Prisma Review – Turn Photos into Art with your Smartphone

After iPhone, Prisma is now available on Android and it’s one of the most popular and trending app at the moment. People are getting addicted to change their clicked photos into an artistic mode and then share them on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

If you are one of those persons that love to click photos and post them on your social networking sites, then Prisma is the App you should try. I took my time off working, and I tried this app and here are some observations that I wanted to share.

Prisma is pretty easy to use and anybody that have already used a photo editing app or a photo sharing app before will not face any trouble whatsoever.

After launching the app, you can click a photo, or you can select an existing photo from your smartphone for editing. Your picture will then be cropped in 1:1 ratio and you can apply any artistic filter to your image.

The time is taken for a filter to be used a bit longer, and many users might feel frustrated by it, but believe that time of using a filter is worth waiting.

The current filters have 20 art filters that are worth watching and from those nifty art filters, you will also find famous names that mastered those art effects in real life. Like The Scream filter by Edvard Munch and another good one is by Roy Lichtenstein names as Go for Baroque. Many more filters are awaited as officials have told they are making some cool new filters for the app.

prima art filter effect on a photo

Prisma has an advantage of having a social sharing button, while you are editing the photos. Means you do not have to save the photos after editing, and you can share it directly to your Instagram and Facebook account.

So, just edit and share.

To conclude this short review, I would say Prima App is easy to use and very intuitive. You can have lots of artistic photo edits and make creative photos that are different from what you might have done before can be achieved with this fresh and fantastic app.