Haptik Personal Assistant App for Complete Convenience

When it comes to getting things done everyday, convenience is key for me. Especially when the bigger idea is to live the The Good Life. And in today’s perpetually active lifestyle, where I am constantly on the move and juggling a million tasks, things have a tendency to fall out of rhythm and it gets difficult to manage everything.

While there is assistance available in the form of apps, more often than not, they do not offer ‘complete convenience’ at a single point. And while I do end up jumping between various Apps to get things done, I have to agree that I do waste a considerable amount of time in doing so.

And call it a boon or blessing in disguise, when I recently discovered Haptik through a friend, all my thoughts about wasting time and not getting enough done in a day were put to rest.


Introduced in 2014 under Android and iOS platforms, Haptik is a Personal Assistant App which does multiple tasks for you from setting alarms to booking your flights/hotels to getting your recharge done and lots more!

For me, what made Haptik stand out from the millions of apps out there, is that it uses a chat platform with channel experts at the backend who take up queries asked by users. Haptik currently has a 4.6 rating on Google Play and a 30% monthly usage increase which is a clear indication of how tremendously useful it is.

Want to book a Hotel? Want to get your recharge done? Or wait, do you need a carpenter? Or no, you simply want to set alarm to wake up at 7? Want to order food online? Want to find the nearest ATM? HAPTIK, your personal assistant, gets all of it done in through chats in a matter of minutes.

After multiple chats under flight booking segment, food ordering segment, recharge segment and many more, I fell in love with the way Haptik has been designed. The UI is slick, the experts are prompt in replying to queries and the App in itself is extremely simple to use. Since there are real humans answering all queries, the job not only gets done real quick, the answers are also precise and accurate. This is a major difference that makes Haptik different from the other apps in its segment.


All requirements be it generic (flight ticket booking, recharge, food ordering) or specific (web check-in, finding the nearest ATM, scheduling a courier) has been taken care of on the App. Not only that – when trying to book flight tickets for my trip to Mumbai, my assistant got me the cheapest rate in less than a minute. I checked across the web and the deal sent by my assistant really turned out to be the best one. So 2-3 taps and a simple text and you get what you desired. Nothing short of epic, really!


Everyone with a smartphone is a target audience for Haptik. It is a virtual assistant for everyone who can/cannot afford a real one, and the best part it Haptik comes for free and may just be more efficient than a real assistant.

Just to give you a brief idea of just what all Haptik is capable of, enlisted below are the fields that the mobile application covers.

  1. Online Shopping
  • Buy clothes, electronic items
  • Get to know the best deals of the day
  • Send gifts, cakes or flowers to your loved ones.
  1. Set up reminders according to your requirements.
  • Meeting, Waking Up, Birthday, drink water and many more.
  1. Mobile Recharge
  • Quick Recharge
  • Find the best plans according to your requirements
  1. Food
  • Everything from Online Ordering to Table reservations
  1. Flight/Train/Cabs/Buses/Hotel Booking
  • All travel Information
  • Get guaranteed cheapest Air Fare
  • PNR Status
  • Confirmation Report
  1. Find the landmarks nearby your home like Train Station, ATM etc.
  2. Call for Utilities and Repair – Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Laundry etc.

And these are just some of the things that Haptik does for you. Mind blowing, isn’t it? My hectic, crazy life needs a backbone sometimes & what’s better when it comes free of cost and that too with such high efficiency and utility!

To experience the app for yourself, click here or download the Haptik Personal Assistant App from the App store or Play Store.

Application Name: Haptik Personal Assistant

Application Version: 4.1.2

Link to App Store: get.haptik.co/bloggers

Platforms Available: Android, iOS

Developers: Haptik Inc.

Price: Free