Business Talks: Different Ways You Can Message Your Clients

Business Talks

Communicating with your clients is one of the most fundamental ways to connect with them. Fortunately, with the present technology, you can now communicate with them in fun and unique ways. Your method will depend on your business goals, so considering your options should be your top priority. If youíre still unaware of your options, here are six ways of means of communication that you can look into.

Text Messaging

Text messaging, also known as a short message system (SMS), is a relatively new way to communicate with your clients. SMS has become a convenient way for businesses to easily send notifications or messages to quickly remind them about meetings, deliveries, orders, etc. You can send automated or personalized messages as part of your marketing. Text messaging also helps your clients reach you in a faster way.

If youíre a relatively huge company that deals with several clients, bulk SMS, like what Essendex offers, allows you to send a message to many people at once. It differs from group messaging, where youíll be sending many-to-many messages. Itís very efficient and helps you save time when dealing with many people. You can visit https://www.esendex.com.au/bulk-sms/ to learn more about how this could benefit you.

Phone Call

Another part of the smartphone innovation is the phone call, where you can talk with your client in real-time. Itís one of the most effective ways to connect with your client if you want to raise an urgent concern or discuss something with them as soon as possible. Itís also an excellent way to communicate with them if either of you canít meet in person.

Some companies make phone calls as their last option, where theyíll first try to connect with their client by other means until they reach them. However, if others fail, then they finally try calling their client. This ensures that the person theyíre trying to connect with is receiving their notices.


Since the early years of the internet, business owners have already utilized email to connect with their clients. So, you can consider sending an email as one of the oldest ways to communicate with them.

Whatís best about sending a message via email is that you can communicate with your client with respect to their time and attention. Itís also efficient, convenient, and cheap, where you can send newsletters and personal messages while staying formal and professional. Whatís more, your clients can also be the first ones to reach out to you regarding important stuff.

Social Media

If you want an instantaneous reply, you can opt to communicate with them through a social media platform. Social media itself has allowed many users to connect and interact with other people conveniently. This method also allows your client to connect indirectly with you by interacting with your posts and leaving comments and likes. As such, you must keep your social media page updated with new content and announcements. 

If youíre already using social media to promote your products and services, you can also try to open your messages for your customers to reach you and vice versa. Whatís also excellent about social media is letting your clients check your message according to their leisure. So you wonít have to worry about interrupting their time.

Video Messaging

After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries were in lockdown and quarantine. So, the only way people can connect is by messaging online. As a business owner, if you donít feel comfortable discussing essential topics via other options in this list, then you should consider video messaging as a form of communication.

Many online platforms allow people to talk to each other in real-time while seeing each other. It will still feel like youíre talking to each other face-to-face, but with a screen barrier. You can initially send out a note in their email or social media account to inform them of this meeting so that both parties can be better prepared when video messaging starts.

Mailing a Letter

Another very traditional way of communicating with your clients is by sending a letter. May it be handwritten or not, mailing a letter is still an effective way you can connect with them, especially if you want to present their original copies of important documents. One downside about mailing letters is that they may get lost during delivery, especially if youíre planning to send them overseas.

Depending on their locations, it also takes a considerable time before they arrive at their destinations. Fortunately, many express couriers now help you mail your letter the next day or less than a week. Unlike the other helpful ways in this list, mailing a letter will require you to pay the delivery fees, which also vary for the distance and whether itís an express delivery.

Final Thoughts

After knowing about the different options you can have, you should take your time to reach your clients. You can consider the efficiency, personalization, conversion rate, etc. The qualifications depend on your preferences and business goals. So, take your time in thinking about what to employ to improve your relationship with your client.