A Complete Guide For the Budding RV Owner

Retro RV Camper In The Desert

Becoming an RV owner is a pretty exciting adventure! Now, you can travel the world from your own personal home on wheels! Of course, when you first get started, there are a lot of things you donít know yet. For instance, you may not know what to consider when choosing a pop up camper, or you may not know what sorts of tools you need to bring with you when youíre out in your RV.

Thankfully, weíre here to help you clear up the confusion. Here are a few things that you need to know as a budding RV owner.

You Donít Need To Pack So Much

Before you head out on the road, you will need to start packing to make sure that you have everything with you to make your journey a success. You may be tempted to pack a lot of gear, but you really donít need to. You donít need to bring an entire wardrobe with you and every single product thatís recommended to you on Amazon.

Ultimately, the main things that you need to bring with you are fuel and a rig. Oh, and you and your RV of course! Remember to bring a couple of snacks along for the road, and youíre good to go! Eventually, youíll learn what things work for you and the preparation process wonít be quite so overwhelming.

Know What Tools you Need

We know we literally just said to limit the things that you pack since you probably arenít going to need an entire wardrobe, but you still need to make sure that you pack your essentials. These are vital for ensuring that your journey goes according to plan.

Some things that you should have include a wrench set, so that you have wrenches to work with all of the bolts in the RV. You should also have a tire monitoring kit to make sure that itís safe to drive the RV. Some other things that may come in handy include two way radios, leveling blocks and collapsible wagons.

Stay Close to Home at First

Itís tempting to start traveling to far away places when you first get started with your RV, but itís a good idea to play it safe at first. You will have the time later down the line to take long and intense trips on your RV. At first, you will just need to get a little bit of confidence in using your new home away from home, and you may feel more confident if youíre doing that a little bit closer to home. You may make mistakes when you first get started with your RV, too!

Donít Be Shy!

Everyone who owns an RV was once a novice RV owner. You donít just wake up one day and know everything there is to know about owning an RV, after all! When youíre out with your RV, it always helps to ask others for help if thereís anything that youíre unsure of. Taking the wisdom of veteran RVers is a great way to improve your understanding. You may even find yourself making a new long time friend!

Try Not To Drive at Night at First

If youíre only just getting into driving your RV, you should make sure that youíre driving primarily during daytime hours. It can take a while to get used to traveling with an RV, whether youíre driving it or towing it. For this reason, itís better to try navigating during the daylight until you get a little bit more comfortable with your RV. You also donít want to deal with the unnecessary complications associated with attempting to set up your RV in the dark.

Record the RV Walkthrough On Your Phone

If youíre planning on buying an RV, itís helpful to record the seller when theyíre walking you through how to use the various systems in the RV. Itís very easy to forget things when youíre being told about a lot of different information, so having it for easy reference instead of spending hours trawling through the instruction manual is incredibly helpful. Try to make separate recordings if you can of different parts of the process, for instance on how to operate the auto leveling and preparing your RV for winter. This is something that youíll thank yourself for later on down the line!


So now youíre all set to get out on your exciting RV journey! Just remember, pack all of the things that will make your trip fun, and have plenty of adventures!