Best VR Games To Try Right Now

Free yourself from the keyboard or controller with the best VR games nearby. The titles on this listing are the ones that can deliver gamers understand expressly why it’s worth spending on a headset and possibly gambling motion sickness. The ones that show off experiences you can’t get by playing games the usual way.

While splitting plays into genres can be handy, it’s better to separate the best VR games on this list into the various ways they use virtual reality. Some of the best VR games are completely current titles translated into the new medium.

Using examples of these would be The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR or Doom VFR. These are good for novices making their first incursions into VR gaming or franchise fans who want to understand their most beloved sport in a unique way.

The best VR games incorporate Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Beat Saber, or Iron Man VR. One groove down, you’ll discover Batman: Arkham VR and Superhot VR. These are based on games devised for standard controllers, but these variants have changed so many mechanics and scenarios that they’ve become new adventures.

The Best VR Games 

Half-Life: Alyx 

This game enables you to respond to the world of Half-Life after 13 years of silence, except not in a form you will fully appreciate. Taking the spot of Alyx Vance rather than Gordon Freeman, you’ll be struggling through City 17 at a time before the unfortunate physicist appears.

No Man’s Sky VR 

The famous space exploration game can be enjoyed on a VR headset. You’ve taken a right into the heart of the new worlds you discover or can sit and genuinely acknowledge the massiveness of space from your ship’s cockpit. And since the galaxy is so immense, you’ll never run out of new stuff to see and find as you seek for resources to upgrade your ship and travel even more magnificent distances.


The survival game’s underwater-focussed gameplay runs brilliantly, with your headset feeling like a diving helmet as you venture more extensively into the water. Your goal is identical to the typical game – collect resources to allow you to survive while you find a way off-planet.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 

With the first-person perspective submitted by your helmet, you can check all the buttons and switches up close and earn an extra level of immersion as you take off and arrive at airports around the world, fly through the clouds and appreciate the landscapes below. If that plays a bit unbelievable to you, then you’ll be happy that the game permits you to tailor how much of your plane’s handles are automatically or manually controlled.

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series 

The game exercises over three parts, with your involvement in the story gradually becoming more apparent as you experiment further. Unfortunately, your path forwards is shaped by enemies that you can take down with your lightsaber and confusions, which you’ll require to use your brain and physics objects to succeed instead.

Jurassic World: Aftermath

The freshly updated Aftermath makes you examine the wreckage of the titular dinosaur theme park within the first and second movies of the rebooted franchise. While being chased by killer lizards from history is scary, the game looks entertaining with its cell-shaded graphics.


Freerunning is an excellent fit for VR (provided you have the stomach for it), and Stride has arrived to fill the niche. Leap, slide, and wall-run across an eternal city of rooftops in the difficulty of how long you can keep going. It’s a very physical game, expecting lots of arm movement to establish your character.


You’ve never performed a rhythm game like Thumper before. Playing as a bright “space beetle,” you have to hit the pads on the trail perfectly while shifting lanes and evading danger spots or even rebel attacks.

Pistol Whip 

Pistol Whip is a mix of FPS and rhythm games; Pistol Whip drives you to a world with a stunning art style of simple forms in fascinating colors. Once you choose a level, working the game is exceptionally simple: aim and shoot at enemies, the spot on the floor to reload, strategy bullets by rolling your head. You’re moved along on rails, but your center is on shooting enemies to the beat of the game’s EDM soundtrack, which awards you more points.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars Squadrons is the latest and most excellent way to experience space combat set in the timeline of the saga’s original trilogy with a first-person view out of your X-Wing or TIE Fighter cockpit. Of course, there’s a single-player campaign in classic Star Wars tradition to enjoy, too, with the Rebels and the Empire getting their sides of the story.

Falcon Age 

As your falcon rises from chick to adult, it acquires new tricks and skills to help you with your design. Plus, you can cover it up in cute costumes. With the falcon on one forearm and a stun baton on the other, it’s one of the best VR games for players seeking to lose themselves in a virtual world, with an uplifting novel set in a beautifully depicted world.

Picking the Best VR Game 

When purchasing one of the best VR games from this list, always verify the compatibility info. Even the best VR games aren’t forever available on all systems. Ensure you’re choosing a game you can play with your headset.

Ensure to study at a game’s space necessities. Some games can be played lying down. Others may want or have the possibility for you to move around your playing region. If you have a large room, you shouldn’t find this a difficulty, but if you’re more hemmed in, pick the best VR games that don’t need you to walk, run or leap around so much.

Suppose you’re a new headset owner who is uncertain about which of these games you aspire to play. While many games are only VR titles or separate editions, some games can have VR support bundled in. If you’ve just purchased a headset, review your existing collection of games, and you might find something you can execute already. Alternatively, buy a VR-optional game to play without a headset if you aren’t in the mood for VR.