Best e-Reader: Range of New Models

The best eReaders you can buy in 2021 will help you read a book on your phone or tablet. You’ll need a much better experience on a dedicated device which is an e-reader.

Apart from having a finite battery life, a digital eReader implies that you’ll never be held for something to read. Physical books are excellent, but they have a lot of limitations that can easily be overcome with an eReader. Here are the best eReaders you can purchase in 2021 – i.e., Kindles and the best options.

It’s just that more and more people are using their smartphones or tablet to read books and firms like Nook are no longer around to compete in the UK. As a result, the choice of eReaders is getting slimmer and slimmer, with only Amazon and Kobo releasing a range of new models recently. However, that doesn’t mean eBooks are going away.

Best eReader 2021

Kindle Paperwhite (2018)

Waterproof, Bluetooth, Front lightSmall price rise

By renewing Paperwhite, Amazon has designed the best eReader around for anyone needing a dedicated device for reading. The Oasis allows a premium metal design and ergonomic wedge shape but adding features like waterproofing and Bluetooth to the Paperwhite suggests that extravagance isn’t worth the extra cost for most people. Add in that the Paperwhite has an elegant design, including a flush screen and a thinner weight, and you’ve pretty much got the perfect eReader. The slight cost rise is worth it for all these advantages.

Kobo Libra H20

Waterproof, Nice design, Large screeneBook store unhelpful

The Libra H20 is Kobo’s stable of eReaders. It offers essentially the same appealing design as the Forma, with a light chassis, chunky grip, textured back, IPX8 water resistance, a 300ppi screen, and 8GB of storage. But by compromising slightly on the size of that screen (at 7in), you can get the device for a far more manageable price tag. Unfortunately, Kobo’s eBook store remains unhelpful in genre curation and user recommendations. Still, Libra supports ePub and OverDrive. As a result, it is an outstanding alternative to eReader.

Amazon Kindle (2019)

Cheap, Front lightNo waterproofing, No mobile data

It’s arduous to say whether the Paperwhite or the general Kindle is the better eReader because they’re both fantastic. The Kindle 2019 provides better value for money and has all the information most people will scan for. However, the Kindle Paperwhite holds a premium design and extra features like more mobile data, storage, and waterproofing. But, you pay additional for them, so it depends on how much you have to pay and whether those extraordinary things matter to you.

Kobo Forma

Huge screen, Waterproof, Supports ePubExpensive

Powerful if an understated plan with a stout handles a slim, water-resistant, and lightweight body yet: the Kobo Forma eReader is a comfort to endure and use and goes a long way towards explaining its high-cost tag. The main trick of the Forma is the large 8-inch screen making it ideal for anyone requiring more real estate than usual. Just bear in brain that the Kobo store is less well curated than the Kindle one – fortunately, it’s convenient to side-load books, and the Forma natively supports ePub files.

Kobo Nia

Portable, Affordable
Supports ePub, Basic screen
No waterproofing

It is a solid eReader at an attractive price, but you’re making quite a lot of compromises. For example, the 6-inch screen is just 212ppi (all other Kobos and the basic Kindle offer 300ppi). You can’t adjust the color temperature; there are no dedicated page-turn buttons, and it isn’t officially water-resistant. If you can furnish it, especially if you intend to read close to water regularly, the Kobo Libra H20 or Amazon Paperwhite is better picked. But we realize that many possible buyers are watching for the lowest rate. In that market, this is a decent challenger to the basic Kindle – which has a weaker screen sharpness still (at just 167ppi), and half the storage delivers you access to the Kindle Store.

Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019)

Warm light, Premium metal design
Up to 32GB

As you would expect, the Oasis is the best Kindle you can purchase in terms of the specs and features it allows. You can’t grieve about the price staying the same and the eReader now having a flexible, warm light. However, users would admire some more advancements such as USB-C and even a headphone jack. It’s also a disgrace that Amazon has ditched the magnetic case from the previous Oasis in favor of a comprehensive wrap-around design. It might have the most to offer, but the other Kindles in the range offer far better value for money, with the Paperwhite remaining the best all-rounder.

Kobo Clara HD

Crisp screen, Front light, 8GB storageNo waterproofing

Canadian e-reader company Kobo extends a minimalist option to Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite. For the cost, you receive a 6-inch touchscreen e-reader with 300ppi resolution and Wi-Fi connectivity – all stuffed into a slim, lithe frame. It is a straightforward alternative for those on the go.

Amazon Kindle Kids Edition

8GB storage, 1-year of subscriptions
Accidental damage warranty
No waterproofing
Not cheap

A distinctive set of a tablet for kids, the Kindle eliminates the distractions of apps, games, and other stuff and guarantees they can focus on reading. You get a 12-month subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited / FreeTime Unlimited, including over 1000 books for kids of various ages. There’s also 8GB of storage which is twice the cheapest Kindle. The selection is not the most reliable, but overall this is an excellent package for the money. Of course, if you’re not too fussed about those extras, then you can keep money by just receiving the regular Kindle.