Best Dating Sites you can Always Trust for Promising Results

Your vocation and your dating life, both are investments. Your future depends on them. You invest your precious time and at the end it yields.

Merely what if circumstances didn’t favored in ending your hunt for the right partner??

Please do not consider yourself unfortunate. If you still haven’t found the one you are looking for, don’t worry as you are not the only one. There are many hungry hearts searching for their dream mate. May be one of the heart among them beats for you.

But how to find??

Have you tried online dating websites? It is the new generation way to find your perfect date easily.

There was a time when seeing a stranger whom you have met online was considered wild. Heart wants to, but mind says, “ your date could be a hoax or a serial killer or a murderer in disguise of a normal individual. How will you know whatever profile he/she has put is true”. Don’t you think similar thoughts are dealt by those who date unchaperoned?

Check this Romance Tale dating site review to find more about recent dating industry.

Today everything is digitalized and even dating is digitalized. Technology has ingrained the way of our communication deeply. Over saturation of dating websites proves that online dating has become a universally accepted and a popular way to meet someone you are looking for a seriously long time relation or even a one night stand (Our article will not include sites that are primarily for hookups).

There are so many dating sites online and Unites States is no doubt the undisputed heavyweight of digital dating. Every site displays so many options and potential matches. In fact, every week hundreds of new members join.

Thus, you are provided with an abundance of choices. But this also pulls in your task, though. You must be wondering which site to log in and where to put your energy and time. Many of you end up hopping from one site to another site and juggling from one profile to another. 

Browsing through lots of profiles, receiving and replying to bulk messages at the end leaves you confused, disheartened and exhausted with error cycles and endless tests. This may make you think that finding romance online was a stupid idea and you will never recommend it to anyone future.

But if you focus on one right platform to choose your date, then things will become easy for you. If you keep on signing into wrong websites you will not be able to succeed and also your money will be drained unnecessarily.

To help you and make your search for your date easy we took an initiative. In this article, we will introduce you to top 3 well established dating sites. This will narrow your search and help you to identify your match according to your intention.

There are so many online dating sites competing with each other. So the selection task was not so easy for us. We analyzed web traffic data, talked to dating experts, got reviews from the members and also tested the sites personally to see which site helped to get the highest number of quality hellos.

Our motive, no doubt, was to search for promising online dating sites that will help you find a compatible and genuine match and prevent you from getting involved with a fake profile. We followed criteria to select top 2 online dating sites. We would like to share with you how we picked up top 1o among 50 contenders.

How we picked top 2 online dating sites

First of all, we compiled all dating website and also dating apps. We found around more than 50 sites and apps combined. But we cut dating apps as they deserve their own review and we realized that it will be totally unfair to compare a full blown site with an app. So now we were left with the sites that ease all kinds of relationships such as friendship, long-term engagement or anything between the both.


Our next measure was to take out those sites that specifically serve on the basis of looks or unscrupulous relations. We also made our mind not to evaluate sites that were promoted as mainly for hookups.

Our next step was to analyze these sites according to their user bases, quality, functionality and cost.

It is good if you find someone residing in the same or nearby city.  So we searched for websites that shed an extensive geographic net and whose user base is nationwide.  Also, we gave preference to sites with more niche sites so that you can find your match in your area.

Our next priority was to pick up the sites that believe in the quality of the members and not just interested in an increasing number of their members. Most of us who log in dating sites are looking for their dream mate and the main purpose of the site is to connect them with a suitable match. Sites with an active user base were our priority. Quality matters, but also it is good if you have more active choices.

Our testers personally signed into a few selected sites to confirm their authenticity. We wanted you to put the best sites for you on personal experience of our testers.  We had both male and female testers from 2o to 25 age group. They were required to fill their personal information along with their personal interests. Also, they had to answer a number of multiple questions along with their photographs. Our testers say that these online questions played an important role to avoid fake profiles as you cannot lie with each and every answer. The long list of random questions unconsciously makes reveals your real personality.

According to the report submitted by our testers, every site followed some algorithms or rules that helped to match the member with the one he/she would be interested or will be compatible. Also, you can scroll on to any profile you want to.

So after all research and reports submitted by our testers, we ended up with top 2 sites. We will discuss them in detail as we preferably recommend them above all others.

Top 3 dating sites we picked for you

  1. OkCupid
  2. Match.com
  3. DoULike


Okcupid is a big online platform for online dating and is recognized universally. It has a solid reputation and have gained lots of popularity.

OkCupid can accommodate all kinds of relationships you are looking for, such as marriage, relationships with men or women, hookups or polyamory. The streamlined features and intuitive iconography are the two factors that places OKCUPID apart from its competitors.  The best part is this site provides you with the safest experience of dating online. It is not like other dating sites that waste all their efforts in updating new features. The online dating experience of the members of OkCupid is time tested.  And we are sure this dating site will work for you.  For the sign up you need to provide with basic information about you. This is followed by answering a few yes or no questions. These questions play and important role in deciding your compatibility. After you get registered, you are required to complete your profile and answer not too general but open ended questions. These questions make you come up with unique answers that reflects your personality. This helps in discovering matches that are more compatible with you.  Most of our testers reported that there were no profiles on Okcupid that was left blank.

The user base of OkCupid is massive and its name can be well trusted. Also, its match compatibility feature that also displays compatibility percentage  on the basis of answers to the multiple choice match questions has made this site reach top. The best part is that this site clearly displays how they reached the percentage. Along with  match percentage measuring the ways you are found compatible with a match it also measures enemy percentage  which is measure of ways you are not at all compatible with a member. It has best matching algorithm and everything on this site is transparent.

Also, our testers reported that they received fewer bad  messaged from this site. A few examples of bad messages are spam messages, A neg, guilt trip messages, obsence, extremely short messages or threatening or harassing messages.

Even with  hitting up of new online dating sites every few month the popularity of OkCupid hasn’t decreased.  This proves its effectiveness its excellent service.

OkCupid presents the profiles of each and every member very nicely. The show the answers given to the match questions to the other members.  All profile fields are made visible to other members. Even your basic profile sections are displayed in a way to show your personality.

By sending a message or a like you can easily connect to others. The site keeps a record of profiles viewed by you  and also of those who have viewed your profile.

If you want to browse anonymously you may optionally purchase a membership for that.

OkCupid is basically a free site  with so many advanced features such as private browsing that you can purchase optionally.  If you purchase any of the advance feature in bulk for more months price decreases. It is cost effective but this may make user lazy and careless regarding their interaction  with the site members.


The matching algorithms and new features such as Date Spark  or Stir has made Match.com popular. This site helps the singles who are looking for serious and long term relationships and not just casual hookups. You cannot instantly become a member of this site. You have to register. Registration is free.  After registration here is a long list of questions that need to be filled.

Your answers will help in search of your suitable matches. Even after registration and answering the questions it takes 24 hours to approve your membership.  The questions asked are open ended and you may find them boring. This makes sure that those who are not genuinely interested will quit before filling their complete profile.

So we can say that Match.com makes an effort to maintain a balance between helping with pre-fab question and letting a member use their own words. Once you become  a member you are provided with daily matches. These matches are not only based on the your answers, you filled at the time of registration but based on your activities. If in the case you want an easy way out you may chose Match Me button to get a list if compatible matches that has been picked specifically for you. If you are an active user, you can connect with matches through a variety of search options.

As you browse through the profiles of members similarities are highlighted. You can message to communicate. Other ways by which you can show your interest to the members includes winking and favoriting.

Match.Com keeps on adding new features to remain no 1 in dating industry. The site is very easy to access from both your mobiles and laptops.  There are lots of in-person events organized by Match.com such as happy hours, game nights and speed dating. The best part is that it gives you the independence to connect to the members the way that suits you.

Also, its membership is not very expensive. For first 7days it provides you a free trial and then you have to  pay for membership.  Membership starts from $39.99 per month. If you take membership for a few months in bulk you get a discount. So if are looking for a better place to find long term relationship Match.com is best for you.

To meet your perfect mate, you need not to register into a number of dating sites but just a few reliable ones. Good and promising dating sites with empty fake members are tough to find.  But both the online dating sites recommended by us are thoroughly researched. Log in to them, go through profiles and the rest of the off offline work depends on  you…

We are sure the above mentioned list of dating sites will guide you towards the correct direction and end your search for your perfect engagement. Best of luck in your dating journey.


Are you bored of being single? Do you want to dry out online dating for the first time? If so, DoULike is a great start, it is entirely free! This online dating site for singles is all you really need to start your online dating adventure and meet some truly outstanding individuals along the way. 

In case you had no idea, DoULike is one of the top paid online dating sites that also features an amazing application that will allow you to find your matches no matter your location. Create your profile in just a few minutes and start browsing through thousands of profiles of  singles in your area. 

The user community of DoULike is very diverse and because of that, it has been  attracting an insane amount of people worldwide. Look for your future wife, or perhaps have an interesting casual encounter with the man of your dreams, anything is possible – all you have to do is browse and click on a ‘’Heart’’ icon whenever you see a profile that strikes your interest! 

If you decide to purchase a DoULike  subscription, you  will be granted  a  few  truly interesting features that will make your online dating experience even better!”

Best Dating Apps

7. Meet Me Outside

For people that don’t want to meet on a coffee, but they prefer travel dates.

6. Bristler

Special site for bread lovers.

5. Sizzl

For Becon lovers – find your soulmate who loves becon.

4. Blendr, 3. Tingle, 2. Hinge

Hinge is where relationships start. We’ll help you meet someone the old-fashioned way: through your friends. Hinge cuts the clutter, the creeps and the games. So you can stop swiping strangers, and find something real.

1. Tinder

It’s a fast app available on both Android and iPhone. It gives you a natural feel as you get in bar where you look new people to meet. It shows you the mutual friends and your common likes and interests. And no embarrassments as till both don’t like each other till then no info is shared over. It’s a market leader in dating apps and I think it will remain this way for a long long time.

Few more dating sites that we tried and we liked them


A like taste in music may be a wonderful indicator to whether you’re well-matched with somebody, so the fine people behind Tastebuds have hit gold with this music-based dating website. Getting started is extremely simple: pick three bands or artists which you’re interested in, gender you’re looking for and click ‘go’. It’s a relaxed and fun site among all the best dating sites, which can bring in you to a new concert, music buddies and even potentially your own life Caleb Followill.


This is one of the biggest and best dating sites in the whole world with about 40 million users. Plenty of fish works by asking the users to take an extraordinary POF Relationship Chemistry forecaster test that measures family-orientation, self-confidence, social dependency, self-control, and clemency. You’re then matched with those most well-matched to you. The number of people utilizing this feature-rich website (which includes compatibility questionnaires, heavily-trafficked forums, and the very famous Who’s Seen Me key) is exorbitant in its pure ability to bond with users all over the world in search of love, friendship and anything else.


Started by two friends, Lucy and Emma, in the year 2006, Muddy Matches tends to be aimed at ‘muddies’, which by a girl’s description is ‘any individual who loves the scenery and is not at all afraid of a little bit of mud.Its criteria are pretty hassle-free and this site makes use of Muddy-Townie ratio in order to match possible dates consequently. So, somebody who breathes and lives country air and despise all things real jungle will have the ratio of about 100:0, but somebody who lives in the city but likes to don the Hunters at weekend may be 30:70.


The dating site does accurately what it says and only the people deemed gorgeous enough will be permitted to join this dating site. To be a member, the applicants are needed to be voted by current members of opposite sex. The members rate the new applicants over 48 hour time period depending on whether they find the new applicant ‘beautiful’ or not. It sounds cruel, but this site claims that just by admitting individuals based on looks they’re eliminating the first difficulty of the dating, saying that since everyone on best dating sites like this site is fitty members can ponder on getting to be familiar with people’s personalities and character. Beautiful people also promise access to elite parties as well as top guest lists all over the world. But for that brutal one needs to wait for 48-hours.


This is the creation of anchor Sarah Beeny and this works by every member on this site being proposed and described by any friend. This site aims to keep away the ‘cringe factor’ linked with having to then big up yourself through your profile and makes this more of a fun community, where compatible people can converse, meet and fall in lurve potentially.


Lovestruck aids you target possible partners as per location and it also covers lots of the chief cities across the whole world. It’s intended at time-starved people, who owing to busy social and work lives don’t have time to date simply. Lovestruck helps get you in contact with individuals who are close to you – be it anywhere you live or work – to save you valuable hours or minutes travelling from and to a date. The website also hosts events on a regular basis which are a relaxed, fun way to meet lots of people.


Getting back there when you possess a child may be difficult and that’s when DatingForParents is useful. The dating service intends to unite compatible single parents who definitely will understand the exclusive pressures, joys and challenges of having kids.


Adam4Adam is found to be one of the most well-trafficked and busiest gays dating site out there on the internet at present, with a lot of adult-oriented advertising to hold up its business endeavours. The site offers “plan-a-trip aspect” to locate possible dates or friends where a person is headed.

Personal Dating Agent

In case all of this sounds like a huge ball ache or if you’re too busy to check any online dating website every day/week, then why not enlist services of the Personal Dating Agent? Just at a charge of £200/month, all you need to do is to provide a few details along with few photographs and then the Dating Agent will make the profile for you as well as present you with fifteen possible matches. You may then choose whom you like and a date will then be set up. All you need to do is to turn up.