Avoid These 8 Common Mistakes New Tractor Owners Make

New Tractor Owners

Owning a tractor is not as easy as you think. Tractors are very different compared to other vehicles and require special maintenance and need to be handled carefully.

Since tractors can be dangerous it is very important new tractor owners educate themselves about the different aspects of owning and driving a tractor. Given below are the common mistakes new tractor owners make.

1. They Donít Do Proper Research

A tractor is not something you just casually purchase without prior research or knowledge. There are many different factors to consider while purchasing a new tractor, especially if it is your first time. Simple land management and landscaping activities require smaller tractors.

You should consider the different types of tractors and select one which is best suited for the kind of work you want to do. Some popular truck tractors are kenworth, peterbilt and volvo truck tractors. It is always recommended to consult and take the help of farm equipment dealers who have proper knowledge.

2. Neglecting Basic Safety Procedures

Tractors are often considered as some of the most dangerous farm equipment and contribute to a number of accidents. As a result, safety procedures must not be taken lightly. Given below are some important safety procedures to keep in mind,

  • Always stick to tight fitting clothes instead of loose clothes which can get caught or stuck in something.
  • Every tractor must have an ROPS fitted to it, even if it is expensive.
  • Drive slowly and carefully without making any sudden or sharp turns. Ripping incidents must be avoided at all costs.
  • Check for leaks and ensure all the guards, parts and implement are properly secured in place.

3. Improper Hitching Of Implements

Take proper precautions while hitching implements to the tractor. Improper hitching can do more damage than you think. New tractor owners often have trouble in this area due to lack of proper knowledge.

You must always read the tractor manual and check which hitching attachments and implements comply with the tractor. The PTO shaft must be guarded before you hitch any kind of implement. Use good quality hitch pins of the right size and donít forget to attach safety chains and hydraulic couplings.

4. Neglecting Tractor Maintenance

Tractors require thorough maintenance and this involves regular checkups. Check for abnormal oil puddles which can be due to leaks or loose pipes. Replace and check the tractor belts and make the required oil changes. Fill up the tyres with air if they have low air pressure. Make sure all the tractor parts are properly lubricated.

5. Not Undertaking Any Kind Of Training

You have no business buying a tractor if you donít know the basics of operating one. It is highly recommended for new tractor owners to undertake specialized training before they operate and manage their own tractor. They must be properly educated on all aspects including maintenance, safety procedures and risks.

6. Carrying Extra Passengers

Tractors are designed to carry and be operated by a single person. They are not to be used as recreational vehicles for the purpose of having fun with other people. The only time an extra person can be allowed is when they have to operate an extra piece of equipment which requires another person.

7. Not Having A Basic Understanding Of Hydraulics

Hydraulic systems use fluids of high pressures to power an engine. A hydraulic system consists of reservoirs, pumps, motors, valves and other parts.

If you donít know about the proper basics of a hydraulic system and its operation, it can be very dangerous. The pressurized oil is very hot and can cause severe burns in case of any leak or burst. Make sure you are thoroughly informed on how to operate the hydraulic system.

Driving Tractors In Unsuitable Conditions

New tractor owners must be aware of the kind of ground they drive their tractors on. Try to avoid driving tractors in vehicle heavy areas where there is a great risk of crashing and bumping. Drive slowly and carefully on steep slopes and uneven grounds. Look out for sudden depressions, ditches, big rocks and other obstacles.


Make sure you are not one of those new tractor owners who repeat these mistakes. It is always better to spend some time on proper research and education rather than committing some crucial mistake which could cost you in the big run.