QBracelet – A Smartphone Charger with Extra Style

Smartphones are getting bigger and better, but the battery is dying faster as well, with innovation in gadget industries many companies have tried to provide support by producing efficient charging techniques.

One of those latest gadgets that can support your smartphone to last longer for the day is QBracelet – that is a metallic accessory that doubles a charger to provide 60% more power to your smartphone.

QBracelet will cost you $79 USD and is in pre-order phase. The device will be available via shipping later this year.

Designs was founded in August 2013 by James Kernan, and shortly after Alessandro Libani joined him as a cofounder and COO. Together they both combined their love for luxury fashion & design with the growing emergence of technology. From the early days James & Alessandro felt that technology didnít have be ugly or confusing, and by applying the same high standards of quality and design from the luxury fashion industry to technology they believed they could create stunning products. The key was to use beautiful materials to form minimalistic designs that were simple and provided a technology function that was useful and not frivolous. via

When QBracelet was designed it was made out of the best materials, which would allow it to have both a beautiful finish and be durable. For this reason we chose to use the same stainless steel that watch manufactures have used for decades. This special type of stainless steel is safe for the skin, and provides a durable long-lasting finish. After the metal is carefully crafted in our manufacturing facility we apply a special PVD coating which gives the QBracelet its color, and provides even further durability. The end result is a beautifully crafted fashion accessory.

Here are some of the promo shots and video.

Qbracelet stylish smartphone charger 5

Qbracelet stylish smartphone charger 4

Qbracelet stylish smartphone charger 3

Qbracelet stylish smartphone charger 2

Qbracelet stylish smartphone charger 1