Word Flow Keyboard brings Arc Mode for one-hand typing on iOS

Word Flow for iPhone is one of the latest projects from Microsoft Garage that has provided us with a super-speed keyboard that has nice customization options and also a new to type with arc mode, so you can easily type one-handed.

From the screenshot below you will get the exact idea, how this free app from Microsoft will provide better typing and at fast speeds.

Word Flow Keyboard


Some of the most good things about this apps is that it’s fairly simple and fast, you can just tap or you can swipe to type in words and it detects any mistakes and corrects it immediately.

It learns your typing habits, and you will get recommendations for the next word in your sentence, so in time your typing speed will increase.

It also access your Contacts, so that it can predict names quickly for you and you can go more quickly to contacting someone from your phonebook.


With Word Flow you also get options to personalize your app by changing background images. These images can be picked from what Microsoft have added, plus you can also add your own image. With every other update, you can expect more images in their app that will come pre-loaded.

One hand typing

You can switch your keyboard to a Arc mode and for all those large screen iPhone, you can get ergonomic typing experience. Word Flow as of now supports only English language and only in US.

If you are looking for something similar then you can useMicrosoft’s Swiftkey keyboardand it has support for over 150 languages.

Microsoft Garage is basically for experimental projects and Microsoft have small teams dedicated to several ground breaking projects. You can check out their projects here.

So, did you like the new arc mode app from Microsoft? Do tell us, which keyboard you prefer on your mobile device and why?