Photoshop in Chromebook

Google Chrome will now have the ability to run Photoshop, according to Google latest update on their blog they mentioned about the Adobe Creative cloud integration with Google Drive.

This latest streaming version will be first started for Photoshop in Chromebook, that runs from the cloud. Adobe has termed this partnership as ‘Project Photoshop Streaming’ and is running beta for selected participants.

This version of Photoshop will always be updated via Google Drive and you can download or upload your art directly from Photoshop to the cloud. So, no installation required and IT admins can deploy as many Photoshop users in a matter of seconds.

Here’s some of the features Adobe lists:

  • Creative tools: Streaming access to Photoshop with other products coming soon
    Access from any Windows device with a Chrome browser or from a Chromebook
  • Learning tools: Access to Adobe Education Exchange learning content and in-app Learning panel called ‘Learn Now.’
  • Project Photoshop Streaming Feedback and Forum support

So, what’s your take on Chromebooks now? Do you want to buy them yet? Have you used any chromebook lately.