10 Best Data Recovery Software of 2016

Many of us have encountered situations where our obvious reaction was “What to do now?” especially in case you lose an important file or accidentally delete necessary data from your system hard drive. No one wants to fall in this situation and they shouldn’t.

However, there are numerous ways because of which you can lose data. Sometimes it is accidental like deleting the wrong file or disconnecting any external hard drive in an incorrect fashion. Within a jiffy, you can lose your favorite movie, family pictures, and important office data. No matter what you do, there is always a chance for such accidents to occur. In this case, people require something that can retrieve their data back. Data recovery software are specifically created to recover precious data, documents, images or even media files.

Purpose of Data Recovery Software

These software are quite useful when you wish to get back any wrong file that gets deleted, and you need to recover it anyhow. They provide numerous options to retrieve your data from different stages. They can easily recollect and recover data which may be present on your hard drive but got accidentally deleted. These software have many functionalities and powers to get your data back within few steps. You can easily create a backup of your system using these software, even if have to take backup of few files. This saves you from the trouble in case your computer crashes or important files get deleted unintentionally.

Mentioned below are top 10 data recovery software of 2016 which can certainly help you in precarious situations.

1. Data Rescue PC


Data Rescue PC3 is among the best recovery software present in the market, Created by Prosoft Engineering, you can use this software all by yourself. It executes well when it comes to recovering data and also provide comprehensive professional support via this company’s data recovery lab.

When it comes to handling data loss, in case the files get damaged, lost or get accidentally deleted, this software provides excellent service. Some of the best features of this software are:

1. You can also recover boot records along with partition tables.

2. You can also retrieve complex RAID configurations.

3. It also provides a disk-imaging feature that allows you to make a byte-by-byte copy of your hard disk.

4. It comes with a bootable emergency data recovery CD. Hence you don’t need to install.

2. Ontrack EasyRecovery Home


Ontrack EasyRecovery 11.5 Home is among the best data recovery software which allows you to retrieve a higher percentage of lost images, documents, music and even video files from both Solid State Drive (SSD) and Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Some of its best features are:

1. It recovers almost all files that get deleted by reformatting of drives. It has an excellent recovery rate.

2. It comes with potent filtering tools that allow you to sort large volume of data which can be recovered by this software.

3. It also has intensive deep scanning utility which makes it quite suitable for most of the recovery situations.

4. It also monitors your disk drive’s health.

5. It provides secure and permanent deletion of various files, other data and even full drive.

3. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Professional


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional is one of the best data recovery software you can find. This software outperforms its competitors and several fields, however, it does lack some key features. Even with this, Stellar Phoenix is a great choice.

Some of its features are:

1. It takes longer to recover your files but it comes with highest recovery rates.

2. This software provides the search option for any data file type.

3. It’s a powerful and a user-friendly tool that can recover data from deleted and damaged hard disk drives with different partitions and volumes.

4. This software is a secure and simple piece of tool which is compatible with Windows-compatible storage media and devices.

4. R-Studio


This data recovery software has been designed for advanced users. Its scanning engine is among the best that you can encounter. However, it is tough to recover files from reformatted drives especially when it comes to direct user intervention.

Some of its features are:

1. It requires previous know-how to operate this software effectively else you may end up making files irretrievable.

2. It provides tools for long-term strategies which includes imaging along with data destruction.

3. Its interface takes some time to get used to. Its advanced features are handy enough for knowledgeable users.

4. It comes with built-in hex editor which enhances and expands this software’s capabilities especially if you know how to use this piece of software.

5. Seagate File Recovery


Seagate Technology is one of the most renowned names in the computer industry. It is majorly known for its hardware innovations. However, it provides a data recovery software with great recovery success rates.

Some of its features are:

1. This program is quite good and easily recover all types of file.

2. It also provides hard drive recovery feature in case it fails to find all the lost files.

3. Its installation doesn’t require painstaking process or lengthy steps.

4. It is compatible with both Mac OS X and all the windows version available today.

5. It provides telephonic and emails support. It also offers information resources on its website.

6. GetDataBack


GetDataBack 2.03 is offered by Runtime Software which provides a comprehensive method to data recovery. It lists the various physical devices according to their size before it scans any selected drive for partition tables and files.

Some of its features are:

1. It provides Raid Recovery for Windows available as per an add-on.

2. Its deep scan feature provides this software to look beyond lost data and finds other partitions which may have been lost.

3. It also provides option to recover directory structure which helps in keeping the lost files after recovery in an organized fashion.

7. Wondershare Data Recovery Windows


Although Wondershare isn’t among the best when it comes to data recovery software, it still provides good service when it comes to logical file recovery. With its decent lost file recover rates, it also comes with extra scan and preview options along with the support to run partition or even hard drive recovery.

Some of its features are:

1. It also you to choose among wizards or advanced manual mode which makes it quite easy for a user with a variety of skill levels.

2. This program is available for most of the Windows and Mac OS X versions. However, it doesn’t come for Linux.

3. The user can run multiple scans along with restore cycles where other recovery options only run for one file type at a given moment.

4. It comes with tips, product manuals along with FAQs section. However, it lacks community user forum where the user can take help from other users.

8. Recover My Files Professional


Recover My Files Professional comes with advanced scanning features which are quite useful for learned users who know more about data recovery software. This software is considered to be a computer forensic tool which talks about its advanced utilities.

Some of its features are:

1. It has expanded scanning features that provide you the chance to increase the efficiency of recovery rate.

2. It also comes with disk imaging facilities along with built-in hex editor.

3. However, it has no pause feature which turns scanning of the large hard drive into a time-consuming process.

4. This program also doesn’t have boot utility which is much desired by most of the users.

5. It comes with telephonic support along with email and live chat options. However, it doesn’t have any user forum.

9. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard comes with fewer features when compared to other data recovery software. It doesn’t allow you to search by file type and it lacks various tools such as imaging capabilities. It provides presorted recovery results along with file preview ability.

Some of its features are:

1. The user can easily view the files before starting the recovery process.

2. It automatically sorts all the recovered files after recovery.

3. It comes with great support options. It also provides user manual present on the company’s website which can also be printed as it is in PDF format.

10. BitRecover Data Recovery


BitRecover Data Recovery program provides best data recovery when it comes to lost files from hard disk drives (HDD) or solid-state drives (SSD). Although it fails to recover a considerable amount of data from the reformatted drives.

Some of its feature are:

1. Its interface is quite complex which makes the process of scanning along with recovery a frustrating process.

2. The user can search specific file based on its size, type or numerous other filters which save time post-recovery phase.