Checking a Cars Suspension System

The suspension system of the car is a network of components designed to offer a smooth and stable ride. As it is directly related to the road, its parts more likely to wear out and break. In case, you find your car does not seem to drive the way it used to, there is a possibility of an issue with a suspension system. It is very difficult to diagnose the problems related to steering and suspension, but if you go the right way, you stand a chance. If you see any of the below problems, you will realise there is an issue with the system.

Before you start taking any actions, it is always recommended to go through all the mounting nuts to make sure that the problem isnt caused due to the looseness of nuts and bolts.

Symptom 1. Pulling towards one direction while driving

  • Due to tire inflation.
  • Check both front tires for uneven wear, if required replace them.
  • Take a look at the alignment of wheels.
  • Inspect steering racks and tie rod.
  • It could be a result of uneven wear of brakes due to excessive heat.

Symptom 2. Shaking Wheels

The wheels of your car likely to wonder and wiggle rapidly

  • Low tire pressure.
  • One of the wheels is out of balance.
  • Wearing out of tires.
  • The car has lost its alignment.
  • Troubled steering parts. Check the steering racks and tie rods for the same.

Symptom 3. Porpoising on uneven roads

The vehicle may bounce, dip or dive. It may go up and down over bumps.

  • Check shocks and struts, replace them if needed.
  • It can happen because of a broken leaf spring. Check if it can be repaired or need replacement.

Symptom 4. Clunks over bumps and uneven roads

You feel clunks and knocks via steering wheel while going over road cracks or bumps.

  • Check if struts and shock are broken or worn out. Repair or replace them.
  • Inspect for worn out strut bearings. Change both if require.
  • Take a look at ball joint if they are able to play or not. If not, replace them.

Above symptoms will help in diagnosing suspension issues. There is a time when more than one problem needs to addressed to fix these symptoms. Fixing a car suspension is not a cup of cake, if nothing happens, it is better to take the vehicle to an expert.

Clunks over bumps and uneven roads

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