5 Best Semi Truck Seats For Long Drives

A semi truck driver leads a very sedentary lifestyle. This means that he or she spends many long hours sitting down.

Without the best semi truck seats, this can be hard. Luckily, as long as you do not make any illegal modifications you make in your truck, the law allows you to change your seat.

Some of the things that you should look for in a long distance truck seat include back support, comfort, recline and as many ergonomic features as possible. With many ready-made truck seats available online, choose keenly so that you can get a durable seat.

Here are 5 best semi truck seats:

Bostrom Pro Ride Seats

Many of the Bostrom Truck seats are made with ergonomic features. They are also very comfortable, made to accommodate your comfort needs when driving long distance on varying terrains. This seat will absorb all the shock of bumps and ruts on the road. You will not feel a thing.

The Bostrom Pro Seat is also designed in such a way that it can prevent or reduce back pain. Because of the leather or the cloth trims, you can drive comfortably in any kind of climate without sweating yourself to dehydration.

The groundbreaking isolating air suspension technology has been incorporated in these seats to stabilize the seat even in the most uneven road conditions.

LegacyLo UtraLeather Seat

It is rare to find a long distance truck seat that can give you the best of two worlds – durability and comfort in the same package. However, the LegacyLo UltraLeather offers much more than that. It is feature-packed, stylish and very comfortable to sit on.

It has been designed with EVC cushion, which is known for its comfort. With D2 foam technology; this seat remains firm for all the days that you will use it. It has a low profile, but a high back to support your back fully when you are at the wheel.

With a shoulder width of 19 inches, this seat is made to accommodate all drivers, including those with large frames. It also has nice armrests, making it look and feel almost as comfortable as an armchair.

Bose Truck Ride Seat

This is a high-end trucking seat maker in the USA. While mostly known for speakers, Bose also dabbles in truck seat manufacturing and by the look of their Ride Seats, they seem to be doing a perfect job. With a 22-inch wide seat area accompanied by a firm but very comfortable cushion, this seat can accommodate even the largest of truck drivers out there.

The seat is designed to be adjustable to three different positions. This is a very helpful feature because different drivers have different needs for tilt, driving angle and reach of the steering wheel.

With adjustable armrests, this allows you to adjust to your most comfortable height. That is not all because the lumbar support for this seat is singly adjustable in the lower and upper lumbar areas.

When you drive long distance in this seat, you will be comfortable and confident because you will know you are taking care of your back health. With a 26-degree reclining angle for the high back, you can be as comfortable as you choose to be.

Black Atlas II DLX Seat

The Black Atlas II DLX Seat is another of the most stylish and comfortable long distance truck seats in the market. You can order this seat online.

Just give all of your truck information so that the best fit can be delivered to you. It is a high back seat with a recline feature. The seat cushion is wide, at 22 inches and can be adjusted in three different positions.

This accommodates differently sized drivers easily. It has an adjustable quad-air lumbar system.

Knoedler Fleethawk Seats

Knoedler is one of the most renowned brand names for truck seats. The Knoedler Fleethawk seat comes in many sizes and budgets.

The seat cushions come padded for comfort during long distance drives. The back has been designed to offer maximum lumbar support by conforming to your torso. The back has a full-recline so that you can sleep comfortably when resting.


Having comfortable seats should be a top priority for any driver and it is more important for truck drivers who go for long distance driving.

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