2 Simple Reasons why You Need a Business Website

2 Simple Reasons why You Need a Business Website

Which side of the statistics do you want your business to feature in? Most small business hold on to the small mentality for so long that they are left behind when the world revolves. It is how most of them close shop and the few like slip and fall lawyer Toronto weather the storm. What is the trick? They have a functional website.

Having a website is vital for the growth and existence of any business. In fact, research has shown that 71% of people look up everything online first before they head up to a brick and mortar store to make a purchase. What this means is that, all those businesses that have a strong website presence will be the early birds that catch the worm. Maybe?

If you beat the numbers and get a website, here is what you will get;

  1. Visibility

Now more than ever, people google everything online first before going ahead to buy. Having a website will make you appear on their searches making your business visible an accessible to them all day and every day. This is even made better when your website has a mobile platform. You will be seen by clients even on the move .The more they see you, the more business coming your way.

This will also build credibility and authority for your business. If somebody looks for you online and you cannot be found, chances are; you will be written off as a con. How legit you are in the information age is dependent on the relationship you build with potential clientele. A website will do that for you.

  1. Utilize SEO

If you are still oblivious to the magic of SEO in 2017, then you need to wake up. Having a website allows you to create content that can have good ranking on search engines. This will translate to unstoppable traffic to your shop. More traffic means better marketing and in turn increased revenue through more sales.

Each search could translate to a new customer. Eventually your client base will expand far and wide. Adding a contact page to your website or an e-commerce tab will make it easier for your customers to buy immediately they find what they are looking for online. This will also help you to break geographical barriers. Think of the 80% who look for reviews online from anywhere in the world


The matrix of business plays around cutting costs and increasing ROI. If you want to meet the 20 million consumers online, there is no shortcut but to have a functional and a responsive website. In the long run, this would be best investment you can ever make. You will be more ready for the future