9 Best Free Twitter Analytics Tool

There are so many Free Twitter Analysis tools available in the market, but it is hard to know which one is trustworthy with your Twitter account.

You may wish to track the Tweets about brand or competition, or want to engage with leads or clients, or to trace the success of your campaigns and many more.

Still, you have to remember that these free tools are not the alternative devices of enterprise tools. Like Brandwatch Analytics, aimed at making sophisticated use of all their social data by providing help in advanced businesses discover that not just Twitter can do.


Let us have a look at the top nine free Twitter analysis tools that are currently available in the market.

1. Twitter Analytics


It boosts your impact on Twitter. Now you do not need to search far to find out the best analysis tool for your Twitter profile. Twitter Analytics, will help you can to learn all about your Tweets and how they will resonate with your audience. The site is divided accordingly into three different categories; they are Tweets, Followers, and Twitter Cards.

It offers you to provide more detailed data. You can click on any of theTweet to get a comprehensive view of the number of retweets, replies, follows, favorites, impressions and clicks it receives. With the help of Twitter Cards, you can attach your photos, videos and other media to your posts for driving more traffic purposes. By diving into the Followers category, you can quickly watch how people are engaging with your Tweets over time and showing the interests.

2. Hootsuite


It collaborates, schedule & report. Hootsuite is one of the personal favorites Twitter analysis tool. It shows the best result in reporting. It is a freemium tool. That means if you have fewer than five social profiles to manage, then you can use its free plan. It enables teams to execute the campaigns collaboratively. Hootsuite account helps you to launch marketing campaigns, schedule posts in advance, identify and increase your followers on Twitter, create custom Twitter reports, track hashtags, mentions, Twitter lists and much more.

3. Buffer


This tool helps to distribute your Tweets. It is beneficiary for those who simply wants to schedule and spread their Tweets out at the best possible times then try Buffer’s free plan it will schedule your tweets time as you want. This tool Balance your posts throughout the day, specifically when your stakeholders are across the world and so you have a need to post your tweets in different time zones.

Users who do not have to miss out their valuable followers need to Tweet in every short span of time. In this circumstances, this browser-based app will help you to find out something that you would like to Tweet online. There is a little browser i.e. easy to install. By pressing this little browser button, you can share your tweet. Moreover, for this you do not need to leave what you are reading. Buffer is the smarter way for your Twitter analysis that helps you to acknowledge you that out of the content you are sharing what your audience loves to read. So that it will help you to focus your publishing that tweets that, will maximize audience engagement.


4. TweetStats


TweetStats will help you in optimizing your time. TweetStats not only provides you the statistics for your Twitter usage. However, also offers you to keep track on your Tweets by the month, day or hour and gives you the information of how far your messages have traveled.

If you are interested, about your competitors posting that at which time of the days they are posting and what is the average number of Tweets by them, and others. Then TweetStats is the best analysis tool for you.

5. KLear


It identifies the top influencers. Whether you want to research on your top influencers in your niche market or just want to know about audience demographics, Klear offers you the information about those who connected with your Twitter account through a visual blend. So you will be able to deliver your best-performing Tweets.

Moreover, the people with whom you have conversed over Twitter loves to revisit your tweets and content more often as compared to your competitors. So, it will increase your fan following. You can invite your top fans and followers in a new list. You can identify your influencers’ top domains in your industry that shared on your Twitter profile.

6. Twitonomy


Twitonomy will help you to discover your key Twitter stats. Twitonomy is a very advanced tool that offers different methods of Twitter analysis for your account. Moreover, also analyze the tools of your competitors too. You just have to sign in with your Twitter account and give your competitors’ Twitter handles. Twitonomy shows you detailed list on Twitter about your most popular Tweets, engagement statistics and many more.

Conversation Tracking on Twitter based keywords, users, or programs is also just like a gentle wind with Twitonomy. It will also help you to break down any of the Twitter accounts into digestible stats and graphs too. It offers you the facility as a bonus, to visualize your Tweets where in the world people have mentioned. Moreover, allow you a better understanding of the geographical impact through your Twitter activity.

7. Mentionmapp


In this tool with the help of web service you can, not only map your network but also of others too. Through this tool you can map and grow your followers. It provides a visual map of hashtags and username i.e. based on the followers you have engaged within your most recently Tweets. It also shows you the details of the people with whom you have conversed on Twitter. So that, you can quickly discover about the relevant people in your niche.

8. Twitter Counter


It helps you to analyze your follower growth. If you are interested to know your follower growth then this is the best tool for this purpose, it is worthwhile to use Twitter Counter. This tool will let you have a watch on your Tweet volume and also the follower growth on a daily basis against two of your key competitors.

For this, you are required to tie your Twitter account with their site, and it is safe to do this tie up. The data that are collected by all means are necessary, and the browser plugin helps you to provide a variety of features like performance, recommendations, overviews and regular interactions. Twitter Counter’s API helps anyone to retrieve each and every piece of information. Moreover, it has a particular username. It also estimates the number of followers you have past week and the number of followers you have gained.

9. Tweetreach


It Measures the reach of your Tweets. If you are interested to know that how far your Tweets have traveled? Then TweetReach is the best tool for you. For this, you only need to insert the URL of that page or article you wanted to analyze, and you will get a detailed breakdown of the last 50 Tweets that you have sent.

Tweet reach offers you the density graph that shows your posts hitting figure from you the largest amount followers. Another great use of these free version is to collect Twitter reports of how far your Twitter handle, keyword or hashtag. It will offer you the number of accounts reaches, some impressions, some retweets, stop contributors, most retweeted Tweets, a list of contributors and a timeline of your Tweets.

Each of these free tools is the best one and provide excellent functionality. Moreover, they all are designed to deliver a simple user interface, but there are lots of alternatives also available. To find one that one is best for you is to take a demo or trial. You should have to do experiment with different tools to find out the right tool for your needs.

Brands and agencies have a requirement of that type of tool that allows them better flexibility and also offers them better-sophisticated features for their Free Twitter Analysis. There are also an alternative that ask for a subscription fee but also provides far more advanced functionality.