booth in Miami, you need to consider a few factors.


No event planning is complete without a set budget. Determine how much youíre willing to pay for a photo booth Florida rental. Look for a company that offers rates or packages matching your budget.


Of course, you only want the best for your event. Therefore, before hiring a photo booth rental company, you need to check if they offer quality products and services. Hereís what you need to check to verify the standard of the companyís service:

Photo Booth Type

Enclosed photo booths may be an affordable choice but they are too compact for guests and donít offer the best lighting. On the other hand, open-air photo booths offer more space allowing more people to gather for a photo opt. It also has better light distribution coming from the lighting equipment and natural source itself.


Ask for sample prints from the photo company to see for yourself the quality of the photographs. In some photo booths, the users may look fine on the green screen but the printouts may look different. The best photo booth rental has the best equipment and people to ensure that the color match prints to the screen.


The photo booth rental company youíre eyeing should be using the right light modifiers. This guarantees even light distribution in the photos. You wouldnít want photos that are too dark or too bright after all.


Companies use different kinds of backdrops for their photo booths. Some use a typical fabric while others opt for backdrop stands with legs. The higher-end photo booth rentals come with snug fit or even sequin backdrop options.


The main add-on among photo booth rentals is the props. Holding props while posing in front of the camera makes the experience more enjoyable. However, lower quality photo booth rentals use props that reflect light easily while the higher quality ones use felt stick props that wonít have any effect on the lighting. While this is a minor concern, itís still worth checking with the company what props they usually use.

Other Features

To stand out from the competition, each photo booth rental company offers different kinds of features. Most photo booth rentals allow customization wherein, for instance, the photo of the birthday celebrant or the company logo is incorporated in the background of all photo printouts. Aside from physical props, companies also use digital props and even drawing tools while in a photo booth. Other popular features include GIF-making, filter prints, and social media sharing. Note that each feature may come at a different price.

Customer Service

Even though the photo booth rental company produces quality printouts, unless they offer good customer service, then itís time to check out other options. The best photo booth rental in Florida to hire should let their clients know that they are being taken care of. The events organized by the clients are important, so the photo booth rental should also give importance to them as if it were their own event.

Company Reviews

Another option to get to know more about the photo booth rental company is to read client reviews. You should be able to see these on their website and/or social media pages. Not having enough reviews doesnít necessarily mean that the company will not be able to deliver a good job. But the decision is up to you if youíll hire them or not.

To Wrap It Up

Photo booths are one of the best inventions ever created. The experience can shift peopleís mood to something brighter even just for a little while. No wonder organizers make it a point to include a photo booth in their event to make sure guests are constantly having fun. But you need to allot a certain amount of money to make sure everything will go as planned. Consider the tips we have provided when looking for a Photo booth rental in Floridato make sure youíre paying for something worth it. Get easy access to informative articles by browsing our website!