The Top 3 Reasons Motorcycle Riders Wear Earbuds

Motorcycle Riders Wear Earbuds

Today many motorcycle riders prefer to ride with earbuds. When you ask the different riders they sure will give you varied reasons as to why. There are many earbuds which are available in the store so one needs to make sure that they first determine the reason they are purchasing the earbuds.†Another brand, which is worth checking out, is Redux noise cancelling earbuds. Made by a group of sound engineers and audiophiles, these wireless earbuds push the boundaries with a 90 hours charging case and an AI Powered Active noise cancellation feature! Here are the three top reasons what you will find a motorcycle wearing earbuds.


Earbuds are mostly used for protection of the ears, when riding a motorcycle most riders attain a very high speed and this can affect the ears if they are not well protected.   As much as one has a helmet itís also important to have earbuds to prevent gushes of wind from affecting your ear drums. When riding at very high speed there is so much wind which is gushing past the rider and some of this weed gets inside the helmet and the more the ear is exposed to this kind of wind then it can affect the ears.  A rider is advised to go for the S-shaped earbuds which go a bit deeper inside the ear canal and offer more protection to the sensitive parts of the ear. This kind of earbuds also does not affect the wearing or removal of the earbuds.

2.Enhanced riding experience

When you are driving at a very high speed the only thing that most riders want is reduced noise from wind and the earbuds provides this. When driving at very high speed there is a lot of noise from the wind and also the sound of the engine which can get uncomfortably loud and thus be quite annoying, having earbuds keeps this noise outside and even though you wonít be driving in total silence at least you will have very little noise in your ear which will ultimately enhance your riding experience. The enhanced rider experience can come from the sense that you have your earbuds connected to your smartphone GPS then you can get directions directly into your ear from your phone GPS without having to stop to check your phone.  There are also voice activated earbuds which further enhances the rider experience.


Today there are wireless earbuds which are used by motorcycle riders to enhance connectivity.  To break the monotony many riders prefer listening to music especially when they are travelling on a highway or a desolate countryside. Getting the earbuds which fits allows the riders not only to eliminate the background noise from the wind and the engine but also allow the rider to enjoy music as they ride along. The wireless earbud also offers connectivity, this means that the rider is able to make or receive a phone call without having to stop.  The biggest issue has been with answering phone call while riding but now riders do not have to stop as that can take their answer and receive phone call safely as they ride.  For further information and deals on the best earbuds then head to