How commercial cleaners can benefit your business

commercial cleaners

Many businesses underestimate the power of a good cleaning team. Whether it is the cost, the logistics, or the time involved, there are plenty of companies that do not realize just how effective – and useful – commercial cleaning can be for almost any industry.

Cleaning your office or business premises is not just about making it look nice. Whether it is employee morale, first impressions for new customers, or the overall health and safety level of your business, an office cleaning service can be the difference between lost sales and repeat business.

Why does office cleaning matter so much?

Regular cleaning is always going to be useful. While some spaces are going to get dirty faster than others, there is no reason to not clean your business premises every now and again. Not only can it improve employee health and customer safety, but it also makes the space look a lot nicer.

When you clean a space, you do not just improve how it looks but also gain multiple other benefits that can apply to almost any industry or market.

  • Employees will feel more comfortable in their space, improving their productivity.
  • Health and safety concerns will be reduced, especially in businesses that handle food.
  • Hazards will be easier to spot and negate, thanks to professional cleaning help.
  • Surfaces will be free from dirt and contaminants, making them safer to use.
  • The area will be visually appealing to look at, improving first impressions.
  • All traces of COVID-19 will be stripped away from important spaces.
  • Any potential allergens or other employee risks will be removed and dealt with.

There can be countless reasons for getting this kind of work done: no matter your business’ industry or scale, having a cleaner space will allow for much better results across your entire employee base. It can also lead to better customer interactions, as well as increased repeat business.

Why commercial cleaning?

Even at this very basic level, a commercial cleaning company can be valuable. The larger a business is, the harder it becomes to clean, especially if you are relying completely on your existing employees. 

While it might seem a lot cheaper to simply get more employees to clean a space, it can quickly create problems. Staff who are not that experienced at cleaning will not know how to identify and remove certain hazards or risks, and those who are might have other duties to manage as well.

This puts a lot of stress on employees who might not have originally known that they would need to clean their space. Getting your staff to clean their own desks is fine, but you can’t force an office worker to help clean bathrooms or disinfect entire meeting areas while also juggling their own work.

Commercial cleaning has several major uses and functions that other types of cleaning and janitorial work can’t really fulfill, as well as core benefits that come from having outside help that is not part of your regular workforce.


Hiring a commercial cleaning business gives you immediate access to all of the skills, techniques, equipment, and experience that you might need to keep your business clean. A lot of these are things that would cost a significant amount of money to obtain on your own.

While it might cost more than expected to hire a commercial cleaning company at first, it is a lot cheaper than trying to build your own cleaning team from scratch – especially if there are specific pieces of gear that you need. Even a single-core cleaning tool could cost over $100 to buy new.

Working with a cleaning team also means that you are only paying for the cleaning itself. The cost of paying for commercial cleaning once or twice a month is much lower than hiring an entire team to be on-call at all times, especially in a larger business.

The cost can vary heavily depending on what you need and what kind of scale your commercial cleaners would have to work at, but it can all be worth it.

Staff Stress

Cleaning can be a stressful thing, and having a dirty office can be even more stressful. If you only have a couple of dedicated cleaning staff, then they might struggle to clean up larger areas consistently and could feel pressure to try and clean up messes that they can’t handle alone.

While some companies like to assign regular office staff to help with cleaning where possible, this can also be incredibly bad for morale. An office worker who suddenly has to help wipe down tables or empty trash cans might find it hard to keep focused on their actual job.

With commercial cleaning companies, you pay for a dedicated group that will clean your space for you. They are mentally and physically prepared for the stress involved in large-scale cleaning and have the tools necessary to make it a much easier, simpler process.

Anything that takes the pressure off your staff can help them focus on their actual duties, meaning that they will get more work done and worry less about having to clean up in their spare time. 


Commercial cleaners are people who have made cleaning their main source of income, and that has allowed them to get better and better as time passes. A lot of these cleaners are going to be experts in their field and will sometimes have specific types of cleaning that they focus on the most.

This means that many commercial cleaners can walk into a room, identify some of the most glaring issues, and then put together a list of the tools and equipment they will need to clean them up. They will also have the expertise necessary to clean in spaces that a regular employee might not even consider.

This all adds up to far better cleaning, meaning that your spaces can be a lot nicer, safer, and easier for your employees and customers to use. Good-quality cleaning is far more valuable than cheaper, straightforward cleaning, which does not really solve the problem.


Cleaning a space will always make it a bit more productive. Not only can a tidy area be easier to use, but a lack of dust and dirt prevents distractions and staff irritation if they have to work in one place all day.

This improved productivity also extends to employee happiness: there are very few people who enjoy being in messy spaces, and a lot of people can get incredibly anxious if they notice dirt or grime in places that they are not equipped to clean.

By getting thorough cleaning from a professional commercial cleaning company, you can help minimize issues with productivity from a poor environment, making it easier for employees to focus and feel comfortable in their workspace.

Health and Safety

Dirt, dust, grime, and other kinds of mess can actually be a serious health hazard in certain situations. This is even more important for any business that deals with food, medical equipment, or anything else that could harm others if it gets too dirty.

Not only does a lot of dust act as an allergen, but many people can have trouble breathing in rooms that are too dusty. This might only lower their productivity a little bit, but it is very uncomfortable and can put extra stress on an employee for no reason.

On top of that, things like spreading grime or mold can easily lead to certain rooms being unhealthy to work in. Any kitchen or food preparation space that gets dirty is effectively unsafe to use, and the risk of hurting customers can be a serious concern to any kind of business.

No matter how dirty a space is, proper cleaning is necessary to make sure that employees and customers are not going to be put in harm’s way while they are there. Through commercial cleaners, this issue can be handled a little faster, putting the hard work in another company’s hands.

How does commercial cleaning benefit your business?

Cleaning has a range of benefits, but why commercial cleaning, specifically? For business owners who like to have control of their company, it can seem strange to put this kind of work in another group’s hands, but the results are well worth it.

First Impressions

Cleaning up a space makes it look a lot nicer, and that often translates to a better first impression with customers and clients. While this might not sound all that important on paper, a paying customer might not want to return to a business that is obviously unclean or badly kept.

Good first impressions require a high-quality space, and proper cleaning can make even the most basic of rooms look far better. This can also help put customers at ease and make delays more tolerable for them since a clean space will make them more comfortable while they are waiting.

You want customers to come back for more, so having a business that appeals to them and offers a nice atmosphere is key. If you have something that they want, and you can offer it in a safe, clean, comfortable way, then they will be more likely to return for repeat business.


Working with commercial cleaners takes some of the logistical responsibility away from your company, which can be incredibly convenient for your entire business. While you still hire the cleaners, they can provide things like materials, equipment, cleaning strategies, and proper disposal.

While you might have to contribute to schedules, the cleaners can effectively handle the planning stage themselves, checking each room and bringing their own equipment as needed. This frees up your own time to focus on the business and removes the need to micromanage everything.

Of course, since you hire these companies, you can also tweak the way that they approach the cleaning if you need to. Many businesses might have certain rooms that need to be available at certain times or particular requirements for how a space is cleaned compared to other rooms.

Large-Scale Cleaning

Commercial office cleaning can be done at varying scales, depending on what the client’s business needs. This might not sound all that important, but it can make a big difference when you consider how much a business property’s scale can vary.

For example, a large office building needs more than just a single janitor. There might be over a dozen floors that have to be cleaned on a regular basis, with some being more likely to get dirty if they house a kitchen or any kind of storage space. This takes a lot of effort to clean up.

While a company can hire a cleaning professional to clean a couple of floors each night, it is often much more efficient to get commercial cleaners that can simply clean the entire building in record time. Not only is this cheaper in most cases, but it is more convenient for everybody involved.

Large-scale cleaning can also matter for warehouses, big stores, malls, and any other business that has a lot of accessible space that customers and employees are going to see regularly. Cleaning at this scale is very hard for a company to arrange all by itself without using third-party teams.

Deep Cleaning

Another major benefit of using commercial cleaners is their ability to deep-clean. Proper deep-cleaning can be difficult to arrange since it requires a lot of specialized tools and some expertise that can’t easily be learned without major training.

Many commercial cleaners are trained to help with deep cleaning and can easily ensure that a space is wiped free of all possible infection risks, dangerous germs, harmful stains, and other hazards that might be hard to separate from the walls, carpet, or furniture around the room.

This is especially important under COVID-19 conditions, where even one slip-up can contaminate a room and make it harder for employees to do their jobs safely. Commercial cleaners are fully capable of setting up deep cleaning and ensuring that the space is properly cleaned in short order.

As an added benefit, using commercial cleaners also ensures that your employees do not get hurt or sick. The cleaners will have the protection needed to handle risks like COVID-19 infections, and if they do get sick, then they are not putting your workforce in any danger, so you can keep operating as normal.