10 Super Keyboards for your New and Old PC

If you are searching for a keyboard that can fulfill your expectations, then now you have many options than before. However, it is hard to find out the best keyboard for your PC that can meet your needs.

Here we are offering you a wide variety of the best keyboards for PC. Whether you are searching a keyboard for comfort ability, all-in-one design, long typing sessions, intense shooter games, or for typing on the phone or tablet. This list covers all these criteria even many more (I even got my gaming keyboard from here after doing all the research of putting this review together.)

  1. Best ergonomic keyboard: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Keyboards of Microsoft’s Sculpt series are a favorite one for the fans of ergonomic. Its latest desktop set has a unique design of split. This design helps you to provide more comfortable position by offering lifts and angles to your hands.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Moreover, its large pad helps you to keep your wrist comfy. Its number pad is wireless and detached that allow you to place it on the right side or left side or even in the desk drawer as per your need and preference. Mostly retailers prefer to carry the Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard as a desktop set with the mouse, but if you want the keyboard alone, then the “business” package removes the mouse.

  1. Best media keyboard: Logitech Illuminated Living-room

If you need a keyboard for your home theater PC, then Logitech Illuminated Living-room set is ideal. It is also best if you need an integrated touchpad with all-in-one design. It offers you the combination of keyboard and mouse functions.

Logitech Illuminated Living-room

The backlit keys of this keyboard offer you the facility of operating the keyboard during pitch-dark horror movie also. This model’s features are integrated with media keys, and it works both over Bluetooth as well as with Unifying receiver. Its media keys are also double as compare to navigation keys to connect it with iOS or Android devices.

  1. Best Gaming Keyboard: Corsair Vengeance K70

Corsair Vengeance K70 is a high-end gaming keyboard. It has taken the place of old-fashioned mechanical keyboards because of its superior tactical feel. It has lots of features that include – a detachable wrist rest, full backlighting, full key rollover, 1-6 keycaps for easy selection without looking at your hands, a braided cord and many more.

Corsair Vengeance K70

The Vengeance K70 is the standard model. However, the K65 offers a tenkeyless design. Moreover, the K90 is a design that includes that has extra programmable keys for MMO-style games.

  1. Best typist keyboard: Cooler Master NovaTouch KL

Mechanical keyboards are not only good for gamers but also for typist too. The extra travel in the switches are often preferred by those who need to type for hours at a time for work. Cooler Master has adapted its Storm designs specifically for typists, and the result is the NovaTouch TKL.

Cooler Master NovaTouch KL

NovaTouch TKL has integrated media controls, Custom Hybrid Capacitive switches, O-rings for sound dampening, a tenkeyless design, and a removable USB cord that makes easy wire routing. These are some premium features of this keyboard design. As the NovaTouch Keyboard’s features are premium, its price is also expensive. This keyboard is even more expensive than Das Keyboard that is the previous favorite keyboard among the best typists.

  1. Best compact keyboard: Vortex Pok3r

Vortex Pok3r is a keyboard that is for the person who loves mechanical keyboards and has a need to travel with the keyboard. It has the best travel-friendly design. It is a Poker series of Vortex.

Vortex Pok3r

It is a tiny keyboard that does not have a number pad, function row and editing and arrow key. It replaces these keys with the combinations of extra customizations. Vortex Pok3r has a strong aluminum body case, and its PBT keys do not pick up fingerprint oil stains or dirt quickly. These keyboards are not easily available. However, you get it easily through online retailers.

  1. Best iPad Keyboard: Logitech BLOK

If you need a sleek iPad for a laptop then, there are unlimited options for a keyboard. Moreover, Logitech makes one of the best keyboards: Logitech Blok. Logitech Blok is a combination of case and keyboard.

Logitech BLOK

It has a sturdy deck also for typing purpose. Its case protects it from drop impacts. It also includes an adjustable kickstand. That is why there is no need to purchase any other accessory with it. This keyboard has a full function row. It has a separable protective case. So, that you are unburdened. However, its limitation is that it is only compatible with the iPad Air 2.

  1. Best multi-device keyboard: Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

If you need for a single keyboard for your tablet, your desktop PC, and for your phone to type, then Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard is the best option for you.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

It has customized keys that help you with navigation on your mobile devices. The size of this keyboard is small that gives you comfort ability during travel. Still not so small that brings uncomfortable while using a conventional computer.

  1. Best Mac Keyboard: Das Keyboard 4 for Mac

Many keyboards made particularly for Mac OS X. Still most of them are only cheaper imitations of serviceable Bluetooth keyboard. That includes all its iMacs of Apple (and sells separately for Mac Mini or laptop users).

Das Keyboard 4 for Mac

If you are going to get a new Mac Keyboard then, why not go with a modern classic? The Das Keyboard Model 4 has a Mac-specific option and OS X layout from which users are familiar. Additionally it has tried and tested mechanical key switches with Brown or Cherry MX Blue options. This keyboard also includes some modern touches too, such as volume and dedicated media keys.

  1. Best budget keyboard: Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600

If you have a need for a keyboard that should be cheap, reliable and in your budgetary form, then go for Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600. It will fit in your bill.

Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600

It has standard membrane keys that are in the classic layout and a number pad. It has some extra features also. That are – volume, calculator, and media keys. Its MSRP is just $17. You just need to provide an open USB port for this keyboard.

  1. Best combo: Marathon Mouse M705 & Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

If you want to change both your keyboard and your mouse at the same time with the upgrade version, then this one-two punch from Logitech is the best option for you. There is no need for a battery with The Wireless Solar Keyboard K750.

Solar Keyboard K750

If we talk about the Marathon Mouse then it also almost does not need the battery. This keyboard and mouse will go up to three years. Its keyboard and mouse have an MSRP of $60 and $50 respectively, so this combo pack helps you to save around $10. These both pieces get to connect to your PC to a single Unifying receiver.

If you have any query related to keyboard for your PC, then you can comment us below.