Best Vibrating Alarm Clocks for Hearing Impaired

On the quest for an alarm that will understand you but not your spouse? How about a clock that moves you awake, catches up to your music, lights your move up at night, and higher?

If you’re a hearing-impaired, deaf, or intellectual sleeper, you understand what a chore getting the perfect alarm clock can be. So here are the top-rated picks and why you’ll desire to examine them.

Let’s get a more intimate look at the best vibrating alarm clocks for the hearing impaired.

Best Vibrating Alarm Clocks for Hearing Impaired

Homtime Loud Alarm Clock with Wireless Bed Shaker

  • All praises for tech-forward model
  • Perfect vibrating alarm clock
  • Best for the hearing impaired or for heavy sleepers
  • Choose either sound or motion
  • Vibrating and motion alarm clock
  • Clock automatically syncs in 12– or 24-hour format
  • Stream own music
  • Choose the ambient wake melody
  • Choose the heavy vibration
  • Great Value top pick
  • Hooks up to iPhone or iPod to stream music
  • Night light
  • Unbeatable price point

Sonic Alert Extra Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Super Shaker SB200SS

  • Sonic Alert vibrating alarm clock
  • Dual alarm with volume control
  • Perfect for the hearing impaired
  • Wakes even the heaviest sleepers
  • Shake-awake feature is powerful
  • Entire clock including the shaker/vibrator
  • Small enough to be portable
  • Delivers enough power to get going
  • Choose snooze time without a limit
  • Super-intense shaking
  • Small vibrating pad
  • Portable design
  • Easy loudness of the alarm to preferences

Sonic Alert SBT425ss Digital Sonic Boom with Telephone Signaler

  • Clock’s coolest feature is phone call alert
  • Clock wakes with loud 113 db sound
  • Volume is adjustable to preference
  • Large display with a 5-level dimmer
  • Turn it down or keep it bright
  • Bed shaker feature
  • Utilizes 12 volts of power
  • Best alarm clocks
  • Best vibration power
  • Powerful vibration to wake you up
  • 5-level display dimmer for comfort
  • Telephone alert tells when calls come in

Bellman & Symfon Alarm Clock Pro BE1370

  • Top-of-the line model with good reviews
  • Durable construction
  • Exceptional quality
  • Perfect for hard-of-hearing users
  • Both motion and flashing light settings
  • Ascending-volume alarm
  • Physical settings won’t wake a co-sleeper
  • Sleep alone with flashing lights
  • Extra-large led display
  • Easy to see
  • Night light allows to navigate dark rooms safely
  • 3 settings: choose vibration, ascending sound or lights
  • Reliable performance

Mesqool Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

  • Modern design
  • Nice for display in bedroom
  • Display and projection come in two color combinations
  • Vibrating alarm clock
  • 7” large display, loud dual alarm system
  • Android and ios compatibility
  • Display dims to 0% (up to 100% for full brightness)
  • Has a super-heavy bed shaker for very deep sleepers
  • Perfect for difficult-to-wake people
  • Best for hard of hearing individuals
  • Highly portable
  • Two display/projection color choices
  • Ultra-large 7” display
  • Very nice contemporary design

Sonic Alert SBJ525ss Sonic Bomb Jr

  • Sleek & fun design
  • Small produces an amazing amount of power
  • Easy to tote around on business trips on vacations
  • Best vibrating alarm clocks for hearing impaired
  • Easy price point
  • Works on a 9-volt system
  • Vibrate to wake heavy sleepers
  • Vibration and pulsing light work on “green” technology
  • Uses around 60% less energy
  • Packed with power in a portable size
  • Trendy style in red or black

Mesqool Projection Clock with Bed Shaker Alarm

  • Combining looks and performance
  • Slim contemporary build
  • Vibrating alarm clock
  • Two choices of digit display and projection colors
  • Projector comes standard
  • Separate piece of equipment
  • Small to take along with the clock
  • Bed vibrating attachment
  • Angle it a full 180 degrees
  • Dimmer and usb port for easy charging
  • Compatibility with Android or iOS phones.
  • Two display/projection color choices
  • Wake-up light projector with 180 degrees of swivel
  • Contemporary design

Key Considerations: Vibrating Alarm Clock for Hearing Impaired

  • Determine Budget: Vibrating alarm clocks worked from very wallet-friendly –– as small as $25 –– to the $150 bells-and-whistles departure. Most people have a maximum price they want to settle on their hearing assistance devices.
  • Light & Sound Options: A vibration is a fantastic option for being awakened if you’re hard of hearing, but many vibrating clocks allow even more. Although sudden light can be unsettling, try for a dispersed form of lighting.
  • Phone & Tablet Hookup Capabilities: Many deaf and hard of hearing people but not entirely deaf love waking up to their favourite music. Vibrating alarm clocks for the hearing impaired to connect with phones is by signalling when a phone call is coming in.
  • Durability: The vibration, sound and light operations should all work consistently, pieces should stay on, and parts should not need to be replaced. Ensure to find out what people’s struggles were with customer service, replacements, and shipping.
  • Vetting the Manufacturer: Some automatics manufacturers are tried and trusted names. Knowing the vibrating clock’s supplier will allow returns or refunds for defective merchandise, ship fast and consistently dependable market products can be a tremendous help.


Alarm clocks for the difficulty of hearing have come a long way. It’s comfortable now to wake up on time without disturbing a loved one or the next-door neighbour in the next flat. And as technology has advanced up, pricing has gone down. You’re going to be amazed at the deals you spot on the best vibrating clocks for the hearing impaired. So don’t put off this ideal addition to your home. It’s such an easy fix to a universal problem –– difficulty waking up in the morning.