LG V20 Review

LG v20 is LG’s crown jewel with a tag of the first phone to get launched with Android 7.0 Nougat, featuring to be the killer smartphone of 2016 boosting the smartphone market with its amazing attributes and features.

This is redesigned with a great new look, its stainless steel rails and durable skin material enables it to swap the perfect metal body with polycarbonate on the top and the bottom chin shaping it into an extremely good looking phone.

Its physical styling gives an essence of splendid smartphone which is ideal for the people wedded to sharp quality video and audio.

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The physical features standing it out from the box are:

  • LG v20 has a dimension of 159.7 ×78.1 ×7.6 mm weighing 174 grams. It has dual HD display one with 5.7 inch and other with 2.1 inches with a smooth- buttery touch. The screen is of corning Gorilla glass 4 protecting it from shocks and drops. Thus, it is sturdy enough and can endure flop and jolts. The secondary display is slightly larger and has brighter colours than the v10 but does not have difference in functionality.
    This feature gives an interesting outlook showing app notifications, apps shortcuts, recently used apps, media control, upcoming calendar events, favourite contacts, quick toggles to basic settings like Wi-Fi, camera, et cetera. The physical aura of this phone is pleasing and admissible.
  • This smartphone has very tactile buttons which are handy and abiding.
  • This metal smartphone comes with the most wanting feature of removable battery and expandable storage memory which is bereft in present smartphones. The removable battery is powered with 3200 mAh having a quick charging response.
  • Its hardware showcases excellent quality comprehending 1.6GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 Quad processor and RAM of 4GB coupled with 32/ 64 GB external memory expandable to 2TB.

It offers Sterling features which make stand out the crowd. These are as follows:

  1. Finest fingerprint sensor.

It works extremely well, quickly with great accuracy which gives the substance of effortless sensing instead of pressing power button for waking up the phone which effectively takes less time to setup, unlike other phones.

A sensor like IR blaster also provides a unique feature enabling interfacing with peripherals.

  1. Astounding Sound Quality.

The quad DAC gives studio sound quality with less distortion and noise providing higher quality audio content having dynamic range. It is also capable of recording high-quality audio with its built in HD audio recorder.

  1. Impressive add on.

With heavy skin performance, multi-window support, customised screen, touch responsiveness and efficient multitasking aspects it also equips with better graphics and gaming performance.

  1.  Improved video and camera manual.

There are two rear cameras and one front camera distinguishing LG v20 from other phones, the main sensor of 16mp and the other one of 8mp catering wider angles. The camera at front yields both standard and wider angles modes for sharp and perfect shots. This phone has feature rich camera embracing numerous manual control with inbuilt focus peaking.

There are several slots of control for video recording extending it to audio which furnishes videos because of gainer, limiter, wind noise, low cut filters including the ability to change the microphone sensitivity.

A high-quality video at motion can also be featured easily due to its optical stabilisation and steady record software.

A big beautiful display, good metal design a feature-rich camera and an awesome audio experience, cleaner playback and fast and fluid specs make it exclusive and mesmeric.

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