The World’s First ‘Physical Social Network’

A company Good Night Lamp has come up with the world’s first Physical Social Network. This social network is getting all sort of names from people like a ‘nightlight’ or a simple ‘lamp’.

The Good Night Lamp is a beautiful looking light in the shape of a house. Good Night Lamp makes the wall and roof emits a shine, warm light and whose wooden flue acts like it is a light switch. Apart from it, it is a practical reading map with a beautiful, simple design.

This little lamp has some big technologically laced devices that make it the perfect combo of beauty plus brains. When you purchase a Good Night Lamp, you will receive a set of two lamps, one large house-shaped lamp, and another one small house-shaped lamp.

When you turn on the big Lamp, the little lamp turns on too. When you turn on the little lamp, the big lamp turns on too. Even if these two lamps are in different countries with different time zones but still, they will remain connected. There is no requirement of Wi-Fi network. It is no matter for them that how far they are in the world!

While this is a high-technically laced device and designer product, so it has designed for physical representation of warmth with family and connection between loved ones. It means nightlight lamp connects the people. So it is called as a ‘Physical and Social Network’.

The Good Night Lamp is a unique way to keep in touch with the friends, family or work mates. This is the beautiful way to keep in touch with your children and family members when you are apart or even when you are in the same house.
It will help the siblings too for sending messages to each other from their different bedrooms. This could also be a beautiful way to connect with your elderly, without using mobile that spend much time alone at home.

The Good Night Lamp is still in the process of development. However, will be available to purchase soon in the market. For the buying purpose, you can sign up to their website to find out when it is available to buy.

However, now for the bad news is that the Good Night Lamp will only work in the U.K., U.S., and the E.U. However, there are plans afoot to extend the network further also.

Household level energy conversion, exchange and storage of technologies are assumed to pass through the energy infrastructure for the future need. These novel technologies will influence the entire infrastructure in a bottom to up way. And both technically and socially too. Not only the social network that consists households, network managers, energy suppliers, and producers but also the physical networks get influence.

This paper not only describes but also conceptualizes a complex systems approach towards energy infrastructures based on a substantial penetration of decentralized technologies.

So that Households contain an energy hub; i.e. an interface between some energy sources and loads. Families can interact with each other and with other actors via their hubs.

See the video for discovering new way to use this lamp.

You can now buy the Good Night Lamp (shipping on December 4th 2015 to UK & EU customers)

What do you think? Is it a good idea? We would like to hear your thoughts on it.