Top 5 Best Video Converter Software of 2017

Video Converter Software

In case you are searching for the best video converter, then you will encounter various software which boasts about their features making the decision to buy one a very difficult choice.

Few of these video converter software has been reviewed in this article to provide you necessary information based on which you can make a purchase.

1. AVS Video Converter


Well known for its versatility, ease of use and a wide range of video formats, AVS Video Converter is a perfect choice in case of best Windows video converter software for your varied needs. This software converts almost every audio and video format.

It offers 84 video effects. This software has an in-built DVD burner which makes it easy to burn your videos for further sharing of your videos and hence helps in completing your video editing work by using the best video editing software.

It converts most of the key video formats like Encode HD Video including AVCHD, AVI HD, etc. AVI, WMC, MP4, 3GP, VOB, MPEG, etc. This software also provides you the ability to convert your videos for different devices. It includes ready presets to convert your video for iPOD, iPhone, Android tablets, smartphone and various other portable media players, etc.

It provides the most essential ability to handle a variety of file types along with a powerful range of effects tools for video and audio editing purpose. This means that one can easily make changes before reaching the editing stage saving lot of your time and efforts. The only downside of this converter is that it cannot convert 3D video files.

2. Wondershare Video Converter


When it comes to PC and Mac video converter software package, Wondershare has developed quite a reputation. It offers a wide range of options with its easy to learn features.

It can import and convert almost all types of videos in different formats within few minutes. With its simple along with intuitive interface, you can start your video converting work as soon as you install this software on your computer.

It comes in two versions, one each for Windows PCs and Mac computers. One of the biggest strength of this video converter software is its ability to handle all various file types which make it fitting choice for editors who have to pull videos from different sources.

This program has very few downsides which make it one of the best video converter program available in the market today. Its batch video conversion features is quite fast compared to other systems, making it an excellent choice for both professional and amateur video editors.

3. Aimersoft Video Converter


This video converter has fast learning curve and provides cheap video conversion making it rank among the best.

Its best features is that you can select files by their device type, like smartphones and convert it to your required format and file type. One of the best features is that its so easy to learn that makes it a great contender for amateur and professional video editors, alike.

It can also recognize and then convert almost all audio and video formats, which makes it an appropriate choice. The major drawback of this software is that it omits a few video formats, and it is not quite strong enough than its competitors. It does have a splendid range of video and audio editing tools.

4. ImTOO Video Converter


This video converter offers a variety of excellent features which starts from its substantial collection of both, input and output files along with various editing tools. It has the ability to convert over 150 file types which make it one of the best software in its field. You can also burn DVDs with this software.

It is a wonderful Mac video converter as it provides you with the choice to select an output for your Apple device swiftly and seamlessly. Its best feature is that it provides the user the ability to convert and extract audio files with great ease and users can easily control the bitrate and frame rate according to their choice.

Talking about its disadvantages, this program doesn’t provide any help in merging the files which mean that process has to be accomplished in editing. Its customer support isn’t on par with other software of its kind. 5.

Leawo Video Converter


With this converter, users can convert a large number of files which makes it one of the best converter available in the market. With its various features like batch conversion, an array of special effects and a host of editing tools, it helps the users to create top quality videos.

Its notable strength is that it provides the users with the ability to convert any movie to 3D format and create realistic 3D appearance with its feature to control the depth you desire in the video.

The major disadvantage of this converter is that it needs a plugin for recording from YouTube videos which imply that this common video source becomes a little difficult to use.