Letstrack Personal I Tracking Device Review


The Letstrack personal GPS tracker is the GPS tracker uniquely intended for individual utilize. Individuals who stress over their friends and family and need to know where they are currently can track them progressively. Indeed, even you can utilize it to track the present area of your vehicle or different things. Letstrack individual GPS tracker is really useful for kids and ladies.

Letís take a look at the specifications of the Letstrack GPS tracker

  • What will you get into the box?

A tracking device, charger, and USB cable



Water resistant






GPS Receiver


Compatible with

Android iOS

Battery Type

1000mAh Li-ion battery

Battery life

1-2 days (approx)


55 g


50*50*18 mm

The Useful Features

  • Real-time tracking: You can track your companions, family, workers and in addition partners with the constant following of Letstrack GPS trackers. This component empowers you to track in the present time with the correct area in a flash.
  • SOS: This is the key component of Letstrack individual GPS tracker. It sends alarms progressively with the total area points of interest of the gadget if a person that is in risk presses the SOS/freeze catch.
  • 24-hour history: Don’t you have room schedule-wise to track your companions, family, representatives and in addition associates continuously? At that point look at all the missed on only a solitary screen and never stress over them again.
  • Speed alerts: Set your own speed confines and get alarms at whatever point it achieves the greatest. You can profit by this component from the Letstrack following application. Get cautions immediately and track every one of your companions, family, and representatives and in addition associates.
  • Zone alerts: Letstrack following application empowers you to make zones for following your companions, family, representatives and in addition partners. It cautions you each time the concerned individual enters/leaves the assigned territory.
  • Offline GPS data recovery: This gadget has a one of a kind element to store disconnected GPS information, which implies it will store the GPS tracker areas notwithstanding when your gadget is disconnected (GPRS inaccessible and GPS accessible) and posts the disconnected memorable date to separate as soon gadget is on the web and associated with GPRS.
  • Waterproof: With the capacity of waterproofing, this gadget gives considerably more advantages along with its eye-catching features.

This little equipment GPS tracker can oversee utilizing the free Letstrack application accessible on the particular cell phone application store. You simply need to interface the gadget to the Letstrack application which thus gives you a chance to track your friends and family quickly. Regardless of whether you are following a man in your neighborhood far away you require not stress on account of this gadget tracks people all around independent of your too their area. This Device is appropriate for outside individual following, it won’t get strong signals in indoor areas. Once the gadget is taken open air from an indoor area with poor signs, it may take a couple of minutes to interface with server relying upon your area.

Step by step instructions to setup Letstrack GPS tracker

You have to follow only 4 steps to setup the tracker for tracking.

  1. Download the Letstrack application on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Open the application and tap on gadget alternative to connect your Letstrack with your cell phone.
  3. On the following screen include the Device name (whatever you need), select the Device ID given at the posterior of your Letstrack gadget and select the gadget write. As we are utilizing the Personal Letstrack gadget so we will choose the Personal Icon.
  4. When you have effectively included the gadget, you can in a split second begin following it.


Letstrack gives ongoing GPS following information and furthermore enable you to make a gathering and can talk over WhatsApp as the constant informing application. We are utilizing this tracker for in excess of 2 weeks and did not discover any trouble in following our area particularly of my beautiful auto. The information it gives was likewise precise. We confront a signal issue when we kept the gadget indoor yet open air it was great. The gadget is waterproof so additionally not an issue in the event that you conveying it in a rain. The organization asserts the battery backup of this gadget is between 1-2 days. However, we got almost 1 and a half day battery backup.


  • Real-time Tracking
  • Android and iOS support
  • Waterproof
  • Free app


  • The battery backup could be better
  • Itís kind of more expensive than other GPS trackers available in the market.


The Letstrack individual GPS tracker is perfect for youngsters, adolescents, ladies, and senior citizens. It can be set in a pack or kept in the pocket, being little it could be utilized prudently as well. This GPS tracker tracks your youngster/resources in the briefest time with numerous up and coming highlights. This skilled GPS tracker keeps your friends and family and additionally assets safe.

The Letstrack personal I tracking device is little and minimized in the estimate which implies you can put it anyplace even in your pocket. Likewise, the considerable thing about the gadget is that it is waterproof. Thus, on the off chance that you need to track your friends and family every minute you can purchase this, in any case, the gadget worked fine apart from the battery backup and low indoor signal quality.