Mathway: The Best Maths Problem Solver (2020 Update)


The iPad app for Mathway-Math Problem Solver is ten calculators that are rolled into one. If you are dealing with basic arithmetic, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, chemistry, or statistics, Mathway will launch a calculator (in a virtual keyboard) with the symbols and tools you need to solve the type of issue. The software will also help frame the issue to ensure it provides what you need. It is a valuable tool for students as well as scientists, making it an educational app for editors’ consideration.

Show Your Work

The simple Mathway app, which lets you use its virtual calculators to solve problems, is free. You have to pay if you want to see the steps that go to solving the problems. Upgrading to the paid version either costs $19.99 a month or $79.99 a year. Paying eliminates all third-party ads (not that the free edition includes much). It also helps you to save the history of your problem, and access step-by-step solutions from anywhere.

It runs into some money depending on the amount of time you allow for step-checking, but you can easily cancel your subscription. Also, the paid version will act as a helpful “virtual teacher” for students, not only giving them the answers but also demonstrating how the app came in like them.

Even the free version is a valuable resource for students, anyone interested in mathematics or science, or even someone who sometimes wants to solve math problems that go beyond the computer-built calculator feature capabilities. If you use Mathway only to crunch numbers, there is no need to upgrade. We haven’t tested any software that is directly comparable to Mathways; the WolframAlpha iPad app has some equation-solving features, but the features of Mathways go far further than that.

To update the app, tap the Update button that appears at the top right of the screen in a pull-down menu while taping the gear icon. You then pick between the $19.99 monthly and $79.99 annual subscription and enter your Apple ID when asked. You are charged by your Apple account, rather than directly from Mathway. If you’re sick of the paid edition or it doesn’t suit your needs, canceling your subscription from the Settings menu on your iPad is simple enough.

Mathway is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch; an Android version is also available. I used an iPad Air 2 running iOS 10.3 to test this. I looked at the free features first, then checked the paid features by paying for a monthly subscription.

A Cornucopia Of Calculators

At the top left corner of the screen is a list icon (three stacked lines) that shows a pull-down menu showing the ten subject areas of the app when pressed: Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Arithmetic, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, Chemistry. Many subjects are also addressed but will come under one of the above headings. The Basic Math calculator, for example, contains keys marked with various geometrical shapes: square, circle, triangle, cube, cone, sphere, and cylinder, among others.

You need to investigate them to find out how the functions operate, as the app doesn’t have a ready-made Support feature (although the Mathway website provides a lot of information). Pressing the calculator key which is marked with a circle, for instance, calls up a circle with a dotted line which denotes its radius (r) and followed by “r =?” with a grey shaded question mark. Thus, inviting you to enter a value for r. If you put  number1.3, and after that, press Enter, a menu appears with the title “How should I answer?,” offering ten options, including Find the Place, Find the Circumference, Graph, Feature Evaluation, and Convert to Radical Type.

These ten calculators share the left-most 2/3 of the keyboard, which contains widely used symbols such as 0 through 9, x, y, and z variables, open and close parentheses and brackets, signs for the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), an equal sign, exponents, and roots.

That sets them apart is the other third of the keyboard, whether it’s the geometric forms in Basic Math, the 24 functions of the Trigonometry Calculator, or the logs, summations, integrals, and limits of Calculus, to name a few.

In Mathways, there are two ways to enter an equation: either by using the keyboard or by photographing the comparison with your camera on your iPad. I had the most keyboard success though it took some trial and error to enter such things such as exponents correctly. While it is a brilliant idea to join equations by merely photographing them, in reality, the app did not do well in identifying some of the characters. It’s also stumped by Pi, for example.

Value Squared

You might think of Mathway as the mathematical app Photoshop — it has many more features and functions than a regular user is likely ever to need. It may take some digging around to find the exact features you need to use, but they’re there. The one practical problem that I ran into while testing the device is its incoherence in making equations shot with my iPad, but you can still enter them via the keyboard.

Mathways is an especially useful tool if you are a math or science student in the sciences, and sometimes have to solve only slightly complex math problems. If you need to see the steps to measure response, it will cost you more, but it is still much less costly than hiring a tutor for maths. The feature-rich Mathway app wins an educational iPad version from our Editors’ Pick.

Mathway is one of the App Store’s most popular free calculator software providing quick answers to the most complicated math equations for the users. The software solves almost everything from simple math problems, geometry, arithmetic to more complicated equations like calculus and trigonometry. This software was created by Mathway LLC and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The free edition only provides the answers, but a subscription will include step-by-step solutions to a wide range of math types of problems. It’s a highly recommended device for any student dealing with math issues. An excellent glossary subject and intuitive interface allow for easy use.

With millions of users as well as billions of solved problems, Mathway is considered as number one  math problem solver in the world. From basic algebra to complex calculus, Mathway solves your most challenging math problems instantly-just type in your question (or point your camera and snap a pic!) to get quick, free answers. Need elaborate step-by-step solutions? Mathway is in the palm of your hand like a private mentor, delivering instant homework support anywhere, anywhere.

This app has many features and is user friendly and intuitive. The Mathway software will do just as much on your computer as most graphing calculators do. It is stable and quick and makes it super easy to find answers to your math problems. When you’re doing research on the go and want to save the issues for later, you can even save problems.

Mathway is very well thought out. Everything works the way you think it would — no small feat for anything without buttons! It is just falling: it’s not pretty. Only you can tell if this matters, but I’d prefer something that works perfectly to something that looks good when solving a problem


And that’s where Mathway falters — not because of what it does or how it functions, but instead because of what it means. Mathway will solve all your problems with maths for you. It will teach you to step by step, how to do it. It will make sure all of your sets of issues are finished and done correctly. But this is not teachable.

Now that’s not to suggest you can’t use Mathway to practice maths efficiently. This software can be used to test your work or to send you the blueprint on how to solve potential problems. So if you just plug every question into your app and copy the answers down, you won’t be learning anything. You can learn how to do this without Mathway so you can do it at a higher level

Mathway succeeds in being useful even though you are not paying anything. Mathway gives you the answers to all your issues, but if you want to see the description step by step, then you have to pay! A subscription is costing $19.99 a month or $99.99 a year. For what the solutions look like without a subscription, see the photos below.

The free version is perfect if you’re using Mathway to test your answers or get fast solutions. If you need further step-by-step support, then a subscription will probably be required.

There is nothing directly motivating in Mathway App. And it might likely be highly demotivating to use it and become reliant on it. But, if you’re the type of person that’s susceptible to making small errors, this app could be a lifesaver. You can take the right steps, but fail to bring the 1, and end up with the wrong answer. You’d catch that by using Mathway to test your work — hopefully helping you get better marks on your homework and showing you which errors you’re most susceptible to. But beware again: too much of a good thing can be a problem!

Mathway does not have tutors or assistance centers. It doesn’t have the encouragement to think about it. But I don’t think it needs it — you pay for an answer and measures, not a tutor in math. The software performs well, and it won’t require customer service. Yet, this highlights a significant point: don’t download this app because you’ll learn math from it. There’s nothing to teach you on the other end of the line. Think you should learn math with it and download it.

Apps Like Mathway Solve Problems In A Go

Mathway use sounds like sorcery. It can take almost any math problem, and in less than a second, have a solution. The graphing feature is also highly useful and enables users to make real-time changes and add multiple functions at once. The breadth of covered math concepts is remarkable, from simple math to linear algebra. It is an instrument that may stay with a student throughout their academic career.

The step-by-step methods in the premium edition offer clear examples of how to arrive at the solution. They cover those steps that can be opened and checked by the user so that it is not too confusing. It’s excellent students needn’t wait to speak with a tutor.

Although incredibly, you can take a picture of a problem and get an instant answer on your worksheet, this feature can often be spotty. I’ve provided a good picture of the issue many times, and the app couldn’t read it. While the explanations are helpful step-by-step, the formatting makes them somewhat difficult to follow. It might be easier to have each move numbered with white space between each.

Websites Like Mathway Are Helping Kids Solve Problems Without Any Hassles And With 100% Accuracy

Mathway solves problems from all fields of mathematics, including calculus, trigonometry, algebra,  as well as arithmetic, as well as chemistry, gaseous behaviour, or the number of molecules in a given mass. The results are spot-on (we have double-checked and triple-checked) and immediately supported even for severe problems such as discovering that X and Y intercepts or determining limits approaching infinity.

The toolbar at the top of the screen helps you to quickly pick the field of math for which you need help; you can quickly identify your problem through the buttons below. We like the elegant rendering of geometric figures in the mainframe and the convenient location on the right side of the screen of the Support, Save, Cancel, Undo, and Redo keys.

While this app lacks a traditional tutorial, it features a list of all the problems it can solve (the? button), categorized by sort. Choosing one of them from the list gives you an example that will help you get started.

Mathway Is An All In One Calculator For Solving Complex Problems

If you have difficulty solving math problems that require a more in-depth study of extraordinarily complex equations, then you need to download the Mathway program. This software is an entirely functioning calculator that can practically solve any math problem.

Unlike other calculators, Mathway for K12 programs and college courses covers nearly all areas of advanced mathematics. The program can be used to solve simple math, pre-algebra and algebra problems, geometry, arithmetic, finite math, chemistry, trigonometry, and linear algebra problems.

When you open the app, a colorful home screen will welcome you. Colored buttons located in the center of the page represent individual math subjects. The navigation bar at the bottom offers access to the glossary and support pages.

To get started, just tap a subject icon on the math to open the calculator. The next screen displays a numeric touchpad that can be used to type math problems. To get the solution, simply enter any equation in the calculator and tap the answer button.

With multiple variables, brackets, parentheses, and individual operators, this calculator supports any sort of equation. The free version provides a simple reaction to your comparison. To access the step-by-step solution, you must purchase a subscription.

Features Of The Mathway Calculus

Mathway provides a robust calculator capable of solving any form of problem in basic math, calculus, algebra, trigonometry, chemistry, and more. The app will always give you the correct answer as long as you enter a valid equation.

The app provides a virtual touchpad that is easy to use. It supports all equation forms, including special operators, variables, alpha-numeric signs, brackets, and other advanced notations. Take notice that word problems cannot be solved in this app. To find the answers, you must enter different equations in the calculator.

Mathway provides a simple interface and intuitive workflow. It has an appealing home screen with buttons in color. You may access every portion of the App from the home screen.

The glossary section is among the most critical features of this device. The glossary includes over 300 words, meanings, and principles about mathematics. Entries to the glossary are cross-referenced so that similar terms and values can be found.

When solving problems you need help, you can access the built-in support section of the app. The support module offers detailed information on the device and offers clear tips and advice on how to use the calculator correctly.

Mathway could just be the best iPad or iPhone calculator in the App Store. This calculator can solve any equation between simple maths and advanced calculations. It’s a highly recommended device for any student dealing with math issues.

Reviews About Mathway

Mathway offers opportunities for students to understand and solve their math problems. Mathway is the # 1 problem-solving platform open to students, parents, and teachers, with millions of users and billions of the issues resolved.

The long-term aim of Mathway is to make on-demand standard math assistance available to all students. Mathway is an ambitious, long-term creative project that will deliver rising functionality and features in the coming years.

Mathway Includes All Math Types, Including: 

  • Simple Math / Pre-Algebra (arithmetic, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, roots, variables, and more) 
  • Algebra (linear equations/inequalities, quadratic equations/inequalities, absolute equations/inequalities, equation structures, logarithms, functions, matrices, graphs, and more) 
  • Trigonometry / Precalculus (trigonometric functions, identity structures, etc.).

Mathway is an educational app that allows users to apply math problems and provide instant answers to review their assignments, complete practice issues, and prepare for examinations.

It can be downloaded from both the App Store and the Google Play Store for free, but it provides in-app purchases to access additional features, such as step-by-step guidance on how to solve the issues. This application is recommended for users of all ages.

Upon installing the app, users would need to choose which particular topic they need support with, ranging from trigonometry to chemistry. After selecting the subject on which they will work, they can either type in the math problem they want to solve manually or upload a picture of it to the app.

The app allows applying any sort of problem with a complete mathematical keyboard, no matter how complex it may be.

In seconds, users receive the answer to the question and can make an in-app purchase to receive detailed feedback about how the app arrived at the answer.

Additionally, if students feel they are still struggling, they will pay extra to work with an individual tutor.

Although the app has very high ratings, some users have said they don’t like how you need to make an in-app purchase to get access to the step-by-step instructions.

Is Mathway Solver Safe To You? Can It Make My Kids Addictive?

Mathway is suitable for children aged ten and over because of its instructional nature, accessibility, and lack of interactive features.

This is why there is no age verification method for either installing or using the app.

Parents should be aware that while the app does not contain any mature content, a strong foundation in math is needed.

Typing problems by hand can be severe for people with no experience switching between keyboards, and this can be frustrating for some, particularly younger children.

Unless you decide to make an in-app purchase that will allow your child to receive step-by-step instructions, the app will only answer users.

If you’re concerned that your child might only copy the correct answer instead of doing the actual math, this app may not be for you.

It should also be noted that Mathway enables in-app purchases, something that parents may not be happy with getting access to their kids.

If you want your child to avoid making unnecessary transactions, simply disable in-app purchases in their phone settings.

Lastly, although the app does not need vast quantities of personal information, it does provide access to the camera, images, and phone storage for users.

Many parents might not be comfortable sharing so much personal information about their child with an app developer. If that’s the case, just keep your child from using the app altogether.

Can Mathway Beta Be Used Just Like Any Other Calculator?

Mathway is a Web calculator that not only solves math problems for you but also shows you how step-by-step directions it got to the answer. It’s the kind of service that would have destroyed me in middle school if I wanted to cruise through homework stacks without really doing any of the computations.

Mathway encompasses different forms of math styles, including stuff at the high school level, such as trigonometry and calculus. It will even take some “simple math,” like what you can do with a calculator, but it’s kind of a waste because most problems require only one line of description. I assume most people will just open up the calculator for their computers instead.

Mathway has a built-in graphing tool and a glossary in addition to its problem solver — only in case, the solver throws some jargon around that you haven’t seen before. You may also add any reaction to show it to others — although I’m sure more people will probably use the email connection instead.

How Can One Use Mathway Graph To Teach The Kids?

You may use this resource as a reference guide to increasing what students focus on in college. If you have a subscription, consider plugging in problems from your lessons and saving step-by-step directions from Mathway to your class page for students to use and refer to for additional assistance and guidance. Also, consider making realistic worksheets for your class using the worksheet app. Pick a subject and select the number of issues you would like to see on the worksheet, then print the worksheet or generate a PDF file to upload to your website for the class. Encourage students to build their tailored practice worksheets and to explore the glossary for additional help.

Is It Good For Learning?

Although it’s an excellent resource for teens looking for a shortcut, this app has driven practice support features that make it a unique, versatile accompaniment for math students across grades, particularly with a subscription. Creating personalized worksheets is one way to practice before a test, and the glossary is useful as children can search alphabetically or by topic. Individual entries appear as marked, clickable text in the descriptions of different problems. The graphing function is also especially useful in that it is a simple, user-friendly way to neatly graph equations or illustrate geometric figures with precision.

Mathway geometry lets users plug in math equations and see their solutions instantly; they also get step-by-step guidance on how to get to the solution with a paid subscription. If you pick a subject — trigonometry, pre-algebra, chemistry — a menu shows useful symbols, and related operations (such as an integral algebra symbol), and users can tap or pick specific tools to set up their equations. Users then tap “Evaluate” to see the answer after setting up a question, and they can tap the folder icon to add the question to their list of Saved Problems. Users can also view a graph and then graph on-screen functions, create a custom practice worksheet based on a particular math topic for practice/

The subscription is precious for sure, and there will undoubtedly be kids who will just use it to copy solutions, so look for apparent discrepancies between homework and test results as a potential sign of misuse; however, if properly used, the different features could benefit children or those who want to explore math outside the classroom.

Mathway Unblocked In India But Did It Hamper The Learning Capability Of A Child?

Yes, the high demand pathway unblocked its ban from India. No, it does not hamper the growth of your child. It is a learning app based calculator that performs as a buddy while solving complex problems. If your child is reserved and does not like to ask questions from the tutor or his teacher, then mathway is going to be his best companion. 

Is Mathway Free To Use?

Yes, mathway is free to use, and anyone can use it, but if you want to get step by step solutions of your problems with a guide, then you will have to purchase the premium subscription of the same. 

You can solve problems with Mathway from simple mathematics up to calculus and statistics. It is a helpful tool when doing homework, to test your answers. All you have to do is the type and hit ‘solve’ in the problem. The software is free to download and use on smartphones running Android and Apple, but you can pay for an updated version that will also give you the real step-by-step solutions to problems.