Best Tiffin Box to Buy in 2022

A tiffin box helps save money. It keeps the food habits healthier and the surroundings cleaner. People generally bring lunch to work or give to kids for their school so as to have safe, inexpensive, and tasty home-cooked food even when they are out of their home.

Due to increasing health consciousness, it is acting as a motivating factor to bring their own healthy lunch to their workplaces.

The following article discusses the types of tiffin boxes available in the market. The people need a box for different needs. The article will help select the perfect one for all the needs.

Best Tiffin Box in 2022

Let’s now choose after understanding the criteria of purchase. Let’s introduce yourself to the best steel tiffin boxes you can buy.

PlanetBox Shuttle Lunch Box: A smaller lunch box is a better chance for children in preschool and kindergarten. Planet Box’s Shuttle Lunch Box is a suitable alternative because it allows kids to see all their food alternatives at once. Still, the possibilities remain relatively simple, with only two compartments and a small dipping cup.

PlanetBox Light Wrap: PlanetBox’s Light Wraps can be thrown in the wash and will still keep the metal container flat and secure. In addition, the wraps get extra credit for their adorable prints, which will probably be the envy of the classroom.

Bentgo Kids Lunch Box: This lunch box can be employed to pack snacks for a preschooler. It is easy for kids to open and shut on their own, which is especially necessary now with COVID and fine motor-skill development. In addition, the outside cover comes apart and cleanses up efficiently — for more time reading bedtime stories and less period spent standing at your sink.

LunchBots Large Trio Stainless Steel Lunch Container: LunchBots are great for little kids who don’t need a ton of food, and it is suggested to add the main item, like a soup or a sandwich, and fill the more minor cases with veggies, cheese, fruits, and a secondary treat, like cheese crackers or dessert. LunchBots fit in standard-size lunch boxes and are dish-washable, nonplastic, lightweight, and easy to open.

Yumbox Original Leakproof Bento Lunch Box Container: Yumbox is leakproof, has an insertion that shows what foods go where, so there’s some subtle nutrition education. It’s great for preschoolers and young elementary kids who have so little time to eat at school, and the three compartments hold just enough for my kids to get what they need to eat and finish it. They work well for warm and cold foods when insulated with an ice pack.

EasyLunchboxes Snack Box Food Containers: EasyLunchboxes are easy for little kids to open and close on their own, totally affordable. They are BPA-free, and they fit inside every other lunch box carrier. EasyLunchboxes are a practical way for parents to pack the right amount of food for their kids and give kids plenty of food to choose from. Compartmentalized lunch boxes encourage variety and reasonable portions by nature of the way they are laid out. It makes it easier for parents to pack age-appropriate food and do better with food variety.

MAZFORCE Original Lunch Bag: It is very spacious, drop-proof, and has functional compartments perfect for utensils and ice packs. You can put dairy products like yogurt or kefir and fresh fruit like raspberries or blackberries. It has insulation with ice packs to keep those at a cool temperature.

Klein Kanteen Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Food Canister: For packing a hot lunch, it has outstanding quality. Nothing leaks to put hot stuff in there. It’ll stay moderately warm containers. They’re sturdy and durable. They’re not going to break and are easy to close.

Stasher 100% Silicone Reusable Food Bag: They’re reusable, resealable, silicone-based bags that come in different sizes from smaller snack bags that would fit a sandwich. It might be a little pricey for a snack bag. But, it is a dishwasher-, freezer-, and oven-safe, so they can be used for cooking and storage beyond packing lunches. It is the best eco-friendly kitchen item.

Under Armour Lunch Box: It is best in style and function. It comes in different colors. The box offers sports brands and shades for the personalities. It is easy to clean and keep food hot and cold. It is the best for people who always choose sturdy lunch boxes.

Waxed-Canvas Lunch Bags Brown-Paper-Bag Styled: A wax-covered paper bag will do just the trick as it’s functional and low-key. The waxed-canvas lunch bag has a classic brown-bag look without the waste. As a result, it can appeal to every eco-friendly user.

OXO Good Grips Leakproof On-The-Go Salad Container: For middle-schoolers willing to take a healthy salad to school, the Oxo salad container has a separate dressing container to prevent soggy salads. The lids are comfortable for youngsters to open. It fits both a sandwich and a bowl filled with fruits and veggies.

Monbento MB Square: The original size might work better for smaller children. Lombardi points out its range of colors to choose from. It has an elastic band that goes on last, so if the lunch box is dropped or shaken around in a backpack, food will not leak and make a mess.

OmieBox Bento Box for Kids: It is a flexible lunch box to hold hot and cold foods simultaneously. The boxes are so cute to make lunchtime a lot more fun. The compartments help to eliminate waste by allowing you to put everything in one container instead of using plastic bags to sort food. In addition, their dishwasher-safe model is super convenient.

Buying Guide for Tiffin Box

Many factors should be kept in mind while choosing a tiffin box. Tiffin box comes in varied shapes, sizes, and layouts for different needs of the user. For selecting the perfect box, the buyer must consider the kind and quantity of meals to be packed.

Tiffin Box with a Sealed Lid

The leakage must be considered while purchasing a tiffin box. The sealed lid is a factor to be taken care of. Leak-proof sealed tiffin boxes like airtight containers ensure the fluid doesn’t spill and spoil the bag and the belongings. Stainless steel with clip-on seals is the most suitable for the purpose. It is the best leak-proof container option available in the market.
Airtight tiffin boxes keep food fresh for a longer duration. They prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. They prevent contact with the air outside, allowing the food to stay in a vacuum-like situation, which stalls the growth of microorganisms.

Shape, Size, and Design

Tiffin boxes come in varied shapes, i.e., circular, rectangular, and tiered. They differ in size. They have multiple containers structure, which is usually stacked one over the other. There are single boxes with multiple compartments inside. Choosing between these options, we need to consider the portion size, kind of foodstuff, and the portability of the container. It is better to get a tiffin box that is a bit bigger than the actual need. People who prefer to have a single dish, finger food, rice, or sweet dishes, a single box will be enough. Those who typically eat one main dish with some side dishes will need a tiffin box with compartments of different sizes. Stacked boxes are great to carry portions of multiple foods with smaller space coverage in a bag.

Right Material Choice

Tiffin boxes with different materials have their unique advantages and disadvantages. Let’s understand it one by one.

  • Plastic tiffin boxes
    • Inexpensive
    • Lightweight
    • Some even are microwave-safe
    • Versatile design comes with attractive designs
    • Lesser durability
    • more prone to oil and masala stains
  • Stainless Steel
    • Strong
    • Durable
    • Easy to wash
    • Not expensive
    • Cannot be used in microwave
    • Heavier than plastic or aluminum
  • Aluminum
    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Smooth surface
    • Easy to clean
    • Cannot be used in the microwave
    • More expensive
  • Glass
    • Containers look great to have simple designs
    • Last longer if the glass is toughened
    • Microwave-safe
    • Heavier
    • More expensive

Easily washable

Tiffin boxes generally available in the market are easily washable. Using them in a dishwasher! It should be checked for compatibility with the dishwasher. A steel or aluminum tiffin box is easily washable. Single compartment are easily washable than those with multiple compartments.

Hotness factor

A workplace without a microwave or warmer will need a tiffin box that retains heat and keeps the food fresh for longer hours. Opting for an electric tiffin box will be a better option. In case there is a microwave available to warm up food at the workplace or school, then buy microwave safe for better results. They are made of plastic or glass.


After reading the article, we hope you can choose the perfect tiffin box according to needs. Choose the best model taking into consideration your requirements by taking into consideration the features listed above. We hope that you will now able to make a favorable choice, perfectly meeting all your expectations.