Guardian Bell Motorcycle – A Good Luck Charm for Motorcycle

Guardian Bell Motorcycle

In many religions, bells are used to expel spirits. Similarly, there is a belief that a small bell called Guardian bell or Gremlin bell hanging with a motorcycle is a good luck charm for a motorcycle as well as a motorcyclist. It is a symbol of kindness to the biker’s community. Guardian bell motorcycle is a kind of protection for the motorcycle during a long trip. So, in this article, you will come to know about the importance of the guardian bell and the rules of motorcycle guardian bell to follow. So, let’s read more.

What is Guardian Bell Motorcycle?

Guardian bell motorcycle is tiny usually hung with motorcycle to protect it from any mishap. It is made with a material called pewter. Pewter is an alloy of tin with copper and antimony. This can be seen in different designs. It can be easily hung on any type of motorcycle.

 Guardian bell motorcycle is not just a bell but has high significance for bikers. This belief has been handed down from one generation to another that the guardian bell motorcycle saves the motorcycle from any harm.

Guardian bell motorcycle is important for all bikers. But it is not commonly seen with sports bikers. Most cruisers and touring bikers use this bell to show their unique belief.

Legends believe that road is central to evil spirits and menaces that are always ready to grasp the motorcycle and going to harm the motorcycle or motorcyclist.  These evil spirits cause misfortune and problems for bikers. Guardian bell motorcycle offers protection against any mishap.

Rules For Motorcycle Guardian Bell You Need to Know

A few important rules are listed below that you must have to follow.

Rule no 1: Never buy a motorcycle guardian bell by yourself – As supernatural powers can only be called by any act of kindness or goodwill gesture. So, the motorcycle guardian bell must be a gift.  If a fellow or friend gifts you a motorcycle guardian bell, this act makes it more powerful.

Rule no 2: Never hang your motorcycle guardian bell by yourself – If a person who gives you a motorcycle guardian bell as a gift will hang it with your bike showing love and care, the bell’s power is manifested by this good act. Intentional goodwill is very essential for this process.

Rule no 3: Never leave the motorcycle guardian bell behind – Never leave the motorcycle guardian bell for the person to whom you sold your bike. You must take it off or hang it with the new bike. You can also give a motorcycle guardian bell as a gift to any other person with goodwill intentionally. It will have the same effect.

Rule no 4: Put the motorcycle guardian bell to the lowest part of the frame – The motorcycle Guardian bell can easily capture the evil spirits if you hang it closer to the front but in a lower frame. It can grab and fight with them effectively.

Rule no 5: A stolen motorcycle guardian bell loses its magic – As you have now got that goodwill intention is very essential, so if someone stole a motorcycle guardian bell with or without a bike. It will no longer have power.

Rule no 6: The motorcycle guardian bell should be cleaned and polished. You have to keep it clean by polishing it each time you wash your bike. In this way, you can give respect to it.

How to Hang a Guardian Bell?

You must know how you can attach a guardian bell properly to your bike if you get it as a gift from someone who has real love and cares for you. These are a few steps to follow:

Step#1: First of all, find a suitable place to attach the guardian bell. It must be the bottom of your motorcycle where it cannot obstruct the wheels. That suitable place for a guardian bell can be where you put your feet for rest.

Step#2: Hold the guardian bell up to the part where you want to attach it. Tie a thread through the hanging loop of the bell.

Step#3: Enfold the thread of the guardian bell through that part of the bike where to hang the bell. Bind the thread through a double knot and pull tightly. Cut off with scissors if there is any extra thread.


Guardian bell motorcycle is as old as biking itself. There is a kind of belief about the motorcycle guardian bell that it is a good charm for motorcyclists. It also gives protection against mishap or misfortune that occurs because of evil spirits and roan gremlins. A Guardian bell is a great gift for someone you care about. If you give it as a gift to anyone with good intentions, it will have great effects on him. But there are some rules mentioned above that you have to follow. Otherwise, it can change into bad luck. You also have to take care that the guardian bell is hanged properly.