10 Top Free Project Management Tools for Businesses

Have you eternally tried working on a project without project management software, then you have missed something huge. A small wrong step in a plan can overturn almost everything, all your hard wok and strategy can be a loss. To err is human and not businesses can survive these missteps. Thier might be money on the stakes, and your business can be completely wiped out.

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50 Free Brochure Templates for Offline Marketing

Find some of the best free brochure templates available in formats like PSD and Vector files, you can download these all for free, and use them in your next design project. A brochure is used for advertising your business offline, and it comes in a variety of formats and types. Bi-fold, Tri Fold are familiar names known in this industry, for the following free brochure templates, you will find a mix of Bi-Fold and tri-fold brochures.

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101 Best Photoshop Tutorials For Beginner to Advanced

The year 2013 was an excellent year for Photoshop tutorials with some remarkably clever and enticing tutorials from experts like Fabrizio Panattoni, Narendra Keshkar and Dek Wid among others. Photoshop is an extremely robust image editing tool. Learning to use this tool is not a difficult task if and only if you put in efforts to comprehend each and every tool within Photoshop.

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100+ Creative Resumes Examples for Inspiration

If you are looking to get a new job, then you should see the following creative resumes that we have collected. Creative resumes are very popular among people looking for a job. As when it comes to job hunting, the first thing that comes to our mind is a making a resume that outshines other people’s resume. And when we think of creating a resume, we mostly think of something that is clean and contains detailed information that can impress any employer on a given day.

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59 Best Free Themes From WordPress Themes Library

Around 34% of websites on the Internet make use of a content management system or CMS. From these 34%, more than half utilize WordPress 58.5%. Developer support and the ease of use has pushed WordPress right on the top of the industry. Additional CMS, such as Drupal and Joomla have lost a tremendous amount of market share since WordPress has gained in popularity.

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