GranTurismo Folgore: Maserati has its first EV

Maserati is unleashing new details on its redesigned GranTurismo luxury interpretation coupe and offers some fresh tidbits on the upcoming all-electric rendition of it.

The GranTurismo Folgore will be the auto makerís first EV., notified in March.

It will launch earlier than its Grecale electric crossover SUV announced before this year. All regions of the company plan to deliver electric versions of every Maserati model by 2025 and shift to EV-only sales by 2030. New attributes appear as the Italian luxury automaker electrifies its whole lineup.

Maserati is also unleashing two traditional gas versions of the GranTurismo that mark twin-turbo V6 engines: the Modena and its more performant companion, the Trofeo.

Three 300kW permanent magnet electric motors will back the GranTurismo Folgore powertrain. Itís built on an 800-volt architecture that allows the car to fast charge at 270kW, equivalent to the Lucid Air and Porsche Taycan.

Maserati wonít be retaining back the performance on the electric Folgore, though: itíll gain a 0-62mph acceleration in 2.7 seconds, slightly framing the 2.8-second Porsche Taycan Turbo S in quickness ó at least on paper. It can also achieve a maximum pace of about 199mph, almost as Teslaís asserted 200mph for its Model S Plaid.

The Folgore accommodates a 92.5kWh battery pack (83kWh usable) with its cells uniquely arranged in a T-shape, letting all four passengers sit as low as the gas versions of the GranTurismo. But you surrender some trunk space for that extra leg room: the Folgore only holds about 9.5 cubic feet of storage back there, corresponding to almost 11 cubic feet of the gas versions.

Maseratiís adding a set of screens for the driver to steer. In addition, youíll be welcomed with a central infotainment screen, a digital instrument cluster, a ďcomfort displayĒ for modifying the A/C, and even an alternative for a heads-up display that displays the information on the windshield in front of you.

Maseratiís iconic center clock is a screen now. You can transform it into distinct styles and choose from widgets like a compass, a G-Force meter, or a stopwatch. It also provides status indicators like when the Folgore is charging or context messages like linking Bluetooth and when your phone starts setting in the Qi cradle. Maseratiís Mia voice assistant also offers up on the clock, displaying sound waves when youíre interacting with it.

The EV and the gas models examine almost identical outside, except for pronounced differences like no tailpipes on the Folgore and the charge port covering on its rear left. As for the interior, youíll discover that the Folgoreís bucket seats are made of recycled ocean trash, but other than that, the GranTurismos have essentially the same interiors.

The automaker has aggressive plans to have an all-electric lineup by 2025 but has yet to make one open for buy.

More elements on the electric Folgore, including projected driving scope, release date, and pricing, will be unveiled at a future event, according to Maserati.