Karaoke Software : 17 Best Free Solutions for PC

Karaoke software is designed with no need to look for lyrics online thru a device or a smartphone. When someone loves singing, dreams to be like his/her inspiration, karaoke is one great way to nurture the passion.

The need is to download the software, play the favourite song, and sing along. The Karaoke concept, launched in the 1970s, was just a piece of big equipment. It started becoming common in bars and pubs gradually as the prime source of entertainment.

Since it went thru a big bang of metamorphosis, and today a user only requires an online device or smartphone to run the karaoke app or online software. Therefore, those looking for the best karaoke software online, let’s go thru a list that will definitely provide a head start.

PC DJ Karaoki
Looking for ultimate Karaoke software which can make a party at home go hip-hop, then PC DJ Karaoki is the best choice for the occasion. It assists in adding karaoke songs, editing the play options for consecutively arranging a karaoke night.
While there are umpteen regular features such as history, singer rotation, screen display, or key control, you can access advanced features like drag and drop loading, configuring colour options, lock screen, cloud integration, etc.
It is a simple software having intuitive features which are very easy to use for any beginner. Use a second monitor to view the lyrics with simultaneous use of the main monitor for editing the favourite playlist.

KaraFun Player
KaraFun Player is the most user-friendly and free software in the category which is specially designed for Windows PC. It offers a collection of 28000 songs saved in the cloud storage. It has a highly intuitive interface with a collection including karaoke of studio quality. It has an option of history of the songs already played, save to favourite list etc.
It has an option to sync offline to enjoy even in the absence of an internet connection. What we especially like is the dual-display screen along with customizable keys that provide to shift the screen to an external monitor. Bonus save the songs in formats, like, MID, CD+G, MPEG, or KAR.

Kanto Karaoke
Kanto Karaoke is best known for supporting nearly every video and multimedia formats available in our times with all major formats like KAR, MP3, etc. Designed especially for Windows PC, it is the best karaoke software available. The best part being available with a host of features. Moreover, it permits to record voice while singing and even records players performance.
The software comes with microphone settings having superior quality audio input/output, which converts the system into a professional karaoke arrangement. Additionally, the player can see the lyrics of his/her favourite song in full-screen mode, or switching it to live performance mode with endless scores for getting a complete musical experience.
Among some of its great features is the option for creating unlimited playlists, high-quality playback, audio settings helping to change the pitch and the tempo of the song, and fade-out effect. User can create a list of singers to be lined up for singing. It is easy to enable the background score, and clapping or jeer effects providing a live performance and feeling like in real.

One Karaoke
One Karaoke is easy to use and is designed especially for Windows PC. It can run almost any format of the file with features such as support for major file formats, like AVI, WMA, MP3, WMV. It can be used with wireless or wired hardware. Access songs and lyrics from collections, MP3 music, option to share video with the karaoke lyrics that come with the app, once downloaded from the Microsoft store. The high-quality MP3 audio comes equipped with supported tracks and lyrics, allowing to make videos of performance to build a follower base or watch videos made by others.

Siglo’s Karaoke Professional
The website provides a complete range of karaoke software which is powered by Power Karaoke. It’s a professional karaoke system specially designed for Windows. It’s easy to operate, comes equipped with a dual-screen display, and quick song helps to look up without a long wait.
Siglos gives a range of features that includes PC scan for karaoke songs, option to create their own playlists, the option to change the tempo, and so on. Moreover, it supports major formats like MIDI, MP3G, BIN, etc., and even different video formats. Features singer rotation, preview pane, history, pitch and tempo control, and lyrics look beautiful on display. The software is best for the club as well as commercial use.

iStar is perfect for a night of fun. It is known to convert almost any type of file and run them designed for Mac. User will not import music to the player and make playlists based on choice but can classify compilation.
Bonus it supports a variety of multimedia files allowing the user to import from sources without limitations. The easy to use interface allows smooth operation with beautiful features for the karaoke freaks.

Just Karaoke 2
Just Karaoke 2 is a digital karaoke software with super simple and easy to use interface having ultimate sing-along experience. It provides a compilation of favourite songs in a playlist, helps to view the history of the singer, permits auto rotation of songs along with other great features. Moreover, it comes equipped with a dual-screen display, song manager, singer announcement, quick song search option, sound effects, etc.
Bonus a list of 7000+ songs to choose from.

CDG plug-in for Winamp
CDG is designed for Windows users with Winamp plug-in to play songs from PC in karaoke format. Winamp, a popular music player plug-in, enjoy the karaoke experience without any added software to be installed. It works great for the karaoke lovers as it’s absolutely free.

provides the real karaoke experience for hardcore users, one of the most real karaoke experiences on Mac device. Extremely easy to use interface helps it to go for for a Windows PC. User can play favourite songs at any time to create a playlist to be played later. Select from various Aria play modes for an enhanced experience.

Walaoke, available free to be downloaded for Windows PC with features like one-click play for songs, display of lyrics, support for primary file formats, option to save numbers and channels, an option to play DVD or VCD.

Advanced Karaoke Player
Those who store music in various formats and hassle to look for favourite track, the Advanced Karaoke Player is the perfect answer for them. This software permits to save favourite numbers on one single platform making it easier to find the track at one go later.
The application permits to have a great singing experience whenever wish to. The best part is managing types of major media file formats is to relax while having complete fun thru tracks.

QMIDI V2.0 is a perfect karaoke solution for Mac users as it plays many files. Apart from the fun part, it permits to edit various texts and chords of the tracks to add in it. What’s more? It permits to sync the compilation of favourite songs while playing in a sequential pattern.
Bonus: Comes with a sound mixer to format lyrics.

Developed for Windows versions, OkeOke.net is open-source software that is also available for free. Among its primary features is the storage of data in a local drive, song lookup, keyword search, remote control access for the choice of songs, and major file format support.
Additionally, save the songs on the external hard disk and even record songs. Bonus share them on various social media platforms online.

Karaoke Player
It’s equally a simple software for Windows PC that gets transformed into a karaoke system in no time. Although the interface is not that attractive, it’s super smooth to use, and the application is indeed fun as simple as the name sounds. While like its design and is more of plain, still, after signing in, it provides a lot of fun with music.
It permits to control the karaoke with just a few keys. The sound is pretty clear and provides a good experience to sing along.

Looking for a karaoke software for Mac machines, KJams gives is a good choice. It resembles a lot with iTunes. User can even download favourite tracks and sing along in karaoke format. Moreover, it permits to send over songs to other iOS devices like iPhone/iPod where it can be played in any format.

Karaoke 5
Karaoke 5 is perfect for both advanced and first-time users with compatibility for Windows. Among its features is support for major audio and video formats, option to broadcast for live shows and performances, mix control and dual-screen display.

TunePrompter for Mac a step ahead by permitting to create karaoke tunes of favourite songs. With an easy to use interface, the player can create and upload karaoke videos to iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV, or even burn them into a CD easily.
Bonus: Cool features help to auto search for lyrics that saves a lot of ties.

Whether players are using a Mac or a Windows system, a plethora of choices are present for them for the best karaoke experience. So, download from the above list and sing your heart out.