Top 10 Psychology Schools in US

Psychology remains to be the most interesting, and alluring topics which remain to be among the most popular graduate programs students love to pursue.

A degree in psychology can lead its graduates to understand how humans and animals think as students undergo a program where they explore personality types, human behavior, and development. A major in psychology takes the careers in the field of marketing, social work, and human resources. These fields offer many opportunities coming with an advanced degree.

This list provides the top 10 psychology schools in the US. All of these schools provide quality education and prepare its students towards success. Students get to learn concepts, theories, and methodologies related to psychology field along with providing a hands-on experience which helps the graduates to get good job available in the market.

1. Duke University: Durham, N.C.

Duke University comes with a track record in creating and developing upcoming leaders. Its major in psychology is quite popular along with the quite challenging program. The students have to focus on abnormal/health, cognitive, biological along with social psychology and has to take different classes in this concentration.

Coming in affordable price range along with best earning, Duke provides the great value for money you spend. The mid-career salary of graduates from this university is the highest with average salary at $101,000. New graduates of this college can expect an average salary of $43,000.

2. Harvard University: Cambridge, Mass.

Founded in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest university in the country. Its psychology program provides an entire curriculum that gives exposure to its students in all fields related to psychology. As the field was taught at Harvard back in the 1800s, it remains to be the front of research in this field.

Psychology is the most popular programs of this university and offers its students to take classes in a different range of topic from which they can pick their interest. Its graduates enter at an average salary of $44,000 in the job market. However, its average mid-salary can reach up to $101,000.

3. University of California-Los Angeles: Los Angeles

This University is the pioneer institute in academia. Its undergraduate psychology program provides its students an opportunity to study and analyze human’s and animal’s behavior to explore the idea of normal and abnormal reactions to them and their psychological tendencies. The students have to take classes in various fields such as learning and memory, cognitive science, personality and other specialized fields.

UCLA graduates starting salary is around $45,000 which can rise up to $77,000 at the mid-career level.

4. Vanderbilt University: Nashville, Tenn.

Established in 1873, Vanderbilt comes with a long history of providing quality education to its students. Its social science programs remain to be the largest at Vanderbilt, along with psychology remains to be the most popular stream.

The psychology major students are exposed to analyze and solve social and psychological issues and problems with the use of various theories and critical thinking skills. Its graduates earn a mid-career salary of $86,000.

5. Princeton University: Princeton, N.J.

This university is quite selective, and this independent research university is quite popular for its education. Its psychology program provides its students great opportunities related to research and also offer its students to carry out work with faculty members on various projects.

The students get to take classes to study thoughts, behaviors, and feelings to get hold of human and animal emotions and their interactions. Its graduates’ average starting salary is at $45,000, and its average mid-career salary is at $94,000.

6. Stanford University: Stanford, Calif.

Stanford University is considered to be the most prestigious research school in the country and the students thinking of degree in psychology, should select its degree program in psychology for its shear strength and features.

The students receive quite an extensive knowledge along with training to become leaders in this field. This program is supplemented by research, introductory seminars with study abroad programs which make sure that the students get to learn and understand all the theories related to psychology and also receive a dynamic and quality education.

Its starting average salary is at $53,000 with a mid-career salary at $67,000.

7. University of California-Berkeley: Berkeley, Calif.

The Berkeley campus is the flagship campus of this university system. Its psychology programs is placed among the top position schools in the country.

The students are provided quality education to understand and analyze human and animal behavior by researching on different variables. This campus is a great option for psychology majors as its undergraduate program is focused on increasing analytical with methodological thinking which lies at the base of a strong career in this field.

The average starting salary of this university’s graduates is at $45,000 with a mid-career salary at $92,000.

8. Yale University: New Haven, Conn.

This Ivy League school is among the toppers in the list of best colleges. It has one of the best programs in psychology. With psychology classes, this university also offers research opportunities to its students to make them venture deeper in this field.

Its students are taught about the thinking pattern of humans and animals. The theories and ideas are often taken out of the class and showed in real world scenarios. This university provides good value for money education with its starting salary at $44,000 and mid-career salary at $91,000.

9. University of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia

Established in 1740, this University is among the oldest universities in the country, and this research institute has a strong focus on interdisciplinary research and curriculums.

With the oldest continuously working psych department in North America, its program is studded with great leaders in this field. Its students get to learn about various aspects of mind and different ways of our response to external factors. Its starting salary is $45,000, and mid-career salary starts at $79,000.

10. Rutgers University: New Brunswick, N.J.

Being among the top public research schools in the country, it provides its students with high-quality education with its start of the art centers and institutions.

Its psychology program is one of the best program taught in this university. It allows its students to understand the process of human thinking and their behaviors. Its students get to take classes in various fields like clinical psychology, cognitive, social psychology along with behavioral and system neuroscience.

Its average starting salary is $38,000 with mid-career salary at $80,000.