Best Nike Running Shoes in 2022: Innovative & Versatile

Best Nike Running Shoes is the most desirable of all when choosing the most innovative running shoe brands.

While Nike sticks to some popular models for years, more than 30 years of the Nike Pegasus history, they constantly introduce new technologies and new names and classification.

This article will encourage you to understand all those model names and technical terminology and understand which of Nike’s running shoes is intended for which runner.

Best Nike Running Shoes in 2022

Nike Air Zoom Series

The first and most popular classification is the “Zoom” family of running shoes. It is created around the hyper-popular Pegasus. It includes shoes meant for daily training, speedwork training, and even race day. Zoom Air has been characterised by a fast and responsive ride that still provides excellent cushioning.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Itís important to mention this shoe is still, by no worth, Ďpillowyí; itís still got that somewhat unresponsive cinch the Pegasus has always had. Nevertheless, itíll get you around a marathon or a 5K with ease and will perform well mile after mile. In addition, the 10mm drop is suitable for runners who donít want to feel the pavement beneath their feet or feel like running in flatforms. Finally, Nike made some tweaks to reply to some of the most common whines of the Pegasus 37 – the shoe tongue has more buffering to stop hot spots and keep the foot in place during the run. In addition, the forefoot is loftier and broader, more reminiscent of the Pegasus 36, and the upper was squeezed to offer support and prevent the heel from slipping.

A great all-rounder, Affordable, React midsole offers a good amount of cushioningNot the most responsive shoe

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run

Thereís no one shoe for comfortable miles, but these are some of the comfiest running shoes Nike has ever made. Feel easy training miles when youíre functioning towards a marathon or want to relax and appreciate the view without worrying about your speed. The Invincible Run is a highly plush shoe, gratitude to the ZoomX foam. Yes, that is the same foam utilized in Nikeís speedier shoes, but in Invincible, the ZoomX is responsive and softened in a way thatís scheduled to take some of the load off rather than push you to your next PB. The midsole contains the rocker geometry weíve noticed in Nikeís faster shoes, but this is far more gentle with no carbon fiber plate. The Flyknit upper is robust, made to help you feel sustained over all that bouncy foam, and the molded tongue is plush and cushioned, almost like those netball trainers you modeled at school.

Extremely cushioned and comfortable, Brilliant for long training runsNot a fast shoe, Outsole can be slippery

Nike React Infinity Flyknit 2

When Nike pitched the Infinity React, it made very bold declarations about the shoe’s ability to reduce injuries in runners and obtained stats to prove it. While this is all still rather unlikely, it’s made a wonderfully comfortable, responsive shoe that could be modeled for easy miles and long runs. Nike didn’t change much in the Infinity React 2, which is still a dedicated shoe for beginners and experienced runners alike, although presumably not for speedier sessions. Highlights include the Flywire lacing system, which hugs the shoe to your foot, even on runners with high arches. The heel system is also incredible – the padding helps lock the foot into the shoe, so you shouldn’t experience slipping or rubbing. It is a comfortable shoe for recovery runs and easy days for most runners.

Flywire lacing ensures comfortable fit, Cushioned and responsiveOutsole can be slippery in rainy weather, Faster runners might find shoe heavy

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2

Since Nike pitched its Vaporfly 4% running shoes in 2016, contending they would help adventurers run 4% faster, appealing much every shoe brand out there includes experimented with carbon fiber plates. The Vaporfly Next% 2 is the third shoe iteration, and itís become one of the most famous marathon running shoes on the need. Nike didnít change much in the Vaporfly Next% 2. The shoe still retains the brandís ZoomX foam ó the most delicate and most responsive midsole Nike makes, plus thereís a full-length carbon-fiber plate that allows for a faster toe-off. The shoe feels quick; itís incredibly lightweight and holds to size. The main tweaks Nike made between performance one and two were in the upper – the Vaporweave material is gone, and itís been returned with a breathable engineered mesh, which doesnít crowd up. Theyíve also added reinforcement in high-wear spaces to provide extra durability. They also created the shoe cheaper, which is music to our ears.

Incredible energy return, Lightweight and comfortable for race dayUnisex sizing

Nike Wildhorse 7

The mid-sole includes Nikeís React foam, which offers just the correct quantity of cushioning – you can still feel the ground, but itís a smoother, more comfortable experience than your traditional, firm trail shoe. The Wildhorse 7 is a bright shoe if youíre running from your house to the trail. It has cushioning to cope with the pavements. The gaiter collar is also a thoughtful addition to this already reliable shoe – not only does it deliver a bit more ankle support, but it also contains small stones or sticks from reaching into the shoe mid-run. The tongue and padded heel collar work for an all-together relaxed affair, and the broad toe box gives the shoe a proper, true-to-size fit. The downsides are in the outsole lugs – while they function well on soft, wet, muddy tracks, things can still feel a little slippery on challenging, wet trails. For example, if your route involves clambering over wet rocks, you might not hold the grip youíd anticipate from a trail shoe with the Wildhorse.

Ankle gets comfortable & protective, Comfortable over long distancesOutsole can be slippery on wet, rocky terrains

Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% Flyknit

When Eliud Kipchoge evolved as the first man in the world to execute a sub-2 hour marathon, the worldís attention soon diverted to his feet. They donít have two carbon fiber plates, just the one that runs in thickness depending on the size of the shoe, but the preface of the two zoom air pods in the forefoot is fascinating. These shoes feel like rockets on your feet, and the AtomKnit upper is incredibly lightweight. If youíre not Kipchoge, the Alphaflys can feel a little unstable. Thereís no ifs or buts, theyíre extremely fast, but in the most excellent possible way, if you donít have the muscles or foot strength to support them, youíll feel it the next day.

Unmatched responsiveness, Extremely exciting shoeUnstable, Extremely expensive for a shoe you’d only race in

Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% Flyknit

Nike discharged the Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% to replace the Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 and train the Alphafly Next%. It’s got three different components to assist you power through your miles – ZoomX foam in the forefoot for a cushioned, responsive ride. In addition, it has to React foam in the heel for extra cushioning, a full-length carbon composite plate, and air pods for a snappy toe-off in the forefoot. It’s a brilliant shoe, and it creates speed sessions fun. The downside with the Tempo Next% is the stack height – it’s a whopping 46mm, which doesn’t handle unstable on the run, thanks to the knitted upper, but it does technically make it too lofty to wear at competitions. Current World Athletics regulations state that a shoe must have a pile height of 40mm or less, but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem unless you’re a super-speedy runner.

More affordable than the Vaporfly Next% or Alphafly Next, More stable than the Alphafly Next%If you’re a serious runner, technically the stack height is illegal

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