Debunking the Most Common Myths That Exist About Vehicle Modifications

Myths About Vehicle Modifications

When you think of vehicle modifications, what do you think of? It’s easy to think back to that early 2000s phenomenon of Pimp My Ride, or the deadly one-two of Fast and Furious and Need for Speed: Underground.

Yet car mods aren’t the sole domain of boy racers: not by a long shot. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the truth behind modifying cars and expose some key misconceptions that people have about the hobby and vehicle modifications themselves.

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1. Only Young People Are Into Car Modding

The aforementioned media really makes it appear as though the world of car modding and tuning is the sole domain of young people, and, more bluntly, young men. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Car modification is a diverse and interesting world that features everyone from young women to older men. It’s not only modern cars that get modified, either. Restomodding is a subculture dedicated to restoring and modifying classics, for instance.

2. Bigger Exhausts Are Better

People often think that if you chuck a bigger exhaust onto your car, you’re going to increase performance. Bigger exhausts may look good, but they could actually be impeding your performance!

A smaller exhaust with a higher flow rate is better than a larger one with a lower flow rate. You want to get the exhaust gases out as fast as possible, as this allows the engine to restart the combustion process faster.

3. Drop It Low?

A lower suspension is often seen as sportier, yet this modification comes with some significant disadvantages. While it may help you improve downforce, a lower suspension also makes mountains out of molehills, quite literally.

A small pothole that may not be an issue with a higher suspension will suddenly have the potential to rip your bumper off. If you’re interested in low suspension, you should consider opting for an adjustable system, so that you can still cope with potholes.

4. All Parts Are Created Equal

When you’re modifying a vehicle on a budget, you may comfort yourself by thinking that there’s no difference between cheap parts and automotive racing products. This is untrue: the best car mods will all use high-end parts, and with good reason.

High-end parts are of better quality, come with better guarantees, and are almost always better than the cheaper alternative. We’d recommend saving for more expensive parts rather than buying cheap ones.

5. Stiffer Suspension Is Better

Stiff suspension comes with some great benefits: it can give you a big handling boost, for instance. Yet suspension that is too stiff will result in an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous ride, as jolts and tight corners can make at least one of the wheels lift off the road.

Be Smart With Vehicle Modifications

The worlds of vehicle modifications and vehicle performance tuning are open to all. However, you should take note of the myths that we’ve exposed: keep these explanations in mind, and you’ll be more likely to end up with a great vehicle.

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