Best Induction Cooktops in 2022 & Buying Guide

Induction Cooktops free you from the worries of using a stove with gas when trying to get a portable stove. The requirement that is required to use an induction cooktop is electricity.

If you’re looking for a durable, safe, and energy-efficient induction cooktop, it is suggested to check out the following models of Induction cooktop.

SHARP 30-inch Induction Cooktop

  • More affordable than similar induction cooktops
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Great heat control
  • Only comes in black
  • No bridge burner

The Sharp 30-inch lacks a bridge burner for grill pans or other extended cookware, and it only arrives in one finish, black. It also contains a “cooling zone” on the top right of the cooktop, which appears to be a way of empty branding space. But suppose you’re comfortable with four essential heating elements and want to learn the way of induction on a reliable and elegant cooktop. In that case, this Sharp is an excellent option for the price.

GE Profile 30-inch Induction Range

  • Excellent heat control
  • Good diversity of heating element sizes
  • Elegant design in a variety of finishes
  • More expensive than electric
  • May be difficult to replace

This cooktop’s excellent heat control, speed, and responsiveness of its all-digital control panel are easy to clean (no raised buttons or knobs). However, like all induction models, this cooktop takes some time to adjust to as a home chef to prevent overcooking food. In addition, the panel is pricier to install and replace than standard electric options. If you don’t have room for a 36-inch model, their GE Profile 30-inch Induction Range is also worth consideration — although we prefer the freedom of a more oversized cooktop.

MIELE 42-inch Induction Cooktop

  • Great diversity of heating elements
  • Extra-wide size
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Pricey
  • Only comes in black

Miele size spectrum is an extra-wide 42-inch induction cooktop with five heating elements and bridge burner options on both sides. This cooktop’s length supplies extra space for cooking large meals without pans filling or being pushed off the rim of the glass. Like other Miele models, this range has clear and consistent temperature control options, fast boil times, and automatic communication with the matching hood. Take note this cooktop only comes in a black finish.

VIKING Virtuoso Series 36-inch Induction Cooktop

  • Beautiful, balanced design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Great heat control
  • Pricey
  • No bridge burner

Viking makes gas ranges in various colorful finishes with five perfectly balanced heating elements and an almost-invisible control panel that lights up with subtle blue lights when in service, mimicking the formation of the flames on a gas range. However, this range only arrives in a black finish and lacks a bridge burner, which is surprising considering the model’s price.

BOSCH Benchmark 36-inch Smart Induction Cooktop

  • Smart home compatible
  • Great diversity of heating elements
  • Great heat control
  • Pricey
  • Many features that may be confusing for some
  • Only comes in black

The Bosch Benchmark 36-inch has five individual heating elements, with one large central ring and two sets of progressive elements on either side can be used independently. It is connected as long bridge burners or employed with the unique “slide” function that allows you to maintain the temperature of your cookware via its placement on the heating element. These features may be demanding and confusing for some, but praise of this cooktop’s large workspace, temperature control, and speed speaks to the performance that’s on par with its innovative structure.

FRIGIDAIRE 30-inch Induction Cooktop

  • Great heat control
  • Easy-to-use slide controls
  • More affordable than similar options
  • Only comes in black
  • No bridge burner
  • Less sleek look because of ring markings

The popular Frigidaire Gallery range is an excellent 30-inch option, with four heating elements across three distinct sizes and easy-to-use sliding touch that commands temperature control. Users love how comfortable it is to operate and wash this cooktop and how fast it brings water to boil, while it does have a few installation problems. However, keep in mind this cooktop also lacks a bridge burner, and it has a less sleek look due to the multiple ring markings on the heating elements.

MIELE 24″ Induction Cooktop

  • Compact
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Includes a bridge burner
  • Pricey for the size
  • Limited cookware capacity

Miele creates a broad spectrum of impressive induction cooktops, including this mini 24-inch cooktop with three heating elements and one bridge burner alternative. If you’re examining adding an induction cooktop to a kitchen with an existing range, or you only cook small meals, a 24-inch option is worth exploring. We love this cooktop’s simple design, temperature control options, and automatic communication with the matching Miele hood.

KITCHENAID 30-inch Induction Convection Range

  • Good diversity of heating elements
  • Great heat control
  • Includes a convection oven
  • Can be slow to preheat the oven
  • Controls can be slow to respond
  • Only comes in a stainless steel finish

Suppose you’re looking for a full induction range instead of a standalone cooktop. In that case, the KitchenAid 30-inch Induction Range combines an excellent convection oven with an economic induction range with four heating elements. The two heating elements on the left-hand side can form a bridge burner. This elegant range can slide directly into an existing countertop opening, appealing to those looking to renovate or install a solo cooktop.

DUXTOP 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Very easy to use
  • Only one burner
  • Can be noisy when in use

This 1800W induction burner has many rave reviews and delivers 15 power settings ranging from 140°F to 460°F. It also has a timer option and other simple features you’ll find on many cooktops. However, some users have grumbled about this burner’s electrical buzzing and fan volume, which is a problem with many budget induction models.

WOLF 36-inch Transitional Induction Cooktop

  • Excellent heat control
  • Good diversity of heating element sizes
  • Convenient heating element layout
  • Pricey
  • Only comes in black

Wolf is known for its exceptional luxury kitchen appliances, and its induction cooktops are no exception. The Wolf 36-inch Induction Cooktop provides five distinct heating elements with five different bridge zone options, creating ten total cooking configurations to suit a wide variety of cookware. The control panel is discreet and easy to use, and the glass has a very professional look with minimal markings.

Induction Cooktops: Why to have it?

  • Gives a comfortable cooking experience
  • Control the temperature settings with precision
  • Gives us good speed saving time
  • Requires very little Power, Economical
  • Quickly switched on and off, Energy efficient
  • Heat is generated in the cooking pot, and the rest of the surface of induction remains cool
  • The temperature of the kitchen remains cool
  • Embedded smart sensors help auto shut, avoiding burning of the food
  • Does not require a well-ventilated area, Easy to install
  • Fitted in higher or lower heights
  • Highly portable, Quite easy to clean

Induction Cooktop: How does it Work?

It works on the principle of generating heat energy from magnetism through a coil of wire into the cookware. An AC flows through the loop, which creates a magnetic field. It induces resistive electric current flowing into the cookware. The induction cookware is made from magnetically conductive & ferromagnetic. The resistive electric current inside cookware generates heat. This heat generated cooks the food.

Factors to consider before buying Induction Cooktop

If you plan to buy an induction cooktop, here are factors you should keep in mind.

  • Cooktop Size: During multitasking go for two zones that can cook at the same time. It is efficient air-circulation inside to cool PCB. It leads a longer life to the induction. Small stand-alone portable inductions are little inexpensive many zones placed near to each other cooking space becomes cramped regarding access to the controls. The cooktop can make the authorities greasy and less responsive.
  • Cooking Zones
    Large cooking zones have a diameter larger than 21cms for efficient handling of larger cookware. Choose an induction cooktop with a new large, flexible and small cooking zone.
  • Control Panel
    There are three types of control panels for induction cookers. There is press button control, rotating knob control, and touch sensor controls. Touch panels are more expensive than press buttons.
  • Power/ Temperature Settings
    It is easy to cook if power settings intervals are less. Slight increasing or decreasing can be regulated effectively, making it user-friendly.
    Some prefer low power options for lower power bills. In the long run, if we use low Power for a long duration or a high power for a short period, the result will be the same.
  • Design of the Induction Cooktop
    The design depends on the personal choice of style. Just keep in mind that framed maps can be more prone to the build-up of dirt and grime in the frame crevices. Frames help to contain spills. Edgeless designs are simple to wipe clean but prone to cracks and breaks if accidentally dropped.
  • Portable Vs. Non-Portable
    Portable inductions can be carried anywhere makes it a favourite with people not wanting to follow procedures.

Features in Induction Cooktops

As cooktops have become more popular, many useful features have been added to induction cooktops.

  • Timer Settings: It comes in handy when you require to heat or boil simply. It will automatically shut down immediately. After the preset time, the cooktop automatically turns off and stops using Power and saves energy and prevents accidents.
  • Preset Cooking Menus: These are set for pre-defined heat and time for each food. The cooking menus have a grill, stir, boil, fry, milk, etc. These are handy and are user-friendly features to save time.
  • Voltage Display & Electrical Consumption Display: There is voltage display, electrical consumption display and child lock on the control panel for ease of the user. Keep the user aware of exactly how much Power is being used.
  • Automatic Pan Detection Feature: Automatic pan detection feature that ensures heating is turned off as soon as the cookware is removed from the cooktop.
  • Safety Sensors: Safety sensors that monitor the temperature of the bottom of the cookware help in case of empty cookware left on the heating zone with Power on, to adjust the power output to avoid damage to the cooktop and cookware.
  • Auto Switch Offs: This automatically turns the element down or off in the event of overheating or when one removes cookware. If unsuitable cookware is used, it beeps to indicate.
  • Small-item Detection: If a small item is placed on the heating area of the induction like fork, spoon, ring, etc., it is not detected as cookware.
  • Child Lock: It can lock the induction cooktop while in use. It can be closed for cleaning or during cooking as well.
  • Safety Cut off Feature: If the cooking zone is switched on for an extended period without the temperature being altered, it will cut off or switch off automatically.
  • Auto Heat-up: Auto heat-up allows the cooking zone to heat to a higher setting. Then it automatically turns down to a preset setting after a certain amount of time.
  • Booster: The cooking zone heats food or liquid quickly at the highest setting, and then automatically reduces the heat to a pre-selected lower environment.
  • Overflowing Control: In case of overflowed liquid or food spills onto the controls, the induction will beep and shut down.
  • Power on / Residual Heat Light: A feature displaying that residual heat is still there, or Power is still On should be bright enough for one to notice.
  • Pause Button: It locks all settings just like all buttons are locked during child lock. One can wipe down the controls and then press the button for resuming the cooking again.
  • Food Warming: To keep the food warm and not cook it, there is a feature which is simmering setting which can be used.
  • LED Flames: For a feel of flame, new model induction features LED flashes to give a visual idea to the cook about the intensity of heat.
  • Induction Ready Cookware: Not every pot/pan can work on the induction cooktop. Cooking vessels should be flat, smooth and magnetic. Stainless steel, cast iron and enamelled cast ironwork on induction cooktops . Aluminium, glass and copper cookware do not work on inductions.