Best Gluten-Free Beers in 2022: Revolutionize your Drinks

Best Gluten-free beers are taking the world of dieters in its revolution. Beer is traditionally fermented from cereal grains such as barley that generally comprise gluten.

That makes it a hurdle to get good-tasting beer when you want to duck gluten from your diet. Luckily, a revolution has caught place in the brewing industry, and a healthy selection of gluten-free beers is now possible in multiple manners.

Let’s check out some of the best Gluten-Free Beers available in the market and you may even choose to go online to buy for yourself.

Best Gluten-Free Beers in 2022

Ipswich Ale Brewery Celia Saison

Massachusett’s Ipswich Ale Brewery is identified for crafting an excellent selection of ales, a crisp pilsner, and a remarkable variety of tasty fruit beers. Within its non-seasonal beers, you’ll notice the alluring Ipswich Celia Saison. The name originates from the Styrian Celeia hops used in this 6.5 per cent ABV ale. It is brewed from sorghum, so it’s usually gluten-free. Taking that grain into account, it’s impressive how well the brewers stayed as accurate as likely to Belgian farmhouse ales’ Saison technique. It has a delightful sourness of zesty orange and is a fascinating addition to the gluten-free beer scene.

Sprecher Shakparo African-Style Ale

Sprecher Shakparo is moderately significant from a gluten-free beer perspective. It doesn’t rank highly on many traditional beer drinkers’ lists, but it has numerous other beers to pick from. The 6.5 per cent ABV African-style ale is brewed with wild yeast and a blend of millet and sorghum, which is established in African brews. It has a slender body and carbonation with fruity notes and traces of spice that give it engaging. Also, moderately surprising, this may be the most convenient African beer to discover outside of the continent.

Redbridge Gluten-Free Sorghum Beer

Macro brews typically attach with barley, so it’s extraordinary to come over like Anheuser-Busch’s Redbridge. It’s nothing unusual and was initially published in 2006. Redbridge has availability on its side. It’s stocked in several U.S. supermarkets, giving it an easy-to-find alternative for drinkers who do not have many opportunities in their area. Sorghum beers usually have a sour taste, so a beer like Redbridge needs some getting used to. It’s brewed like a lager, and there are few characteristics of the company’s macro lagers in the taste. If you appreciate sour beers, it’s an extraordinary opportunity, and the taste can build on you.

Glutenberg Blonde Ale

Glutenberg is a Quebec microbrewery that is entirely gluten-free. Commenced in 2011, it has a thriving distribution in Canada and the U.S. If you can obtain the brand near you, it’s assured to have a beer that resembles your taste. All of the beers are composed of naturally gluten-free grains, including amaranth, buckwheat, corn, millet, and quinoa. The robust portfolio springs with Glutenberg Blonde Ale. This golden, delightful, 4.5 per cent ABV beer was the brewery’s first release, and it remains a favourite. Glutenberg also produces a hoppy American pale ale and a few IPAs, while Blanche is motivated by Belgian wheat ales but brewed without the wheat. A tart gose, robust stout, and nonalcoholic beer round off the collection, and each beer is so well-crafted that they taste similar to regular beer.

Two Brothers Prairie Path Golden Ale

Two Brothers Artisan Brewing produces some amazing beers that are sure to impress anyone. The Chicago brewery was founded by two brothers and remains family-owned. That independent spirit is evident in every well-crafted beer the brand produces. Prairie Path is the bottle to look for when you want to cut gluten, and it’s not terribly difficult to find. This golden ale falls into the “gluten-removed” category but tastes like it is untouched. It’s bottled at 5.1 percent ABV and has a moderate 25 IBUs. The taste is mellow, creamy, and refreshing with its fruity notes. It’s designed to be enjoyed with a meal and there are few others that can touch it in that sense.

Ghostfish Shrouded Summit Witbier

Ghostfish Brewing Company is one of the best gluten-free Seattle breweries that contributes an inspiring lineup. It is distributed to many states in the U.S. and some Canadian provinces. The prominent grain is malted millet, but some accept buckwheat, brown rice, or sorghum. It’s like any other craft brewery with a diversity of year-round and seasonal beers. The IPAs are a hit with hopheads, and the blonde and pale ales contribute a pleasant maltiness. The seasonals incorporate sour and spicy beers, a pumpkin ale, and a stout.
In Shrouded Summit Belgian White Ale (4.8 per cent ABV), you’ll discover a beer that rivals any Belgian witbier.

Holidaily Brewing Co.

Colorado’s craft-brewing reputation enlarges into the gluten-free realm. The state’s original 100 per cent gluten-free brewery was Golden’s Holidaily Brewing Co., and it’s the highest in the U.S. The company is affecting beer drinkers, winning awards, and increasing in frequency. The brewery’s flagship is Favorite Blonde Ale, and the Boombastic Hazy IPA earned gold at the 2019 Great American Beer Festival. Among the other beers are brown and red ales, a Dunkel Weiss, and stouts, having an annual Santa’s Nightcap, a bourbon-barreled imperial stout. All of these are on point with the respective styles, and to make that happen with, heterogeneity using buckwheat and millet shows off the talent and ability of brewers.

Omission Lager

Omission Brewing Co. provides reduced-gluten barley beers that any beer enthusiast can appreciate. The company is transparent about precisely how much gluten is in each group on its website. The tests exhibit that the gluten content is consistently at less than ten ppm. Behind that, Omission’s beers are delightful to drink. Omission allows four styles, including an IPA and pale ale, and several fits right in with regular beers of that variety. The Ultimate Light Golden Ale is also an exceptional choice in the light beer class. The lager is unique in gluten-free beers, and it’s as refreshing as any other lager. This crisp beer has won awards against other lagers and is brewed with Millennium and Cascade hops. At 4.6 per cent ABV, it’s an indulgent drinker worthy of a backyard barbecue.

Stone Brewing Delicious IPA

Stone Brewing is recognized for its collection of India pale ales that are bold, savoury, and well-distributed. Following the reduced-gluten bearing, Stone Brewing released Delicious IPA (7.7 per cent ABV) in 2015. Its brilliant green cans and bottles are unmistakable and hold a beer (true to its name). The year-round announcement is hoppy (75 IBUs) and moderately strong at 7.7 per cent ABV. Using a combination of Nugget, Calypso, Lemondrop, and El Dorado hop, it has a tongue-tantalizing citrusy flavour and a bitter-dry finish. It’s everything that the brewery’s IPAs are recognized for, but an enzyme leaves only gluten traces behind. The brand also applies techniques to overcome gluten contamination in any of the tools that this beer touches.

Final Thought

The gluten content modifies—some breweries offer only gluten-free beer and don’t provide any gluten ingredients in their departments. Other beers are “crafted to eliminate gluten” (“gluten-reduced,” according to U.S. FDA standards). Retain this in mind when picking a beer that suits your gluten sensitivity.