What Digital Marketing Trends Will Dominate 2017?

What Digital Marketing Trends Will Dominate 2017?

2016 has been a year of revising old tactics and developing new strategies for digital marketing. All in all, 2016 has been a rewarding and eventful year for all SEO experts and digital marketers who have taken the year to learn the ways of the Penguin 4.0. Experts say 2017 will see the digital market expand with a boom. 2017 will be the year of complete digitization during which mobile devices will take the charge from computers.

Most of the applications will become mobile based and the marketing strategies will also see a shift towards mobile devices. Holding an MBA or similar masters degree is surely going to help you secure a job in this stiff competitive industry.


The year for dedicated apps

Next year will see a surge of mobile users that will obliterate the concept of desktop niche applications and tools. As a matter of fact, 2016 saw Google slowly but brutally phasing out all websites that were not mobile-optimized. Google has already called for application indexing and that is certainly going to usher in a future of dedicated apps. Although complete replacement of websites and website content is years away, we cannot deny the possibility of a dedicated app furor in 2017!

Induction of social conversion

The power of social media has been preached time and again, but it never gets out of fashion. For example, in 2017, we are hoping to experience massive social conversion. Although it sounds more like a crusade, it will simply be the integration of social media to ecommerce websites that will provide glorious opportunities for improving conversion rates.

PPC and Native Ad nuptials

The average CTR is a bombing 0.1% this year. So no wonder, 2017 will see a complete overhaul of all online advertisements. Firstly, native ads will see a resurrection. Secondly, PPC will adopt native ad techniques to create more impact on the target audience. PPC or pay per click ads have been extremely rewarding in the past, but off late the click through rate have plummeted and hit bedrock. It is evident that online advertising will need a CPR if it has to survive the mobile race in 2017. If you are already wondering where to invest the lion’s share of your PPC fund, we will advise you to go with Tumblr and Instagram for the coming year.

Video ads will see a comeback

We loved it, we hated it but we could not ignore it when Facebook came up with their first video post. Then came the sneaky video ads which disguised themselves as posts and found their way to our walls. Well, believe it or not, these sneaky ads actually worked. More people saw them and remembered them. Moz, Unbounce and Hallmark are saying it already, 2017 will be massive for video ads and sponsored videos. 96% of the B2B content marketers are already using videos in their content strategy. It is only a matter of time the rest catch up!

Better find the buy button

Ahoy online retailers! Did you notice when the Buy Button became a part of Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter? Well, this is the new trend that has started in 2016 and will continue well into 2017. If you miss this one out, you may be losing big bucks each day. Whether you love it or hate it, the Buy Button will keep growing till you are bound to acknowledge its existence. So better pucker up and add that button to your ads that are going out on public social media.

Massive change in search algorithm is due in 2017

Google has introduced small but significant changes in algorithm throughout the past few years after Hummingbird took charge. The change has been quite gradual, and the latest Penguin 4.0 has proven to be a boon for good SEO practices. But we know from Google’s proclivity towards change that 2017 is going to bring about a massive change in algorithm. This will call for newer parameters that will decide which page finds a higher rank in the Google SERPs. This calls for colossal changes in SEO and SERP rankings, something that was seen during and after the Penguin updates in April 2012.

Welcome a time for dense content

There was a time where packing articles with keywords brought you closer to the top of the SRLs and then there came a time when doing the same invited a penalty. But gradually we saw the dawn of good quality content with low density of high volume keywords that were favored by the Google search engine. We are expecting a similar change in 2017 with the later versions of the Penguin 4.0 update. This algorithm makes Google capable of “understanding” content, context of a keyword and the nuances of usage. Next year might just see the surge of dense content where crafters do not care about the length of the content as long as it is packed with authenticated information. It is time for short snippets of information that covers as much area as possible within a few words.


2017 may seem like a confounding time to be a digital marketer, but it will definitely challenge us with a steep learning curve. Coming year will revolutionize digital marketing and content marketing by changing all the known parameters and bringing new players into the survival game.

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