3 DIY car washing tips you don’t want to miss


Washing a car requires time, expertise and effort to get it done well. To learn how to do it effectively, you should check this review. You may also research online for some tips. This car maintenance procedure is important and will help to ensure that the car remains in good condition for a long time. If you learn how to wash your car, you will also save some money. In most garages and car wash parks, you will also spend more time there waiting for the services. You should learn how to wash your car to save on car maintenance costs.

Here are 3 DIY car washing tips you don’t want to miss:

1.   Cleaning tools

You should have basic car cleaning tools. They include cleaning brushes and buckets. You should have all the tools at hand to ensure that you thoroughly clean your car. You need a microfiber towel, a vacuum cleaner, and a shovel. Having cleaning tools makes the process easier. It is good to also have a powerful water supply unit. The water pressure will help in cleaning the car thoroughly. You should wear protective gloves when cleaning the car. You may opt for the car wash supplies set that contains all the car cleaning tools.

2.   Car Washing detergent

You may do a small review on available car cleaning detergents. But you should choose the best detergent to ensure that your car remains clean. There is a variety of car washing detergents in the market. You may choose the general car wash soap, or wash and wax shampoo. If you want to clean the car thoroughly to remove the paint for a fresh coat, you may use the strip shampoo. You should have cleaning detergents ready to clean the car anytime. If you use the right detergent, you will find it easier to clean the car. You may also opt for a degreaser to ensure that any oil spills or grease can easily be cleaned up. There are special car upholstery cleaners in the market too.

3. Get organized

Being organized will ensure that your car remains clean at all times. This is especially so if you have small kids. They should observe the discipline rules that you set especially about car cleanliness. You should buy car cover seats to prevent dust. Ensure that you also vacuum your car on a daily basis and as many times as possible. You should also have plenty of wipes in the car. This way, in case of spills, they can easily be cleaned up. You should take your car for professional cleaning at least once a month. This ensures that any dirt build-up is completely removed. The cup holders may collect dirt with time. To avoid that, you should line them up and as soon as you notice dirt in the holders, you should remove the lining and dispose of it. You should keep all the important car documents in a box and store it in an organized manner in your car.

Maintaining a clean car is possible if you follow the above tips. Remember that good car maintenance routines will enable you to get more value for your car in case you want to sell it in the future.