Are Extended Car Warranties A Good Buy For Korean Cars?

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Contrary to what many think right now, this is not an easy question to answer. There is no definite yes/no answer that can be mentioned because of the numerous factors that have to be taken into account when a vehicle is bought. Buying an extended car warranty is a very personal decision. Oftentimes, it is even emotional.

What is particularly important is to understand the fact that you have to make a decision before you talk to the car dealers. This is because dealerships tend to hard sell such policies, especially when buying used vehicles. Also, you should always consider online options, like the KIA extended warranty offered by Olive. This is because online deals tend to be better. Besides all this, think about the following as you make your final choice.

Car Ownership Time

When you buy a new car, you get a factory warranty. It is usually at least 3 years long and covers at least 36,000 miles. This can vary from one manufacturer to the next but what you have to know is that this is a full bumper-to-bumper warranty. When you lease the car or you keep it for less than the factory coverage length, the extended warranty is simply not needed. When you plan to use the vehicle for as long as possible, you surely need an extended car warranty right after the official factory warranty ran out.

Will The Extended Car Warranty Actually Be Used?

The extended car warranty can only cover the things that actually break. This does not include brake jobs, worn out tires, oil changes, and other items that are subjected to wear and tear. However, there are policies that also include that. You need to be careful with what you sign and you have to take advantage of those deals that are connected with the services you are actually going to use.

Do You Already Have Such A Warranty And You Do Not Know It?

This is a question you have to ask yourself. There is almost always a special powertrain warranty policy that activates as soon as the bumper-to-bumper option expires. As an example, this is the case With Chevy, which offers this type of warranty for 60,000 miles or 5 years. When the powertrain is damaged, repairs are covered. However, if the window stops going up, you have to pay this fix.

Is It Possible To Buy This Warranty Later?

When you talk to someone that wants to sell you a car at a dealership, you are told that the deal is only available then. This is correct but it only relates to the deal that is presented. You can buy an extended car warranty whenever you want to. However, what needs to be mentioned is that the extended warranty does not activate in the event that you have a factory warranty, which is superior.

The extended warranty policy is one you should consider only when you buy a used vehicle. Also, it does not necessarily need to come from the car dealership. There are even online insurance providers that can be contacted. It is always a good idea to consider all available options before you commit to anything.