How to get the Best Result from the New Snapchat Update

Currently, Snapchat got massive upgrades. The latest version of this app can be rolled out to iOS and Android. It has added a suite of new selfie tools, a new Trophy case feature, in-app purchases and many more.

You can also add rainbow tongues to your Snapchat selfies and get extra replays too.

There are so many Snapchat Updates, so it is hard to say where to start. We have searched for all the most important features for you in this update and side-by-side providing you the best tips and tricks for using them. These tips are useful for the Snapchat newbie as well as hardcore power users too.

Animated Selfies a.k.a ‘Lenses’

The biggest Snapchat Update is the addition of “Lenses,” that offers you the facility of adding an array i.e. of special effects for taking a photo with the front-facing camera. For unlocking the lenses, you need to hold down your face when the front-facing camera is open in the app. After that, you need to select the effects from the row i.e. on the bottom and should follow the instructions. Through Lenses, you are not only limited to the still images but also you can record videos with effects through holding down Lens.

Right now there are seven different effects. These effects include a rainbow tongue and animated heart eyes also. It was powered by Looksery that is why its effects look familiar.

You get the best effects when you are facing the camera straight-on and for the best results you also need to remove your glasses, because the Lenses have some difficulty to distinguish between the glasses and the eyeballs.

Friend emojis explained

Snapchat also includes a guide to the app’s i.e. friend emojis system. You can use the emojis of Snapchat to describe the relationship with the people with whom you are exchanging the messages.


You can find this feature on the app’s main settings menu. When you swipe down the camera, it can be found in the top right corner of the app.

You need to go to Additional Services -> Manage -> Friend Emojis.

You can also reset your friendís emojis by using this menu. This is helpful when you are worried about someone snooping in your app and also for customizing emoji that your friends are using. You only need to select the emoji you want to change and then pick a new one of your choice.

Extra replays and the Trophy Case

Snapchat has added the ability to unlock extra replays through in-app purchase. Moreover, you will get one free replay per in a day period, and if you want an additional three, then you have to pay $0.99, for 10 $2.99 and 20 $4.99. Still with the paid replays you can just replay a snap for one time. That is why you needed to use separate messages for your replays purpose.

Another playful feature is the Trophy Case is i.e. recently updated. Each trophy has a different emoji that shows various achievements, such as using a particular feature or to reaching an individual score.

For sending a video Snapchat, you need to unlock the VHS tape trophy. In a single Snap, you can use five or more pen colors and can unlock the lollipop. Available trophies are still not clear, and Snapchat also updates the trophies on a regular basis in the future.

You can even get some new trophies with iOS 9.1, that includes lots of new emoji characters.