Best Samsung Gear S3 Apps

samsung gear s3

The Samsung Gear S3 itself is a marvelous gadget. It’s no big surprise that its two versions, the Gear S3 Classic, and Gear S3 Frontier, keep on moving like hotcakes two years after their underlying discharge.
What’s more, on the off chance that you need to improve these gadgets even, you have huge amounts of application choices for both the Gear S3 Classic and Frontier smartwatches. Between the Google Play Store, the Samsung App Store, and the different outsider application stores accessible, Samsung Gear S3 clients are truly ruined for decision.
While such an incredible determination is extremely advantageous, it can likewise make it elusive the best Samsung Gear S3 applications.
That is the place this guide comes in. How about we begin.

Textra SMS

Suggested by a lot of clients, Textra SMS can be legitimately considered as the best outsider messaging the application that is perfect with your Android smartphone as well as with your darling Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch.
The Textra SMS gloats a delightful, quick, and profoundly adjustable UI. Besides that, Textra gives you a chance to swipe the discussions left or ideal to uncover the choices to look over.
In the event that you need to tweak your messaging application, you can with Textra!
For example, you can select to set the foundation to light, dim, or dark. You can likewise pick one from a wide assortment of tints and make it the shade of the content box, discussion window, and even the application symbol.

Verizon Messages

In spite of the name, the Verizon Messages application can be downloaded by anybody, not simply Verizon transporter clients, as long as you are utilizing a good gadget, may it be a smartphone, a tablet, or a smartwatch.
What’s extremely intriguing about Verizon Messages is that it promptly adjusts with the majority of your gadgets. Presently you can prop the discussion up notwithstanding when you’re exchanging between your Android smartphone and smartwatch.
Verizon Messages likewise offers a customization highlight which enables you to change the interface as indicated by your loving. All these without trading off on the usefulness and application speed.


In spite of the expanding rivalry, Spotify still stayed in the best spot because of its extraordinary interface and music quality. These two highlights consolidated make up the best music application out in the Google Play Store.
Not just that it’s the coolest music spilling application to date; it’s likewise the most straightforward one to utilize. The interface itself is instinctive and Spotify didn’t neglect to bring the most up to date reports on the application. You can get the most recent tunes ideal here, at the present time.
Spotify is one remarkable music application you need to take a stab at utilizing on your Gear S3 smartwatch. Don’t simply trust me.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is good with practically the majority of your gadgets Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, just as smartwatches like the Samsung Gear S3. So in the event that you happen to claim a lot of handsets, you can interface up to 10 of them to your Google Play Music account.
On the off chance that you dream to have a full library of songs, don’t you stress as you can stockpile to 50,000 records in your melodic gathering. This makes it less demanding for you to stream music. On the off chance that you have obtained the music, you won’t be restricted on how frequently you avoid a tune.

Sleep as Android Gear

The Sleep as Android application isn’t your common caution application. It additionally causes your screen and controls your dozing designs. It even cases to enable you to have a decent night’s rest and wake you up at the perfect time because of its rest cycle following usefulness.
When you’re going to rest, the Sleep as Android plays loosening up music to quiet your nerves. In the first part of the day, you’ll be woken up by the alert application and given some trying exercises for it to ensure that you’re now up.
Sufficiently fascinating, the Sleep as Android can distinguish in case you’re wheezing or rest talking. So in the event that you don’t know that you’re wheezing during the evening in spite of your better half letting you know along these lines, you can now effectively check through this application.

Personal Fitness Coach

Samsung Health is enhancing, however, a superior alternative is Personal Fitness Coach from Pear Sports LLC. It’s free, can be utilized without your smartphone, offers sound instructing, and tracks pulse, separation, and calories.
Individual Fitness Coach changes details from your own wellness information and turns into your own special individual mentor. While there are a ton of valuable wellness applications, this stage has intuitive sound exercises from expert mentors that manage you progressively, inspire you, and give your organization.
It gives you access to individual preparing from the world’s most adored and productive competitors, giving you a chance to look over an assortment of the world’s best instructional courses. Plus, Personal Fitness Coach additionally has a discretionary PEAR+ Membership with the goal that you have boundless access to a broad library of exercises.


As what its name recommends, MapMyRun can follow your exercises identified with running, just as strolling and climbing. It can likewise give you data with respect to your course bearing and tips on the best way to keep up your pace.
So as to follow the sprinter’s course, pace, and speed, MapMyRun uses its associated gadget’s GPS framework. Good gadgets run from Android and Windows smartphone to a wide assortment of smartwatches, including the Gear S3.

Find My Car

Between far-flung road leaving in swarmed urban territories and the enormous parking garages at stimulation scenes and multiplexes, it’s nothing unexpected that individuals regularly experience issues attempting to find their left vehicle.
The Find My Car application helps you with denoting the vehicle area when you achieve your goal. While it sounds exceptionally fundamental in the sort of assistance that it gives, it’s in reality extremely clever and can play out an assortment of capacities. It recalls the GPS area of your vehicle, lodging, or some other area.
The application additionally causes you to explore from your present area to where your vehicle is left. Not exclusively would you be able to utilize Google Maps or another route application to move towards your vehicle, yet can likewise utilize disconnected route for remote or undeveloped zones.


Glympse is a straightforward application that tells individuals where you are. Comparative in usefulness to Facebook’s Check-In highlight, despite everything it has some esteem, including correlation. First of all, its capacity isn’t simply to tell however to help other people explore towards you.
On the off chance that you meet companions in another territory, send them your GPS area through the application and they’ll have the capacity to get to you. They can do this a lot quicker by means of Glympse.
In a similar way, a companion’s area can be procured by tapping an alternate symbol. This application tells individuals that you’re en route or in case you’re running late. You should simply set a term, pick a goal, and let Glympse wrap up progressively.


Who here doesn’t think about the most famous ride-hailing application on the planet? While there are numerous helpful Android travel applications for excursions, Uber is a standout amongst the most conspicuous.
Rigging S3’s form of the application, be that as it may, will enable you to profit full usefulness. Essentially, Uber is an innovation stage where this application interfaces riders and drivers. In urban communities where it works, you can ask for a ride utilizing the rider application and the driver-accomplice acknowledges your demand.
On the S3, the screen is sufficiently enormous to drag your marker down to the picked pickup area. A turning bezel gives you a chance to zoom all through the guide and experience your decision of the ride: a Pool, an SUV or an Uber X.
This is, be that as it may, selective just to Samsung and doesn’t have a similar improvement of highlights on some other smartwatches.

Here WeGo

Utilizing Google Maps is excessively fiddly for a smartwatch, which is the reason I suggest utilizing Here WeGo. This application causes you to explore your way around town and discover puts in a hurry.
There are more prominent alternatives and less issue with the horde that Here WeGo gives. You can utilize the application whether you’re going via vehicle, bicycle, or open transportation. Regardless of whether you utilize a taxi or a ridesharing alternative, Here WeGo causes you to think about them effectively so you can locate the most limited and least demanding drive for you.
You can likewise utilize disconnected maps for a less demanding route. The best part: you can set a course and store it to your Gear S3 so you can keep utilizing it without your smartphone.


Since time applications on smartphones have turned out to be prevalent, time gadgets have to a great extent supplanted watch faces. Facer, be that as it may, does the correct inverse it’s the biggest watch confront stage on the planet.
A smartwatch client can without much of a stretch using simplified to make his own smartwatch look with complete usefulness. In addition, it’s the main cross-stage watch confront supervisor with help for Android, Tizen, and Apple Watch.
Facer can distribute to various clients in a solitary snap, and its building capacities stretch out to utilizing Advanced Interactive and Animated Design abilities.
Aside from people, organizations can likewise collaborate with Facer and have their image names shown on one of a kind and curated watch faces. Consequently, it enables the two people and organizations to utilize their innovative capacities and deliver watch faces that address their issues and tastes.
On the off chance that you would prefer not to make your very own watch look sans preparation, at that point you can utilize any of various pre-made watch faces that Facer gives.


The Nest application enables you to control your Nest Learning Thermostat or the Nest Thermostat E in the event that you effectively possess one. It utilizes sensors, calculations, and the area of your smartphone or watches to naturally make the best choice be it killing the warmth or turning on a surveillance camera when you leave home.
On the off chance that you neglect to set a caution, Nest will recall and send you an alarm. In addition, everybody at home can gain warnings and power their Nest items with their very own Nest account without requiring the utilization of shared passwords.
By utilizing this application, you can screen temperature, set the gadget status to ‘home’ or ‘away,’ and control warm utilizing the watch’s pivoting bezel. These indoor regulators program themselves to enable you to spare vitality and perceive how much vitality you’ve utilized.
You can likewise alter and see your calendar for sloping up to the temperature of your boiling water or get an outrageous temperature alert before your home gets excessively cold.

White Light Flashlight

White Light transforms your Samsung Gear S3 into a smaller than usual light, by influencing the presentation to go white and expanding brilliance to the greatest. It’s a basic and helpful electric lamp application which kills the need to convey a normal spotlight.
The application needn’t bother with any consents aside from access to the camera so it can utilize the blaze work on smartphones, just as access for when you restart or control on your smartphone so as to show a tireless warning.
The electric lamp can be actuated with only a swipe, making it simpler for use on the Samsung S3 Gear. A configurable notice can be utilized to kill the electric lamp on or, and the light remains on notwithstanding when the screen is off.
The home screen gadget is resizable and screen brilliance can be balanced for when the light is excessively diminished or excessively splendid.

Flipboard News Briefing

A profoundly suggested Samsung Gear S2 application, the Flipboard News Briefing gets our seal of endorsement for the S3 also. Flipboard Briefing, as the name proposes, puts critical news data readily available.
You can swipe left on the home screen to get refreshes on the most recent news. In addition, you can pull up the most recent climate figure, experience design styles, and even choose your next movement goal.
More or less, Briefing bundles all your important data needs and puts them available to you, making them simple to recover while you’re driving or holding up someplace.


These are 9 of the best Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier applications. While some of them are likewise prevalent applications from the S2 Gear, it just demonstrates that they have been changed and enhanced to wind up well known for even more up to date innovation.
Benefit as much as possible from your Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and get these applications now! As of now have one of these applications?
Offer your contemplations in the remarks underneath, at that point share this post with every one of your loved ones that additionally have a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch to enable them to benefit from their gadget too.

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