60 Best Free Themes From WordPress Themes Library

Around 34% of websites on the Internet make use of a content management system or CMS. From these 34%, more than half utilize WordPress 58.5%. Developer support and the ease of use has pushed WordPress right on the top of the industry. Additional CMS, such as Drupal and Joomla have lost a tremendous amount of market share since WordPress has gained in popularity. Today we will be sharing some of the best free themes from WordPress.

This post has the best selection of themes for you from WordPress Themes library. Each of the 60 themes described below has a clean style and simplicity that you’ll like.  The overall quality of these themes is extremely impressive. If you are looking for a new theme for your site, this list will present the latest and revised WordPress themes for you. Please let us know your opinion about them in the comments below.

Best Free Responsive Themes From WordPress

Twenty Sixteen – Best Free Theme from WordPress

Twenty Sixteen is a modernized take on an ever-popular WordPress layout — the horizontal masthead with an optional right sidebar that works perfectly for blogs and websites. It has custom color options with beautiful default color schemes, a harmonious fluid grid using a mobile-first approach, and impeccable polish in every detail. Twenty Sixteen will make your WordPress look beautiful everywhere.

Luminescence Lite

Luminescence has a classic clean appearance and feel with various modern touches. It also has a simple design. The navigation is contained in the left side bar while all your posts are displayed on the main content bar. The main content region permits large featured pictures which makes your content stand out.



Demo | Download


FluxiPress is perfect for creating a portfolio website or photo blogging.  It utilizes an apparent grid based arrangement and focuses on displaying every image. This is why the theme feels somewhat like Pinterest and allows you to apply some amount of customization.


Demo | Download



Celebrate is a professional looking, clean and simple theme. It would look outstanding on any website-from personal to firm blogs. Blog posts are displayed on individual floating blocks with the side bar which is brightly colored.


Responsive brix

Demo | Download


Virtue is a professional and clean design that is best suited for e-commerce or portfolio based sites. this theme has a huge assortment of alternatives that permit you to customize based on your taste.


Ample Multipurpose Theme

Demo | Download

5. Klasik

Klasik is another clean and professional theme. However, the uniqueness of this theme is its calm quality which you’ll really enjoy. Everything seems relaxed with the absence of brash colors.



zAlive is a feature-packed fully responsive theme that’s extremely versatile and meant for a wide variety of purposes.  The primary theme colors are black and green.



This free WorPress theme allows you to customize your website the way you want with featured blocks, layouts and sliders on your home page. You can have loads of options with respect to customization.


i – excel

Demo | Download


Corpo is a plain and professional looking corporate theme. It has a slider on the homepage, two menu locations and various custom widgets.



Attitude is another professional and simple WordPress theme. In addition, it’s retina-ready which indicates it looks great on devices with high DPI resolution, such as tablets and smartphones.



MultiPurpose is a theme that does justice to its name. It  has various uses but is best suited for corporate websites.



This magazine-style theme has the latest coding standards and uses CSS3 as well as HTML5. It has support for BBPress, WooCommerce and BuddyPress.



zeeDynamic is also a magazine-style theme that lays heavy emphasis on the imagery of an article. Try out this theme if your website tells its story mainly through imagery.



SuevaFree is a free responsive theme which is similar to Pinterest as it presents its content in tiles. Tiles have gained popularity in web design as they allow content to be organized neatly.



Terrifico is a blogging theme that has a highly developed admin panel which allows easy customizations. It was coded and designed to give it a great look on any device.



If you want a modern looking and colorful WordPress theme, then Duena might provide you the best solution.  It uses Twitter BootStrap framework for controlling page layout.


Unlike most of the themes which are created for novices, this theme with a crazy name was designed for developers. Developers familiar with Twitter Bootstrap will find DevDmBootstrap 3 easy to use.



Fresh Lite is a responsive theme and works using drop and drag tools which makes it very easy for learners of WordPress. The theme has a sidebar, touch-friendly buttons and a slider



Fruitful is a responsive and simple theme that is designed with loads of options. It has plenty of options for background images, logos, social icons, menus and a slider.


Clean Black

You get a dark minimalist theme with a Clean Black. This ordinary theme includes a number paging navigation and a favicon option, and is fully responsive.


Codium Grid

Codium Grid features a highly clean feel and look, and is fully responsive. The user only has to focus on the content during the build up process. It’s highly customizable with respect to header, backgrounds and color.



Delighted is a lightweight customizable theme that’s meant only for bloggers. The best part about this theme is the featured image option which can be used to add some amount of sleekness to the design.



GreenPage is a blogging theme having an acute layered look. It has a lot of room for thumbnail or featured images, header navigation, sidebar and blog posts.



Aldehyde is a minimal responsive theme with outstanding features including Numbered page navigation, Parallax, Responsive Slider and 4 Page Layouts. It also has robust social media tools.



Shopping is an e-commerce theme and offers some fundamental sales functionality.  It has plenty of room for images, sales information, rating and prices.



This portfolio and blogging theme is created in a flat style and has lot of customization options and smart animation tools.



Neutro is a responsive theme and is built on a flat design. A unique thing about this theme is its content slider which is touch-ready. It’s perfect for tablet devices and mobile.



Mobile-friendly and simple are the key features of OneColumn. The fundamental theme has some options of customization. However, it’s not stylish.


WP Jurist

WP Jurist is a fully responsive theme that is mainly marketed to legal companies. However, it can be used for a variety of businesses.



This business-oriented theme has a large header image that attracts users. It’s responsive and has ample room for customization-from color to various sidebar options.



Hannari is another business-oriented theme having a simple design and lots of perks for a free theme. It has various tools like SEO optimization, sitemap, email news letter integration and a contact form.


Writr is a responsive theme with a flat design that looks amazing. Some features of this theme include the custom header, gravatar and background options.



Hueman is a magazine-style theme and has a focus on powerful visuals. It can be used for images of high resolution.


Modern Real Estate

Modern Real Estate is designed for real estate professionals and has a plugin that permits the addition of property listings, agent profiles and client testimonials.


White Paper

White paper is a blogging theme that is super light. It’s designed to display photo and text content without a lot of whistles and bells. It’s responsive and easy to use.

Mountain Creek

This is a dark theme mainly used for showcasing slideshows and photographs.


This magazine-style theme which is responsive has plenty of widgets which results in easy connection to social media sites. The biggest advantage with this theme is ingrained connectivity to Google AdSense.


Time Turner

Time Turner is built for designers wanting to function in the skeuomorphic style. The features of this theme include design and shadow tricks along with simple textures.


The Newswire

Newswire is a fully responsive theme meant for sites focusing on content in news style. The best feature of this theme is the huge slider.



WizApp is a free theme designed only for mobile devices. It features touch controls and is compatible with WP8, Android and iPhone.


Twenty Fourteen

This magazine-style theme has a modern, sleek design with content being featured either as a slider or grid. With the wideget areas, you can customize your site and change the layout of your content.

Asteria Lite

Asteria Lite is a responsive theme with an attractive slider, options of multiple layout, three page templates and social icons. It has a smart logo designer and an excess of 600 typeface alternatives.


ButterBelly is a fully responsive and clutter-free theme meant for businesses. It has lot of customization options for intro text, backgrounds and logos.

Dark Orange

Dark Orange is also a responsive theme designed in a minimalistic way. It’s a great theme for small site or blog.


Dellow is a responsive theme with parallax scrolling characteristics. Premium themes include features like numbered page navigation, customizable header and a responsive slider.



Flounder is a flat designed and colorful theme. It uses a clean simple style for a wide range of featured posts.




Inknes is a modern theme developed with outstanding images in mind. It has a responsive slider, smart CSS transition effects and is retina ready.



Medicine has a wide range of business applications. It has ready-made page templates, SEO optimization, widgets and commenting tools.


One Page


One Page is a theme that displays all the important features of your site on a single page. It’s a responsive and professional theme with simple navigation and a slider.



Osiris has responsiveness and pixel perfect photography. It has three built-in widgets and some font options along with a responsive slider.


Premium Style

Premium Style is a totally responsive theme with plenty of customization options. It has some extras, such as custom logo options, breadcrumbs, home slider, author info, social icons and Google Analytics box.






Bunny is fast responsive theme that has the cute, animated bunny, which can be utilize for websites that have content for kids. It also includes features like custom menu, widget area and sticky post.


Looki Lite


It’s a masonry style theme that have features like a pinterest website, with easy reading, text and image layout. It also has post formats like aside, gallery, audio, video, link and quote. With tons of customization in the options panel it’s a powerful responsive theme.



With more than 5k downloads, this month, Padhang is a minimalistic theme, responsive and has options like custom header, menu, widget ready with two locations and it has translation feature ready as well.










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