Best Kid Tracker of 2017 – Locate your child with GPS Devices

Best Kid Tracker of 2017 - Locate your child with GPS Devices
Jaspal Singh   April 26, 2017 Best

Tracking your kid has gone to another level in 2017, you have loads of GPS trackers that enable your smartphone to check the whereabouts of your child with the installable apps. The next time you ask someone “Where is my child?” and other heart-stopping questions related can now be answered with the help of technology.

These lightweight GPS trackers can work for a day or two with full charge and some other devices like smartwatches and backpack trackers can also work in background to give you full control over your child’s vicinity.

Let’s have a look which are the best GPS trackers for kids.

Best Kid Tracker

Trax Play

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trax playWith features like augmented reality tracking and geofencing, this user-friendly GPS tracker for kids provides a smartphone app that will help keep tabs on your kid. There new and improved version has better signal retrieval and positioning, but like other GPS trackers it still struggles a bit in the department of in-house tracking. Hopefully future updates can solve this common issue.

Weighing at 4.87 ounces and battery life of 48 hours, this kid tracker has apps available on Android and iOS app stores. The monthly service cost – $4, with two year agreement and it doesn’t support calling or  text messages. The network on which with runs in GSM/GPRS Quad-band.

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FiLIP 2 GPS Watch

Buy Now at $130 from Amazon

This GPS enabled watch FiLIP 2 is not a complete smartwatch, but it has number of feature that will be liked by many parents, if they get it. This watch is not available on stores from any retail partner right now, but you can get it from Amazon. This lightweight smartwatch weighs about 2 ounces and that’s why even younger kids will be able to wear it comfortably. For growing kids you can use stretchable band extenders that will allow you to use smartwatch easily.

FiLIP 2You can get your FiLIP activated via AT&T’s website which is again easy. The SafeZones feature will allow you to add multiple area from the app, but the address of locations need to exact otherwise you may face problems configuring it. Another long lag is expected and about 10 mins is the time it takes to report entering or exiting a zone via push notification on the app. The GPS is accurate to few feet and it is quite good actually.

This watch allow you to call two ways to the feeded numbers and a red emergency button requires 4 sec of pressing to get activated which will automatically place calls to your contacts until somebody answers it and instant notification are also sent on your phone. The biggest plus of this device is the ability to initiate two way calling and sending SMS alerts quickly.

Owners from Amazon has an lowest rating of 2 and its been accredited as a good kid-friendly GPS. The audio quality is said to be disappointing but the two way calling feature is said to be the best in FiLIP 2.

Caref GPS Phone Watch for Kids

Buy Now at $49 from Amazon

Caref kids trackerCaref with its three service plans and impressive pinpoint locater offers a lot of potential. Although the setup process is a bit complicated and you have to wait for 10-min lag for the exact position. Another annoying thing is finding the correct app for usage. MyCaref is the app which you will require to track everything and it also allow you to create geofencing which is again good as it also allow two way calling.

The low-resolution digital readout is tough to comprehend, but its display to good to read yourself. The calling feature and text support is quick and you will find the quality of calls to be surprisingly good. The SOS button will give instant calls to contacts saved in the device and it will keep calling until someone answers.

Look wise Caref isn’t that attractive or eye-catchy, and randomly it will catch your attention by playing a lullaby on occasions. Overall battery backup is quite good and it will last more than a day if moderately. Its not water resistant, so be careful and don’t submerge it.

According to reviews on Amazon and a rating of 2.6, some people are happy about its features and some are critical due to build quality of the watch, still a pretty decent device that you should surely give a try.

Which of these trackers are useful to you? Are you using something else to track your kids? Do tell us in comments below.

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