List of Top CRM Software to Boost Your Business

For creating effective brand awareness, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) plays a vital role. CRM is an approach to managing company’s interaction with its current as well as future customers. For the effective management of customer relationship, nowadays advanced technologies are used by the organization to automate and synchronize the customer service, sales, marketing and technical support.

Companies employ CRM strategy for the purpose of retaining the existing customers & to influence the target audience. At the same time, CRM assists in minimizing the attrition rate of the customers. Additionally, it focuses on maximizing the number of brand loyal customers as loyal customers are the base of every organization.

Relationship management takes place between a business and its customers and also between a business and other businesses. That is why organizations use various strategies and technologies for the purpose of managing and analyzing customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle to improve the business relationships with customers.

Purpose of a CRM Software

In the current scenario, customer buying behavior is highly unpredictable due to lots of options available for a single product & brand shifting costs nothing to the customer. So, CRM assists the organization to retain the customers and driving the sales growth which further enables the organization to increase the market share. This increase market share assists the organization to create competitive advantage in the market & to create long-term sustainable growth.

In the current scenario, customer buying behavior is highly unpredictable due to lots of options available for a single product & brand shifting costs nothing to the customer. So, CRM assists the organization to retain the customers and driving the sales growth which further enables the organization to increase the market share. This increase market share assists the organization to create competitive advantage in the market & to create long-term sustainable growth.

Nowadays there are various latest CRM software available in the market which assists the organization to create an effective relationship with their customers to understand their need, want, desire & expectation. At the same time, these software assist in getting suggestions, complaints & feedback of the customers.


Latest CRM software are designed to compile the information related to customers across different channels by using various points of contact between the customers as well as a company like – company’s website, live chat, telephone, direct mail, social media, marketing materials, etc. CRM systems enable the organization to get customer-facing staff detailed information regarding customers’ purchase history, personal information, buying preferences, concerns and much more.

In today’ time, CRM software is the much-needed tool when you own a business. This tool is important enough for the steady growth of a business. As nowadays customers are more literate & have various options, so they expect service quality with the product offerings.

In this context, CRM assists to understand the unpredictable behavior of the customers. So that customer always gets the best experience while they step on to your website. But every CRM software does not suit to every business as there is different need of different organizations.

These best Customer Relationship Systems of 2016 not only offer automated support but also advanced systems which are based on artificial intelligence (AI) interface which assists in extracting and analyzing the collected data for handling the basic questions and complaints.

For selecting the best CRM software for your organization we have come up with a  list of the top 10 Best CRM Software which are given below.

Top 10 CRM Software in 2016

1. Salesforce

Salesforce CRM software is all-in-one cloud-based management solution. This software has almost everything that an organization needs in CRM software. This software is the best option for larger businesses and enterprises; however, Salesforce has small business edition too for the purpose of offering the advantage of the robust set of CRM tools and resources in small business which is affordable & available at a friendly price. Salesforce small business solutions offer easy to use platform which has key features of lead generation, opportunity & contact management, workflow automation, sales forecasting, etc.

Salesforce offers mature, highly customizable & robust CRM platform to maximize your organization performance in the industry. It is a cloud base lightning professional software which is one of the top-scoring service providers in the era of effective relationship management with customers in the current scenario. At the same time, this company is working towards expanding its third-party marketplace of apps and add-ons and has also improved its CRM feature which is set by recently integrating acquired software that has automated quote-to-cash platform.

2. Zoho

Zoho is powerful CRM software which does not compromise over quality. Moreover, it is one of the free CRM software which offers all the core functionalities of CRM software without paying money for it. You can access to your data by this software anytime, anywhere for the purpose of giving a new hike to your business by using Zoho CRM’s mobile app.

Zoho CRM is very much popular & through a survey, it can be seen that it is one of the top picks in the top 10 2016 CRM software. It offers amazing customization options with advanced features. If you do not have any specific need of special features, then Zoho is the best option as this software is available at free of cost.

It is amazing software which offers the 360-degree view of the complete sales cycle and pipeline. This software will assist you to identify trends, increase efficiency, spot opportunities and to reduce the costs by providing right path & right answers. You will be able to attract, retain and delight more customers by using this CRM software & to grow your company into a customer-focused organization.

3. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft CRM software gives the assistance to the companies which are seeking to automate and streamline various sales and marketing functions. This software assists to increase the sales by using the latest & advanced technology. This program works properly with computers as well as on mobile technology for the purpose of making a useful adjunct for traveling sales teams. So that they can execute CRM software from anywhere & anytime they want.

Infusion soft streamlines data collection deals with potential sales prospects. It furnishes a lead scoring system to assist the salespeople & to evaluate whether a lead remains “hot” or “cold” regarding purchasing a product. As this function takes care of behavioral, demographic and interactive online information into account so it offers a powerful tool to survive in the market & to create sustainable growth by giving high consideration on sales.

Its robust calendar program allows the sales personnel to track appointments and office tasks as per the schedule to create visibility. It enables the organization to use segmentation feature for the purpose of tailoring the customer messages as specific factors, like – customer demographic information and past purchasing histories. At the same time, this program assists in removing the duplicity of the information.

Additionally, it provides detailed business intelligence regarding customer interactions with brands as well as with website activity histories.

4. Punchh

Punchh is one of the best CRM Software for the top CRM applications of 2016. This CRM software enables you to connect your customers with your business. This is the platform which boosts customer engagement by using a world-class suite of loyalty tools. Punchh enables your organization to get advanced applications that will enable you to create so-called surprise & delight programs with the loyalty promotions.

It adds targeted offers to the market mix which offers comprehensive loyalty strategy that promotes growth. It offers user-friendly, web-based interface which supports an organization to provide customer-friendly mobile apps for the purpose of keeping you in control and to remain aware of the organizational programs. This software also offers tools for gift cards and online ordering which supports the organization to retain the existing customers & to create new customers.

This software offers a platform which drives customer engagement by using industry leading loyalty suite. It includes traditional programs like point-based, visit-based and tiered membership gaming and much more. The Punchh platform offers customer engagement through industry-leading loyalty suite. It offers 360° insights and a platform to automate 1:1 communication with traditional and emerging channels.

5. Intercom

Intercom offers a solid and effective plan to relate with the changing needs of 2016 organization demand. This software offers advanced technology to be implemented and to be utilized in a manner to provide necessary information to the staff for the purpose of making quick decisions and to get the customers’ feedback & suggestions which further assists in growing the business as per the consumer expectations & desire. Intercom is one of the best options of the cloud-based system. It has developed the best CRM Software package available for businesses today.

It assists an organization to almost immediate increase the productivity with the help of this program which will further assist you to make your customers happy as well. Intercom is simple, prompt & personal CRM software to provide proper assistance to the customers of the organization. Moreover, it assists to provide multi-channel support & live customer support. So, that your customers can ask for help and get responses when and where they need by using mobile apps, email, live chat or via social media. It will support you to collaborate behind the scenes, avoid surprises & move faster in a shared team inbox.

6. Highrise CRM

Highrise CRM software has benefited lots of people who have used it. It helps the users to manage their list of customers as well as assist to keep an eye oversee who they have recently contacted and the results of those contacts too. Other information also stored in a way to maintain all the data in a centralized location. It offers amazing flexibility & this feature makes it so powerful. Highrise is the more thoughtful way to keep track over the people conversations and tasks which provides the lifeline to the business.

Highrise is a straightforward and uncomplicated CRM which provides a limited set of basic contact of management features. This app is built for simplicity so it avoids the presence of advanced features and capabilities too. This CRM software gives the facility of a store and shares contact information with the team members of the organization through a central database of contact profiles. It assists the firm to import contact details directly from Gmail, Outlook, Excel, MailChimp and many other 3rd party apps.

7. TeamSupport

TeamSupport is one of the best CRM software of 2016. This is the leading software for the purpose of team support. It is customized software which can be furnished as per the specialized need of the company. At the same time, it assists the organization to maintain help desk support in an effective manner. Additionally, this CRM software maintains a private cloud for the purpose of rendering the services to the clients with its innovative programs which help to integrate the help desk functions with various software platforms.

bridge team of the organization to work better together by removing the element of miscommunications so that customer communication also improves by swiftly addressing the customer issues. It has various key features which are unique and essential to enhance the present organization need & to collaborate the team by delivering cohesive customer support facility.

Its ticket automation service allows the support staff to raise the flag messages by using symbols of words which assist the team to prioritize the customer requests. Moreover, its knowledge base tool suggests the solutions to the clients for trying to solve their own minor issues by themselves. There are several other tools that facilitate the customer self-service and customer community forums.

8. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is software which offers proven sales methodology to focus on the activities to drive deals. This CRM software assists to clearly define & control the way of your deals through the pipeline of the business. This software has built according to a proven sales pipeline management methodology. The primary view of this software is to provide a clear visual interface that assists an organization to take action, remain organized and to stay in control during the complex sales process due to these sales pros, Pipedrive CRM software is loved by the deal makers.

The feature of this software is to give you clarity whenever you need it with the fully customizable feature at all levels & to provide you the easily find stats facility. At the same time, it is easy and intuitive CRM software without any silly restrictions. In the pipeline view, deals are categorized by sales stage. This feature allows your team to develop a clear understanding of your sales momentum and priorities and refocus efforts accordingly. Pipeline not only used by salespeople but also assist in managing workflow, complicated projects, rewards programs etc.

9. infor Epiphany

infor Epiphany understands that maintaining customer relationship is how necessary for an organization. They understand that to maintain effective customer relationship flexibility, consistency & transparency is very much important. That is why infor Epiphany has designed CRM solutions in a way to provide a complete view of the right information with metrics for the purpose of achieving them. This is the best CRM software which suits for different industries such as hospitality, banking, media, telecommunications, media, etc. This CRM product offers the best-of-breed marketing and sales automation with customer satisfaction by using various strategies like customer analysis & interaction intelligence.

By developing customer interaction hub, you will be able to bridging their tools to access relevant information to understand the individual customer needs which assist in identifying the opportunities and to respond to their needs. This software is so fabulous that it assists the organization to get a complete view of every customer & to remain in touch with them across sales, marketing, support teams & customer service. Moreover, it enables the marketer to maximize the impact of every interaction across the entire customer lifecycle.

10. SugarCRM

Sugar CRM is powerful CRM software which empowers its users by building extraordinary customer relationships by using powerful, affordable & adaptable products. Sugar CRM has transformed the enterprises & makes them leading company in the industry.

This is designed as per the current business needs & the way a business runs today by leveraging a world of information and opportunity. This CRM is simply designed for the purpose of removing the complexities which businesses face. This software has industry-specific capabilities with deep integration and unparalleled flexibility which gives you fully control over your business so your business need not compromise over various aspects.


These top CRM software are very much in trend nowadays due to their effectiveness. These software offer astonishing features & tools for the purpose of improving your business relation with the customers & to maximize the company sales & marketing share. At the same time, these software also enable the company to create the easy maintenance of customer data at a single place.

Additionally, customized feature of these software assist to provide a plan as per the individual organization need. You can select any of the CRM software mentioned in the list as per your need, want & budget to satisfy your organization need & to give new height to your business by creating an effective customer relationship. Do tell us if you feel the above mentioned top 10 CRM software 2016 list is worthy for you.


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