CFMOTO ATVs and UTVs: When Bigger Means Better?

ATVs and UTV

If you want a powerful quad that can conquer the roughest terrain or carry heavy loads without slowing down, engine displacement is the metric you should be looking at. It is also known as cylinder volume or vehicle size and is measured in cubic centimeters. The more CCs you have, the faster and smoother your ride will be.

Can’t decide whether you need a large ATV or UTV? If you have experience riding beginner-friendly models under 600cc and want to try some hill climbing, stream crossing with a snorkel, mud play or aggressive riding, have a go at it. Are you a big game hunter? You will definitely need as much power and capability from your vehicle as you can get. Remember that powerful quads can be hard to handle for female or younger drivers.

CFMOTO is a popular off-road vehicle manufacturer that offers a wide range of sport and utility ATVs and side-by-sides. It has a few incredibly powerful quads in its lineup that can be further enhanced by CF MOTO ATV accessories. These ATVs and UTVs with engine displacement of 800cc or more are not meant for riders who lack experience or courage. Let’s take a look at the three CFMOTO iconic models that every experienced quad rider should know about.


At a first glance, the CFORCE 800 HO EPS is yet another classic ATV with a passenger seat. It is the most affordable CFORCE model for aggressive riders. The ATV has a two-cylinder liquid-cooled 800cc engine that boasts an impressive 61 hp. It comes with a fairly sophisticated Delphi injection system that is programmed to maximize the engine’s performance by automatically controlling the air to fuel ratio.

This model has improved electronic power steering that will help you handle the quad even on the most challenging off-road trails. Adjustable gas shocks and the additional steering stabilizer will absorb the shocks from a bumpy road and reduce muscle tension in your arms.

The ATV’s 800cc engine is paired with 27-inch heavy-duty radial tires that increase its off-roading capabilities even more. The quad has a high ground clearance of 11.2 inches. The passenger seat can be swapped for an additional cargo load.

The CFORCE 800 HO EPS comes with a stock tow bar and a 3000lb winch. This model is perfect for recreational riding or demanding farm work.


In addition to all the features of the 800 HO EPS model, the CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 offers you the incredible power of its 963cc engine, manufactured by BOSCH. It is the largest ATV in the CFMOTO lineup. Smart fuel injection, electronic power steering and the brand new rear arm trailing suspension make the ride feel smooth and enjoyable even on the harshest terrain. Owners praise it for its ability to perform tight turns and reliable braking.

The CFORCE 1000 EPS has improved security features that include front and rear bumpers made from heavy-duty steel, extra-durable full-length skid plates, an additional front bash plate, large hand guards and a mechanical hand brake. The gear level features a brand new ergonomic handle.

The ATV carries removable cargo boxes. It comes with stock CST Clincher off-road tires that provide better grip on mud trails. The model has a ground clearance of 11.2 inches.


Competitive riders can benefit from the capabilities of the CFMOTO ZFORCE 1000 Sport EPS. This sport side-by-side has an impressive four-stroke 963cc engine that peaks at 90 hp. Its top speed is 75 mph.

Sand, mud, shallow water the ZFORCE 1000 Sport EPS can ride through seemingly impassable terrain like a hot knife through butter. It is designed for adrenaline-pumping adventures. You can take it on a racing track or use its formidable power to carry heavy stones, fence posts, large game animals, guns and supplies.

It handles well on challenging trails and can turn on a dime. The ZFORCE 1000 Sport EPS has an automatic CVTECH transmission with locking differentials. It stands on large 29-inch knobby off-road tires manufactured by CST. The model has an increased 12-inch ground clearance. It comes with stock electronic power steering, a tow bar and a front 3000lb winch, and can be paired with various CF MOTO UTV accessories.


Large-size ATVs and UTV are perfect for thrill rides or heavy-duty work. They require a high level of skill and previous experience.

Common uses include:

  • Rough trail riding,
  • ATV motocross racing,
  • Towing trailers,
  • Farm chores and other work,
  • Big-game hunting,
  • Long-distance expeditions.

Choosing the right high-performance CFMOTO model boils down to your goals and budget. The CFORCE 800 HO EPS is the most affordable model in the lineup that lets you experience the thrill of aggressive riding. You can upgrade to the CFORCE 1000 EPS if you need more control, engine power and torque. Both ATVs are universal and can be used for recreational activities and farm work. Those who prefer the comfort of side-by-sides, will enjoy touring the countryside in a brand new ZFORCE 1000 Sport EPS. It can be fine-tuned for racing as well.