10 Best Sites to Find Synonyms and Similar Words

Synonyms are those words which we use but aren’t able to spell the first one. They allow us never to get lost for words. If know these synonyms of words then you are not only richer because of it, but it also increases the odds while playing crosswords and Scrabble.

We writers also like to embellish our work with separate words with similar meaning as using a single word can sound flat. When it comes to the vocabulary, we all may get hit by a wall. But due to the internet and online synonym dictionaries, you won’t have to pick up any heavy thesaurus. Here we covered such online dictionaries of synonyms which you can use in your day to day written work.

1. Thesaurus

This website remains one of the most famous online dictionaries. It has the highest number of results for every word. This site is the second face of Dictionary.com. With synonyms at the display, you can also explore the sidebar for more hints along with filters. You can also venture into the word and its related ones on Visual Thesaurus too.

2. Synonym

This word app consists of synonyms as well as antonyms along with their definitions. This site is quite simple, but here you may have to deal with pop-up ads. Along with ads, there are a lesser number of words listed than the previous app mentioned above. The synonyms are displayed around their meaning which they convey.

3. Synonyms

This site is a perfect play to search for synonyms along with various information related to the search results. These synonyms are also hyperlinked. You also have an audio help for the words’ pronunciation, a dropdown to translate the words into another language too. It also has a word image as well as a Q & A box in case you have any query regarding the word. It also comes with a citation aid and alternative search options which provide entities like quotes along with abbreviations on the main word. If you want to search for a song lyrics which contains a particular word, you can do that too.

4. Synonym Finder

This word app is quite a neat one. It provides hyperlinked words with their definition and usage. You can also take help of search box to get the antonyms of any word and its definitions.

5. Thsrs

Thsrs stands for a shorter version of a thesaurus. As the name suggests, its synonym finder provides you synonyms which are shorter than the word you are searching for. Well, you may need such help especially if you have character limitation in a document or text such as tweets on Twitter and you have to finish your statement within 140 characters. It also comes with a browser plug-in.

6. Big Huge Thesaurus

This is one of the databases which are pinged by Thsrs. Its word index is based on WordNet database of Princeton University along with Carnegie Mellon Pronouncing Dictionary along with suggestions from the users. Its word tool provides a large hyperlinked list. Right below you can find a dropdown which can be used to search antonyms, rhymes, synonyms and even related words.

7. The Free Dictionary

It’s a word tool which is broader in scope compared to simple synonym finders. It also consists of word reference tools. The “Start with” and “Ends with” options assist to get a complete list of words in case you forget the actual word. This tool returns meanings along with antonyms, synonyms and related words which are supported with references.

8. Define It Fast

Defineitfast.com focuses on being the fastest dictionary in the West. Its search feature is quite fast. Along with definitions, the results also provided synonyms and related words. All of these words are also hyperlinked and allows you to look at them too. This app also utilizes the Princeton University’s WordNet database.

9. Snappy Words

In Snappy Words, the words along with their definitions and synonyms are displayed in a particular color coded graph in which each color represents a relation. Using these color codes you can easily understand relationships with the words on display.

10. What’s Another Word For..?


It is a simple iGoogle gadget which can be used on personalized Google page. Its synonym finder provides you an access to over 100,000 words.

As we are talking of Google, the Google Search Box itself provides synonyms quickly.

These are my own favorite synonyms website I normally visit, when I need to understand a word better.