5 Most Useful Free Online Spell-Checker Tools

Free Online Spell-Checker Tools

This post is a guest contribution from Ananya Banerjee. Spell-checkers have, in a way, always existed for writers and helped them write better. Earlier it was in the form of people who acted as proof-readers, who would dedicatedly go through massive amounts of texts to look for possible grammatical and language errors. And there would be friends and relatives who would do … [Read more...]

10 Best Free Graphic Design Software

In the highly artistic and introspective sphere of graphic design software, there is a sector standard of innovation and excellence that empowers firms to create fascinating pieces of work. The things that used to be manipulated, drawn and edited by human hands has become purely digital in the recent years. … [Read more...]

PC Shortcuts that are Heavily Useful

PC Shortcuts that are Heavily Useful

Do you know with shortcut keys on your keyboard, every PC owner can save a lot of time? Like Printing can be done with simply going to your file menu and hitting the Print option from there, but if you use a shortcut like CTRL button and the letter P (CTRL+P) it can get you the same result. … [Read more...]