10 Fun Games for Your Employees to Help Build Company Culture

Games for Your Employees

Building a strong company culture goes a long way in achieving many results for the company. Firstly, it helps the employees to bond over informally. Such social occasions allow the teammates to understand each other better. Eventually, this bond will help you grow the overall efficiency of the organization. 

This further helps in creating a good rapport within the office as well by keeping the employees motivated to give their best at their jobs. When someone does something good for you, itís human nature to reciprocate the same. Hence, you could also see an increase in productivity.

 Weíre listing down 10 such fun games and activities thatíll allow your employees to remain happy and, at the same time, build a strong company culture. 

  1. Puzzle-solving: Solve a Puzzle

Solving a puzzle may seem like an activity for kids, but itís much more than that in reality. You may just have to spend less money on that, and what you get is worth it. 

Puzzle-solving canít be possible without teamwork and also involves brain-storming and extensive thinking. You can also get to people perform in leadership roles, which otherwise may not be witnessed within office hours.

 Upon completion, you can reflect on the strategies and the kind of decisions used. It may lead to eye-opening observations about certain employees who you may not have noticed before. 

2. Brain-storming session:

 Brain-storming sessions form an internal core of understanding how the brains of your employeesí function. You can make your brain-storming sessions about bigger achievements such as sales strategies, marketing results, innovative designs, etc. 

Brain-storming also allows employees to let their hair down and think in an informal environment. At times, when the brain is relaxed, it will enable a wider range of thoughts to be nurtured. Such thoughts or ideas could lead to potential strategies or directions for innovations in sales or marketing pitches. Hence, it could be beneficial for your company. 

3. Play Board Games:†

Just like puzzles, you may feel that playing board games is a kidsí activity. 

But trust us, you wonít feel the same when you have a bunch of grown-ups scratching their heads to win a game.

 From Pandemic to Ticket to Ride to Jenga, most of such creative games require teamwork and coordination. You can also engage your employees with a game of Poker, a card game that requires a high level of skill set to win it. Such games will only help your employees lose their inhabitation and execute creative strategies that you might not have seen before them. 

4. Scavenger Hunt:†

A Scavenger Hunt is a great way to introduce the newbies into the company. It allows them to blend in with the organization quickly and in a fun, informal, and less official manner. A scavenger hunt could have companyís ideas or their background. 

This could lead to exciting results and not just for newbies; it could also be played with veterans of the company. It allows team members to work in tandem and keep their minds off official work. It also allows healthy competition between teams, which will ensure the spirits are too high.

5. Book club:

Even though the term book club may sound nerdy, it does lead to some exciting exchange of information and knowledge between team members. Go, grab a book that is loosely related to your profession, and let everyone read it. Keep some time aside to chat about it over a few drinks or informal team meetings. This will give you inputs about each otherís brain activities and their area of interest.

 Further, this could help you understand the roles that an employee play within the corporate setup and if there is scope to increase their productivity or responsibility. 

6. Signing up for volunteer service:†

Volunteering services are a great way to let your teammates to gel over a good cause. Since volunteering services are only for people whoíre willing to volunteer, you can also spot the kind of employees who take it up and evaluate their conduct about it. If someoneís signing up for volunteering services, you can analyze characters of your employees whoíre willing to put up extra time for non-monetary reasons. 

7. Enroll for an escape room:†

An escape room is a relatively modern game thatís been invented to keep everyone on their toes. Itís a game that requires a group of people to work together in a stipulated period and get out of a room. Youíll see that there might be a cost to it, but itís relatively cheaper for a corporate setup. This allows you to understand how certain employees function under pressure and allows healthy competition to brew within the departments.

8. Take up cooking classes:

Cooking classes enable healthy interaction between your employees. It allows you to notice how they function in a team environment and how efficient they function together to achieve the common goal, great food! Itís fun, interactive, and allows a beautiful bond to form within the employees in an informal environment. 

9. Go for Improv classes:†

Improv classes will help you ingrain a lot of soft skills that may be required in the workplace. It teaches you ways of communication and methods to overcome hurdles in a friendly environment. The best part is that it pushes you out of your comfort zone. Go, find the nearest comedy cellars, and take your colleagues out for improv classes. 

10. Go-Kart Racing:†

If your budget permits, there is nothing like a burst of adrenaline that go-karting provides to your employees to help company culture training. Outdoor activity helps to form bonds out of the office environment and create a friendly workplace culture.

In conclusion, as critical as it is for your employees to function with maximum proficiency, itís also essential for you to take care of your employees from time to time. The activities mentioned above will help you form a unique bond with your employees that will also help you to work upon and improve company culture in turn also create mutual respect between the two parties.