Care care products

A car is a rather expensive purchase, so any car owner wants to protect its paint-and-lacquer coating and trim elements and to make it as good as new all the time. That is why we offer a wide range of car cleaning and care products. They will help you to keep your car clean and tidy. Presented assortment includes the following categories:

Car air fresheners. Cardboard cutouts treated with oil scents, bags or containers containing various fragrances present them. They mask odors and emit pleasant smells.

Car cleaning sponges. These porous accessories are used for wet cleaning of the car exterior.

Car interior brushes are used for removing dust and dirt particles from fabric and plastic surfaces inside of the car.

Chamois leather for car cleaning can be synthetic or natural. Due to their excellent water-absorbing characteristics, they are used for drying the car after washing. They can be used for glass surfaces cleaning as well. If you want to avoid streaking, fold your chamois into a square and wipe. Visit our shop

Ice scrapers. These tools are irreplaceable if you need to remove ice from car windows. Using them for car body elements is not recommended, as it can damage paint.

Microfibre glass cloths are the alternative to chamois leather and used for drying glass or other surfaces after washing. They leave no scratches and swirl marks and have no lint.

Window squeegee. This is a plastic tool with a rubber blade, similar to a windscreen wiper blade, but handheld. Squeegees are used to remove water and foam together with small dust particles. Such accessories allow maintaining glass cleanliness after washing or after rain.