Looking for a new truck condenser?

new truck condenser

There are many parts of a truck that seem of little importance. Air conditioning condenser is regarded as one of them. But choosing the right AC condenser can significantly improve the quality of driving experience, and lower the costs of maintenance. In this article, we will tell you why. We will also share a big tip on how to get the best equipment for your truck.

A faulty condenser means a lot of problems

Truck condensers in the automotive nomenclature are also known as radiators. Some people do not know that, but this element is one of the most crucial parts of the whole air conditioning system in any vehicle, not only trucks. A leak in the condenser entails an immediate failure of the entire AC system. Unfortunately, in such cases, each defect, crack, unsealing, etc. means that you need to buy a new component and replace the faulty one.

In older cars, leaks were sometimes welded. Currently, it makes no sense and is often ineffective. After a short time, leaks appear in the next place. The use of cheaper alloys, which allow production cost reduction, results in lower thermal conductivity. This contributes to the performance of the air conditioning. Weak material means a greater risk of faster corrosion or physical damage. As a consequence, other elements start to fail. Soon, another replacement of the air conditioning cooler is needed, another refill that hits the wallet and so on.

Don’t buy used truck condensers

Truck condensers should be bought carefully. For the reasons mentioned above, most automotive experts advise not to save on that particular purchase. Consequently, you should choose models from well-known, reputable manufacturers who will provide you with high quality and a reliable warranty policy they keep for their customers.

By all means, avoid buying a used AC condenser, especially if it is supposed to work with a heavy-duty truck. That’s because the previous owner has most certainly put it to some extremes already. Technical capabilities of this device can be easily compromised, you know. Corrosion might appear very fast, and is often masked by a thin layer of paint. In addition to that, all the chemicals used during the course of exploitation strongly affect all AC condensers, so their efficiency is not that great after a while.

If the above doesn’t convince you, please take notice that the prices of a new truck condenser is not much higher than its second-hand counterparts. Therefore, buying used ones is simply unprofitable.