Gboard vs SwiftKey: The Battle between the Two Popular Keyboard Apps


A ton has been done in the field of the smartphone inputs. While it was at first directed by worked in keyboards alone, there are various alternatives now. Regardless of the appearance of the voice collaborators, a keyboard is the scaffold amongst you and your smartphone is a square of installed letters in order, extraordinary characters, and numbers.

SwiftKey and GBoard (Google Keyboard) are two very famous keyboard applications and each has enormous highlights. Most importantly, both the applications are free with zero in-application buys (at the season of composing).

So it’s solitarily reasonable that we set both the keyboards against each other and see who wins at last.

Built-in Google search


The coordinated Google Search is one of the triumphant highlights of Gboard and obviously, it makes seeking and sharing appear like a bit of cake. For example, you never again need to leave the WhatsApp delivery person or whatever other application when you have to look for something.

So whether it’s a melody, climate reports, news or a straightforward actuality check, sort and inquiry in a hurry without leaving the comfort of the current application.

The inherent inquiry is one region where SwiftKey falls behind a bit. In any case, at that point, do worked in look devices dependably demonstrate helpfully? For connections to articles or news, it ends up being exceptionally helpful. You don’t have to leave the keyboard any longer to discover content that you need to share as you have everything readily available. In any case, in the event that you are hoping to awe somebody with phrases from fascinating dialects, you should go the additional mile and evacuate the connection to the article physically.

Now, no more tap-tap on Gboard

gboard swiftkey

Perusing through content can be an agony and a large portion of the occasions the cursor doesn’t generally arrive where you’d need it to. SwiftKey has an awesome approach for this with the bolt keys.

These keys arranged on the last line of the keyboard complete a marvelous activity with regards to perusing content. A tap on the correct course is everything necessary to move the cursor to the exact position.

Gboard has a more smooth way to deal with this confused activity; you should simply slide your finger over the spacebar. That’s right; you got me right no more tap-tap.

Prediction skill


Clearly, the fundamental performing artist in any keyboard application is word expectation. I have been a long haul client of SwiftKey and it has taken in most of the words that I utilize. More often than not I have to type in only a couple of letters and the rest are auto-recommended.

This is a major help with regards to conveying tremendous content bodies like locations, stick numbers, and so forth that stays perpetual and is required to be sent regularly.

It is out of line to coordinate the expectation aptitudes of both the keyboards a long time against 3 years. However, it took in my style and I would get OK proposals. Be that as it may, at that point we are talking Google, recollect how it auto fills the inquiry bar? I am certain with time; it would be at standard with SwiftKey.

Special characters


Concurred that accentuation and extraordinary characters lift up the importance of any composed dialect and it’s profoundly basic that we get the chance to get to them in the base time conceivable. Both SwiftKey and Gboard let you have a snappy access to the unique characters set in their own specific manners.

In SwiftKey you can get the vast majority of the characters on the first go. All it requires is a long push on the coveted key. For instance, a long-press on S would get you # easily, no compelling reason to take advantage of the uncommon character key also.

The circumstance is a touch distinctive in Gboard, a large portion of the exceptional characters can be gotten to by a long-push on the period key and after that picking them. In this way, on the off chance that you are a long haul client of SwiftKey, you may require some an opportunity to become acclimated to this. Be that as it may, both these keyboard applications put in space after the period, so an immense help on that end.

Emoji and GIF

swiftkey gboard

This is one component where the Gboard is marginally in front of SwiftKey. On the off chance that you want to include GIFs in messages, at that point you will come to love this one.

Much the same as the GIF seek in FB ambassador, you should simply type in the watchword and the rundown would be shown immediately. The rundown is different and you can have your pick of emoji that suits you best.

In like manner, for emoticon seek, Gboard gives you a chance to scan for emoticons. A genuinely helpful element on the off chance that you think that it is bothering to look through pages after pages of emoticons. However, let me caution you, now and then the query items marginally vary from the real watchword.

With respect to SwiftKey, it too has its offer of emoticon expectation, though in an unexpected way. The emoticon expectation should be empowered in the settings and it takes up the correct tile in the proposal plate. In this way, you should exchange off one tile and that equivalents one less anticipated word.

User Interface


Both applications give good-looking UIs and the change between the keyboard and settings is consistent. Regarding plan, Gboard offers the one-gave mode by which the keyboard therapists to the other side of the show.

Then again, SwiftKey offers a large group of alternatives changing the design, resizing and the choice to undock the keyboard.

Thus, both offer the usefulness from two alternate points of view. On the off chance that one plans to make you a specialist by composing with a solitary hand, alternate encourages you to compose better by having a superior grasp on the keyboard.

Theme library


With regards to topics, SwiftKey is a definitive champ. It has crowds of topics to browse, though Gboard has approximately 20 subjects at the interim.

Also, the best thing is every one of the topics is free, starting now. So in the event that you want to explore different avenues regarding the look of the keyboard, you will love this SwiftKey include.



A reward SwiftKey highlight is that it has a worked in clipboard supervisor. This clever component gives you a chance to spare replicated pieces and in the process saving you from the issue of introducing a different clipboard chief.

The GBoard doesn’t have a worked in clipboard chief, so you should depend on an alternate application for that.

Which one should you use?

In spite of the fact that a veteran in the realm of keyboards, SwiftKey’s highlights are marginally more valuable than Gboard’s. While a few highlights are at standard, (swiping pace or word condensing), there’re a few territories (GIF search or gesture support) where both the keyboards give each other a firm rivalry.

In the event that you completely require exceptionally quick expectations and an inherent clipboard administrator then SwiftKey is most likely the keyboard for you. Something else, on the off chance that you are searching for a fun angle with the additional advantage of Google seek, at that point, GBoard is adequate for you.

So, which one will you use? Let us know in the comment section below.